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Why Brooklyn Is the Sustainability Hub of NYC

Why Brooklyn Is the Sustainability Hub of NYC

Whether you’re curious about moving to Brooklyn, need a vacation, or want to find the sustainable hub of New York City, Brooklyn has so much to offer!

Stories on Ethics

Indian Block Printing: Photograph courtesy of Singhvis

Indian Block Printing: Exploring a Timeless Tradition

In a land adorned with a tapestry of history and culture, Indian block printing is a tradition that has been meticulously passed down through generations.

Facts & Figures

A look at the Environmental Effects of Mining

What are the Environmental Effects of Mining?

In this article, we look at the biggest environmental impacts of mining, ranging from habitat destruction to climate change. Understanding them is crucial.

sustainable manufacturing

Sustainable Manufacturing: A Close Look at Key Strategies

There’s a growing push towards making sustainable manufacturing the norm rather than the exception. Such efforts let product makers operate more responsibly.

Sustainable Ecommerce Packaging

Sustainable Ecommerce Packaging: Facts and the Future

An Exploration of the future of packing for E-commerce products and it’s place in an environmentally conscious world.

Looking across a garssy field at the classic yellow building of Seward public school

How Climate Change Affects Education in U.S. Public Schools

Public schools across the country are beginning to prioritize teaching climate change to show children how to lessen their emissions and prepare for the future.

Image of an installed Nest Diamond thermostat, a useful tool for predictive maintenance

Predictive Maintenance for Sustainable Home Performance

The best way to keep homes in near-mint condition while respecting the planet is by engaging in predictive maintenance and sustainability.

Farm-to-Desk: How Local Produce is Ideal for the Office

Farm-to-Desk: How Local Produce is Ideal for the Office

It’s never too late to do more business with local farmers and ranchers for your office needs – to practice “farm-to-desk” – and reap the many benefits.

How Sustainability Projects Are Blooming This Spring

How Sustainability Projects Are Blooming This Spring

Every spring marks a pivotal moment in the fight against climate change. Let’s explore some inspiring sustainability projects taking root this season.

8 Essential Steps to Mount Solar Panels On Your Roof

8 Essential Steps to Mount Solar Panels On Your Roof

Here is the list of 8 steps to mount solar panels on the roof and transform your home into an energy-efficient and sun-powered abode.

solar panels4

Home Solar Power: Frequently Asked Questions 2024

A closer look: Home solar power systems have gained immense popularity due to their environmental benefits and potential for cost savings.

Virtual Water: 3D image of a water bottle on a lake with a large tree beyond

Virtual Water, An Overview: Trade meets Sustainability

The concept of Virtual Water has emerged as a framework for understanding the intricate relationships between water, trade, and sustainability. Let’s discuss.

Bakery goods shrinkwrapped by shrink film, heat sealer and heat tunnel on roller conveyor - Discussion of Ethical Packaging Practices

Ethical Packaging Practices: Consumer Rights & Expectations

This article looks at ethical packaging practices as an effective way for companies to engage, inform, and address specific consumer concerns.

National Leasing employee's volunteering at the Habitat For Humanity Winnipeg Build. Corporate Sustainability, and the Environmental Impact

Corporate Sustainability, and the Environmental Impact

Interested in learning why corporate sustainability is essential in today’s market? We’ve compiled a comprehensive article to get you started on this topic!


Interview - Pinar Guvenc & SOUR: Designing for a VUCA World

Interview – Pinar Guvenc & SOUR: Designing for a VUCA World

We catch up with Pinar Guvenc, at global architectural firm SOUR, and discuss today’s design standard that is no longer serving communities or the environment.

Trent Romer

Interview with Trent Romer, Author of This Is Our Home

Trent Romer’s latest book, This Is Our Home, is a cautionary yet inspiring tale to take personal action in the fight against the planet’s destruction.

Ariel Fabbro, founder of Cobbled Goods Collective

Cobbled Goods: Slow Fashion Marketplace for Unique Footwear 

Today, we are joined by Ariel Fabbro, the founder of Cobbled Goods Collective, a slow fashion marketplace showcasing unique shoes from independent brands.


