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River through forest
Covid 19 Will Drive SMEs to Sustainability Certification

A press release by Edenark Group: Covid 19 has the capacity to drive SMEs (Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises) to Sustainability Certification

Saws and hand tools on garage wall
How to Choose the Best Saw for DIY

Few things can match the joy of working with materials like wood and creating something to fill your needs with your very own hands. But when it comes to the cut, just what type of saw do you need? This simple guide will help.

natural light
Infographic: Does Your Home Get Enough Natural Light?

Exposure to natural light is so important. Especially now, when many of us find ourselves spending most of our time in our homes due to the current global health crisis.

Person wearing large red face mask with white polka dots
To Mask or Not to Mask

To mask or not to mask, that is the question, or at least one of them, that all of the people who are not desert island hermits are asking themselves today.


Bathroom supplies on grey wooden table
Guide for A Zero-Waste Bathroom

Keeping plastic and toxic non-biodegradable waste out of the home is a lot easier than you think. A zero-waste bathroom should be the norm if you are passionate about green living.

Woman doing yoga
2020’s Best Sustainable Activewear Brands

Healthy living leads to an active lifestyle. In this fast-fashion era, sustainable activewear brands not only give you a lot of design choices but also provide you with peace of mind while wearing them.

vegan makeup tools
10 Inspiring Vegan and Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands

Cruelty-Free and Vegan Makeup: Few cosmetics brands have embraced both philosophies; but these 10 will appease your morals AND improve your beauty routine.

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The 5 R’s of Zero Waste Living

Zero Waste Living and the 5 R’s: Refuse and Reduce to bring less in; Reuse to maintain balance; Recycle when you can; Rot your kitchen scraps into compost.

Earth Day
Easy Ways to Go Green for Earth Day and Beyond

Though the celebrations for Earth Day 2020 will look a bit different than in years past, celebrating our planet is now more necessary than ever.

Climate Change and Overpopulation

The overpopulation argument is a high-risk discussion; it’s all too easy to step on moral and ethical landmines such as racism, xenophobia, or eugenics.

Electric vs fuel cell cars
Infographic: Electric vs. Fuel Cell Cars: Which One Is The Future of Green Motoring?

The Electric Car and the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car are two options that currently show the best promise at helping avoid climatic disaster.

Bethany charity shop, Edinburgh
Sustainable Fashion: Edinburgh’s Eco-Champions

This guide to sustainable fashion in Edinburgh, and Scotland as a whole, will introduce you to some of amazing organizations working to minimise the great harm caused by the fashion industry.

A sunflower rising up in a green field with the background dark and blurry
3 Key Ways to Transform Eco-Anxiety into Climate Action

As our climate crisis begins to unfold, unravelling the very fabric of life on planet Earth, it’s perfectly understandable to feel paralyzed by fear and grief.

infographic, zero waste homes
Zero Waste Homes: An Infographic

The “Zero Waste Homes” concept: what it means, the hierarchy of zero waste, why we should aim for zero waste, and ways that we can strive for a zero waste home.

A child in the wild. Nature can help to teach kids about sustainability
Simple Ways to Teach Kids about Sustainability

Teaching kids about sustainable living doesn’t only benefit us today: it also means that we are helping create a healthier future for our children.

Lone figure surrounded by dark windows, Choice Overload
Why Are We Not Happy Despite So Many Choices in our Lives?

Consumers today are more aware of the impact of their choices on others and the environment. Sustainable options might help achieve decision satisfaction.

cows at dusk
Why It Cannot Be All About Me: My Consumer Choices Are Not Enough to Create a Sustainable World

We all need to fight for our governments to deliver the broad-scale, top down changes that are needed so that we can live in a reasonable yet sustainable way.

Sunset hills
Stars who Stood Up for the Environment in 2019

Many celebrities have used their platform to promote positive change. Here are some A-listers who stepped up for our planet in the last 12 months.

Pumpkin and cakes
How to be More Sustainable in 2020

As the New Year Resolutions start to pour in, many of us want to live a more sustainable life. Knowing where to begin is a challenge in itself.

Zero waste items
A Beginners Guide to Zero-Waste Living

Not so very long ago, zero waste living was something few people had heard about. Today, it’s top of the list for many eco-conscious people.

Legumes in jars
Reducing Snack Packaging

The best way we can address the issue of plastic waste is to add our voices to the clamor pushing for systemic change. But what can we also do at home?

Wind turbines
10 Things You Can Do to Decrease Your Carbon Footprint

While we wait for governments, car companies, and power providers to create the infrastructure to allow us all to aim at living zero net carbon lives.

Tree on grassy hilltop
How To Go Carbon Neutral

If we hope to avoid the impending climatic disaster, carbon neutrality should be the goal of everyone, but is net-zero carbon emissions truly achievable?


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cooked onions
Onion Tarte Tatin
Palm Oil Free Noodles
Palm Oil Free Instant Noodles
Single Decker Jam Drop Cookies
Cocoa Nut Cookies



Anna close up
Anna Kernahan

She would rather spend her Fridays in school. Instead, Anna Kernahan can be found protesting for climate, often alone, in the heart of Belfast.

Ollie Langridge
Ollie Langridge

His 100-day climate vigil may not have effected the original goal, but Ollie Langridge is grateful for small victories. He discusses his experience, and where to go from here.