Stories on Sustainability

Side view of artificial turf

Artificial Turf: Impacts on Environment and Human Health

This deep dive into artificial turf looks at the history and chemical composition of this ubiquitous creation, as well as its health and environmental impacts.

Stories on Ethics

Streetview of the German Farmers' Protests

The German Farmers’ Protests: Causes and Solutions

In the second week of January, 2024, the farmers’ protests erupted in Germany. We discuss the cause: Big Food, and a rotten system ripe for a radical overhaul.

Facts & Figures

Sustainability of EV Batteries: Looking inside an electric car

Sustainability of EV Batteries: Recycling vs. Reuse

We discuss the end-of-life of EV Batteries. Recycling and reuse are discussions in the industry, but which one is better?

Pile of e-Waste / Electronic waste: A few older and defective computers, CRT monitors and a television. What are the Benefits of Waste Minimization in Business?

What are the Benefits of Waste Minimization in Business?

Let’s explore some of the tactics and approaches you can take in your small business to practice waste minimization, and make a positive environmental impact.

Virtual Power Plants (VPPs): Electricity transmission poles at twilight

Virtual Power Plants (VPPs): A Comprehensive Guide

Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) may be a key element of the transition to cleaner, more efficient energy systems, and thus a more sustainable future. We discuss.

A bug's eye view of an organic wheat farm.

What is Organic Food? And What Does Organic Mean Anyway?

What does organic food mean? We explore the agricultural usage of the term ‘organic’, and the difference between conventional and organic farming.

The Health Effects of Ducted Heating: White air ducts in an office

The Health Effects of Ducted Heating: A Closer Look

In this article, we break down the health effects of ducted heating, examine the causes, and look at ways you can improve the indoor air quality of your home.

Evolution of Sustainable Food Packaging - Circular Economy

Evolution of Sustainable Food Packaging – Circular Economy

A look at the current state of sustainable food packaging, it’s role in a circular economy, and the factors that affect it’s development and implementation.

Regenerative thermal oxidizer - Can Heat Waste Be Used for Sustainable Home Heating?

Can Heat Waste Be Used for Sustainable Home Heating?

Recycling heat waste provides a practical solution amid growing environmental concerns, and will be pivotal in transitioning to a more sustainable future.

An illustration showing groundwater in aquifers (in blue) (1, 5 and 6) below the water table (4), and three different wells (7, 8 and 9) dug to reach it. The Role of Groundwater Monitoring in Sustainable Water Management

Groundwater Monitoring and Sustainable Water Management

Groundwater monitoring is key for sustainable water management, as it is a significant component of agriculture, industry, and supplies of potable water.

Gehl Architects' project for Brighton New Road employing shared space Key Urban Sustainability Jobs

11 Key Urban Sustainability Jobs (And How to Get Into Them)

In a world grappling with the dual challenges of climate change and rapid urbanization, increasing urban sustainability jobs is essential to a greener economy.

Green bananas still on the tree - Fruit: A Fair Trade Fruit Guide

Fair Trade Fruit: A Guide to Definitions & Certifications

We discuss fair trade fruit, and how it may affect the produce you buy and eat. Our guide covers everything about supporting sustainable, ethical fruit farming.

Overcoming Hurdles Towards a Recycling-Inclusive Workplace

Overcoming Hurdles Towards a Recycling-Inclusive Workplace

The Recycling-Inclusive Workplace: In this article, we discuss the common hurdles to effective office recycling efforts and the best ways you can overcome them.

Solar water collectors installed in Spain. Are Energy-Efficient Homes Enough to Reduce Climate Change?

Are Energy-Efficient Homes Enough to Reduce Climate Change?

Can energy-efficient homes alone make a significant impact on reducing the planet’s carbon footprint? Evelyn Long breaks down the facts and explores in detail.


Interview - Pinar Guvenc & SOUR: Designing for a VUCA World

Interview – Pinar Guvenc & SOUR: Designing for a VUCA World

We catch up with Pinar Guvenc, at global architectural firm SOUR, and discuss today’s design standard that is no longer serving communities or the environment.

Trent Romer

Interview with Trent Romer, Author of This Is Our Home

Trent Romer’s latest book, This Is Our Home, is a cautionary yet inspiring tale to take personal action in the fight against the planet’s destruction.