Trip to Antarctica

10 Tips on How to Enjoy Your Trip to Antarctica

If you have made up your mind to visit Antarctica, here are 10 simple tips that will help you make the most out of and avoid leaving more than footprints.

Sustainable Camping: Why to Swap Hotel Stays for Campgrounds

Sustainable Camping: Overview, Benefits, and Easy Tips

Not only are camping and glamping more sustainable options, but they also do wonders for our mental health by bringing us closer to nature.

Looking up at Arenal Volcano, La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Discovering La Fortuna in Costa Rica

The tropical paradise of La Fortuna, Costa Rica, offers a versatile traveling experience. We discuss some environmental and cultural highlights to check out.

Dusk landscape - Visit Rwanda in a Sustainable Way

Visit Rwanda in a Sustainable Way with these 5 Green Tips

It’s worth knowing how to minimise your impact and contribute positively while travelling. Today, we discuss how to visit Rwanda in a sustainable way.

Visit Naxos Sustainably: Restaurant by the ocean

Visit Naxos Sustainably: A Green Guide to the Greek Island

As the largest island of the Cyclades, it’s a common component of an island-hopping trip to Greece. Here are some simple tips to visit Naxos sustainably.

Travelling with your Dog Sustainably: 5 Simple Tips

Travelling with your Dog Sustainably: 5 Simple Tips

With planning, you can ensure a safe, comfortable, and sustainable journey with your furry friend. Here are some tips for travelling with your dog sustainably.

Visit Costa Rica Sustainably

9 Best Ways to Visit Costa Rica Sustainably: A 2024 Guide

We’re going to highlight the best ways you can be a responsible tourist and visit Costa Rica sustainably so that its wilderness can remain for years to come.

Minimalist Travel: Pack Light, Leave Nothing But Footprints

Minimalist Travel: Pack Light, Leave Nothing But Footprints

Not only will minimalist travel knock some weight off your luggage, but it can be better for the environment, too. Pack light and leave nothing but footprints.

Math for Kids, seen on a PC screen. An example of ways to Educate Your Kids While Traveling

Educate Your Kids While Traveling: 5 Simple Techniques

This article discusses ways to educate your kids while traveling, from engaging in local activities and customs, to utilizing virtual learning resources.

Tourism in Bali

Negative Impacts of Tourism in Bali: A Comprehensive Guide

In this article, we explore the negative impacts of tourism in Bali, such as environmental issues and effects on equality, as well as positive consequences.

Digital Nomad Lifestyle: Man and woman on bikes in farmland

The Digital Nomad Lifestyle: A Personal Journey

A Journey: Taking the time to appreciate the freedom and opportunities that come with the digital nomad lifestyle, being present at the moment, and finding joy.

The Geotagging Debate: Swedish Nationalmuseum, seen across the water from the Royal Castle in Stockholm. Blue sky overhead and many people walking around by the water.

The Geotagging Debate: Safety, Privacy, and Ethical Tourism

Many people tag their exact location while posting on social media, resulting in the geotagging debate. We explore the perks and drawbacks of the practice.


Pink/red dahlia up close with a veg garden in the background - Outdoor Home Renovations for a Green Home and a Green Thumb

Outdoor Home Renovations for a Green Home and a Green Thumb

Wise choices preserve precious resources for future generations. These sustainable outdoor home renovations will help you grow a green home and a green thumb.

Backyard garden with Eco-Friendly Fencing

Eco-Friendly Fencing for the Garden: A Sustainable Choice

Eco-friendly fencing for modern gardens is not just a trend; it’s a responsible choice that aligns with collective environmental goals. We discuss the details.

Leccinum aurantiacum, a type of Mycorrhizal Fungi. Karmėlava forest, Lithuania.

Mycorrhizal Fungi: Building a Stronger Ecosystem

In this article, we’ll delve into the secret life of mycorrhizal fungi and explore their contributions to a healthier, more diverse ecosystem.

Compost At Home: Hands holding a silver knife scraping chopped greens from a wooden cutting board and into a round wooden bowl.

No Yard? No Problem: 11 Easy Ways To Compost At Home For Beginners

No green thumb required! Learn about these 11 beginner-friendly ways to compost regardless of your living situation and take your first steps towards a greener future.