Ariel Fabbro, founder of Cobbled Goods Collective

Cobbled Goods: Slow Fashion Marketplace for Unique Footwear 

Today, we are joined by Ariel Fabbro, the founder of Cobbled Goods Collective, a slow fashion marketplace showcasing unique shoes from independent brands.


Looking up at Arenal Volcano, La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Discovering La Fortuna in Costa Rica

The tropical paradise of La Fortuna, Costa Rica, offers a versatile traveling experience. We discuss some environmental and cultural highlights to check out.

Dusk landscape - Visit Rwanda in a Sustainable Way

Visit Rwanda in a Sustainable Way with these 5 Green Tips

It’s worth knowing how to minimise your impact and contribute positively while travelling. Today, we discuss how to visit Rwanda in a sustainable way.

Visit Naxos Sustainably: Restaurant by the ocean

Visit Naxos Sustainably: A Green Guide to the Greek Island

As the largest island of the Cyclades, it’s a common component of an island-hopping trip to Greece. Here are some simple tips to visit Naxos sustainably.

Travelling with your Dog Sustainably: 5 Simple Tips

Travelling with your Dog Sustainably: 5 Simple Tips

With planning, you can ensure a safe, comfortable, and sustainable journey with your furry friend. Here are some tips for travelling with your dog sustainably.

Visit Costa Rica Sustainably

9 Best Ways to Visit Costa Rica Sustainably: A 2024 Guide

We’re going to highlight the best ways you can be a responsible tourist and visit Costa Rica sustainably so that its wilderness can remain for years to come.

Minimalist Travel: Pack Light, Leave Nothing But Footprints

Minimalist Travel: Pack Light, Leave Nothing But Footprints

Not only will minimalist travel knock some weight off your luggage, but it can be better for the environment, too. Pack light and leave nothing but footprints.

Math for Kids, seen on a PC screen. An example of ways to Educate Your Kids While Traveling

Educate Your Kids While Traveling: 5 Simple Techniques

This article discusses ways to educate your kids while traveling, from engaging in local activities and customs, to utilizing virtual learning resources.

Tourism in Bali

Negative Impacts of Tourism in Bali: A Comprehensive Guide

In this article, we explore the negative impacts of tourism in Bali, such as environmental issues and effects on equality, as well as positive consequences.

Digital Nomad Lifestyle: Man and woman on bikes in farmland

The Digital Nomad Lifestyle: A Personal Journey

A Journey: Taking the time to appreciate the freedom and opportunities that come with the digital nomad lifestyle, being present at the moment, and finding joy.

The Geotagging Debate: Swedish Nationalmuseum, seen across the water from the Royal Castle in Stockholm. Blue sky overhead and many people walking around by the water.

The Geotagging Debate: Safety, Privacy, and Ethical Tourism

Many people tag their exact location while posting on social media, resulting in the geotagging debate. We explore the perks and drawbacks of the practice.

Community-Powered Tourism: Rapids in a river through the forest launches Community-Powered Tourism in UK is a sustainable community-powered tourism solution that helps travellers support social projects or charities in the community.

Sustainable Travel Trends: Igloo huts in the snow under a blue sky

6 Sustainable Travel Trends for 2023 – Ethical Tourism Tips

As travelers become more conscious about the impact of their travel choices, we can expect to see even more sustainable travel trends emerge in 2023 and beyond.


Pink/red dahlia up close with a veg garden in the background - Outdoor Home Renovations for a Green Home and a Green Thumb

Outdoor Home Renovations for a Green Home and a Green Thumb

Wise choices preserve precious resources for future generations. These sustainable outdoor home renovations will help you grow a green home and a green thumb.

Backyard garden with Eco-Friendly Fencing

Eco-Friendly Fencing for the Garden: A Sustainable Choice

Eco-friendly fencing for modern gardens is not just a trend; it’s a responsible choice that aligns with collective environmental goals. We discuss the details.

Leccinum aurantiacum, a type of Mycorrhizal Fungi. Karmėlava forest, Lithuania.

Mycorrhizal Fungi: Building a Stronger Ecosystem

In this article, we’ll delve into the secret life of mycorrhizal fungi and explore their contributions to a healthier, more diverse ecosystem.

Compost At Home: Hands holding a silver knife scraping chopped greens from a wooden cutting board and into a round wooden bowl.

No Yard? No Problem: 11 Easy Ways To Compost At Home For Beginners

No green thumb required! Learn about these 11 beginner-friendly ways to compost regardless of your living situation and take your first steps towards a greener future.


Street of Armchair Books used book store - How to Shop Like a Minimalist

How to Shop Like a Minimalist: When to Buy New Things

We discuss how to shop like a minimalist, to take pride in having fewer material things but also to recognize the moment when purchases are neccessary.

Womann in white dressing gown and towerl practicing a Sustainable Beauty Routine

A Practical Guide to a Sustainable Beauty Routine

If you’ve been wanting a change for the better in this aspect, this article is here to help you craft your new and sustainable beauty routine.

Veg garden - Sustainable Home Resolutions That Aren't Difficult to Maintain

Sustainable Home Resolutions: Simple Habits and Design Ideas

A look at home resolutions that will help you ease into greener living. These cost-effective suggestions can keep morale high and carbon footprints low.

Vintage decor in a highrise office. Minimalism in Business: Guide for the Small Business Owner

Minimalism in Business: Guide for the Small Business Owner

It can inspire creativity and promote efficiency. If you want to practice minimalism in business but don’t know where to start, here are seven ideas to help.

Rolling green hills under a blue sky - Why You Should Live Minimally: 8 Good Reasons for Minimalism

Why You Should Live Minimally: 8 Good Reasons for Minimalism

Consumerism is good for the economy but can be detrimental to your life. We explore why you should live minimally, even if you can afford to live like royalty.

A woman leaning against a wodden wall, holding three shoppibg bags - Conscious Spending: A Guide to Ethical Consumerism

Conscious Spending: A Guide to Ethical Consumerism

How can you embark on a conscious spending journey? In this guide, we explore shopping habits that support ethical brands and sustainable practices.

Preventing Food Waste: A Chef's Guide

Preventing Food Waste: A Chef’s Guide

It also means losing the cost of food preparation, the money you pay staff, and the cost of packaging; so, here’s a chef’s guide to preventing food waste.

Sustainable Wedding Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Celebration

Sustainable Wedding Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Celebration

We’ve compiled a list of sustainable wedding ideas that will not only help the environment but also make your celebration a uniquely unforgettable one.

5 Tips to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint at Home

5 Tips to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint at Home

A quick and simple guide: Five small daily routine changes you can make to reduce your carbon footprint.

Minimalist Home Organization & Decluttering Tips

Minimalist Home Organization: 10 Simple Decluttering Tips

Revamp your household with these minimalist home organization tips, and you can save space, upgrade your interior design and help the planet simultaneously.

How to A Real Christmas Tree Last Longer

How Do You Make A Real Christmas Tree Last Longer?

How Long Do Real Christmas Trees Last: 7 Proven Tips to Make a Real Christmas Tree Last Longer

Ideas to live more sustainably in the city - Grouphug portable solar panel stuck on window, with buildings visible outside

How To Live More Ethically In The City

We are all essential in making a city function. As we try to live more ethically, no matter our influence, we are helping to reduce environmental injustices.


Global Shoe Waste: old boots in forest with moss growing over them

Global Shoe Waste: The Environmental Impact of Footwear

Shoes are a necessity of life, and they can be beautiful to own. But the global problem of shoe waste has reached a point where we can no longer ignore it.

Eyewear Brand Ray-Ban Sees the Future in Eco-Friendly Products

Eyewear Brand Ray-Ban Sees Future in Eco-Friendly Products

Aside from the bio-based Corrigan sunglasses, here’s how else Ray-Ban is practicing and utilizing sustainability.

Alohas Boots Review

Alohas Boots Review: An Antidote to Fast Fashion

One brand that puts the slow into fashion is Alohas. This company, based in Spain, makes exceedingly beautiful women’s clothing and shoes. Let’s review!

blank cosmetic tube on fresh chestnut leaf

Eco Friendly and Sustainable Shampoo: A Complete Guide

Hair care is an essential part of everyday life, but like everything we do it is rife with the potential for environmental harm.

sustainable australian kids clothing

A Guide to Sustainable Australian Kids Clothing Brands

A guide to second hand clothes in Australia, and a list of sustainable Australian kids clothing brands that hold environmental and ethical values at their core.