The Ultimate Guide to Eco-Friendly Gifts

The Ultimate Guide to Eco-Friendly Gifts

Looking to share the love today without threatening the world of tomorrow?. Let’s discuss some ideas for eco-friendly gifts!

Plant-based diet and mental health: A plate full of fresh fruit and vegetables

The Plant-Based Diet and Mental Health: An Overview

An Overview of The Plant-Based Diet and Mental Health: Let’s examine the nutrients that power our minds and where to find them.

Sustainable Home Heating: 10 Quick and Simple Tips

Sustainable Home Heating: 10 Quick and Simple Tips

One critical area where you can make a significant impact is in how you keep your home warm. Here are 10 facts you should know about sustainable home heating.

How to Choose the Right Golf Coach: Tips for All Levels

How to Choose the Right Golf Coach: Tips for All Levels

It’s essential to match your skill level with a golf coach’s expertise to ensure you receive tailored guidance that aligns with your objectives.

Eco-Friendly Kitchen: hands kneading dough in flour on a board

Guide to an Eco-Friendly Kitchen: Benefits and 10 Quick Tips

Let’s dive into some of the ways that you can reduce your carbon footprint, and potentially save yourself some money, by creating an eco-friendly kitchen.

Mindfulness and Minimalism: In a misty forest, looking along a boardwalk under tree ferns

Mindfulness and Minimalism – Benefits Where They Intertwine

In this article, we look at the positive interaction between Mindfulness and Minimalism, and how practicing mindfulness can encourage a minimalist lifestyle.

Sustainable Apartment Ideas: A balcony filled with plants

Sustainable Apartment Ideas: 18 Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Tips

Make your home more eco-friendly with these sustainable apartment ideas.

reducing food waste

Decreasing Our Carbon Footprint by Reducing Food waste

Food waste is something that should concern us all, as it contributes in no small way to both global food insecurity and global carbon emissions. Fortunately, it’s something we can all do our part to address.

Street of Armchair Books used book store - How to Shop Like a Minimalist

How to Shop Like a Minimalist: When to Buy New Things

We discuss how to shop like a minimalist, to take pride in having fewer material things but also to recognize the moment when purchases are neccessary.

Womann in white dressing gown and towerl practicing a Sustainable Beauty Routine

A Practical Guide to a Sustainable Beauty Routine

If you’ve been wanting a change for the better in this aspect, this article is here to help you craft your new and sustainable beauty routine.

Veg garden - Sustainable Home Resolutions That Aren't Difficult to Maintain

Sustainable Home Resolutions: Simple Habits and Design Ideas

A look at home resolutions that will help you ease into greener living. These cost-effective suggestions can keep morale high and carbon footprints low.

Vintage decor in a highrise office. Minimalism in Business: Guide for the Small Business Owner

Minimalism in Business: Guide for the Small Business Owner

It can inspire creativity and promote efficiency. If you want to practice minimalism in business but don’t know where to start, here are seven ideas to help.


Why and How to stop fast fashion: Sorting through hundreds of tons of clothing in an abandoned factory for a social mission called Clothing the Loop.

How to Stop Fast Fashion, and the Environmental Cost

How the fashion industry is harming the environment, and tips for how to make more eco-conscious choices to help stop fast fashion from destroying the planet.

From Bottle to Earth: The Lifecycle of a Sustainable Perfume

From Bottle to Earth: The Lifecycle of a Sustainable Perfume

Sustainable perfumes are not just about captivating fragrances; they encapsulate an ethos, from ethical sourcing of ingredients to eco-friendly packaging.

Global Shoe Waste: old boots in forest with moss growing over them

Global Shoe Waste: The Environmental Impact of Footwear

Shoes are a necessity of life, and they can be beautiful to own. But the global problem of shoe waste has reached a point where we can no longer ignore it.

Eyewear Brand Ray-Ban Sees the Future in Eco-Friendly Products

Eyewear Brand Ray-Ban Sees Future in Eco-Friendly Products

Aside from the bio-based Corrigan sunglasses, here’s how else Ray-Ban is practicing and utilizing sustainability.

Alohas Boots Review

Alohas Boots Review: An Antidote to Fast Fashion

One brand that puts the slow into fashion is Alohas. This company, based in Spain, makes exceedingly beautiful women’s clothing and shoes. Let’s review!