Stories on Sustainability

Sustainability in Malaga, Spain - Many people under umbrellas at a sunny beach

Sustainability in Malaga, Spain – Present Day and Future

We look at sustainability in Malaga, on the southern coast of Spain, that is working on reducing its carbon footprint, increasing renewable energy, and more…

Stories on Ethics

Illegal Mining Devastating the Amazon Region

Illegal Mining Devastating the Amazon Region – Key Facts

Illegal mining, especially of gold, has become the primary source of money for many residents of the Amazon region. We examine the facts and some key insights.

Facts & Figures

Clinical Trials and Sustainability - Eli Lilly clinical trials recruitment at the Indiana State Fair

Clinical Trials and Sustainability – Key Interactions

We explore the interaction between clinical trials and sustainability, and how clinical research can ensure a sustainable future for global healthcare.

National Leasing employee's volunteering at the Habitat For Humanity Winnipeg Build. Corporate Sustainability, and the Environmental Impact

Corporate Sustainability, and the Environmental Impact

Interested in learning why corporate sustainability is essential in today’s market? We’ve compiled a comprehensive article to get you started on this topic!

Insights into Renewable Energy: Solar energy panel photovoltaic cell and wind turbine farm power generator in nature landscape for production of renewable green energy is friendly industry. Clean sustainable development concept.

Insights into Renewable Energy and Climate Change

Renewable energy can help propel the world toward a cleaner and more sustainable future. Hopefully, that will happen sooner rather than later.

How Does Climate Change Affect Housing Crises Solutions? Decadel losses in global forest over the last three centuries

How Does Climate Change Affect Housing Crises Solutions?

We examine three keys ways that these two global crises interact, and why it’s critical that we address them both.

The Housing Shortage: Legends Park West Mixed-Income and Affordable Housing Redevelopment in Memphis, Tennessee

The Housing Shortage: Contributing Factors and Challenges

Creating sustainable communities that coexist with the environment and enable a low cost of living is a safe and secure way to address the housing shortage.

wild nature mountain landscape, river valleys and forests - The Effects of Hard Water on the Environment and Human Health

The Effects of Hard Water on the Environment and Human Health

We discuss the facts about hard water vs soft water, how each may affect human health, and their positive and negative interactions with natural environments.

Home Solar Power: Frequently Asked Questions 2023

Home Solar Power: Frequently Asked Questions 2023

A closer look: Home solar power systems have gained immense popularity due to their environmental benefits and potential for cost savings.

The Global Housing Crisis: Homelessness rate by Country

The Global Housing Crisis: Facts, Figures, and Solutions

This article is a hub for insights into the global housing crisis, exploring developments, updates, and articles relating to various aspets of this issue.

The Environmental Cost Of The Maritime Sector: Global greenhouse gas emissions by sector

The Environmental Cost Of The Maritime Sector: Key Facts

To lessen the negative impact of its operations, the maritime sector must improve efficiency, reduce emissions, and promote environmental sustainability.

Sustainable Transportation: A monorail in Germany

Sustainable Transportation: Eco-Friendly Commuting Options

An in-depth look at sustainable transportation: eco-friendly travel and commuting options that help reduce your carbon footprint and make our planet healthier.

The Health and Environmental Impacts of Laundry Practices: Laundry is hung to dry above an Italian street.

The Health and Environmental Impacts of Laundry Practices

This comprehensive guide examines the health and environmental impacts of laundry detergents, products, and practices; and explores sustainable alternatives.

Impacts of Gas Stoves on the Environment and Human Health: Gas burning by a dark blue flame in kitchen

Impacts of Gas Stoves on the Environment and Human Health

Emerging studies on the environmental and human health impacts of gas stoves have caused some concern, with bans now being discussed. Let’s take a closer look.


Ariel Fabbro, founder of Cobbled Goods Collective

Cobbled Goods: Slow Fashion Marketplace for Unique Footwear 

Today, we are joined by Ariel Fabbro, the founder of Cobbled Goods Collective, a slow fashion marketplace showcasing unique shoes from independent brands.

Kayleigh Goodman and the Floop team

Kayleigh Goodman: Floop, the Carbon Footprint Calculator App

An interview with Kayleigh Goodman on the potential of the Floop app, a Carbon Footprint Meal Calculator, and how it can help to address climate change.

Founders of URBNC3 sustainable footwear

URBNC3: Be Part of the Footwear Revolution

We spoke with URBNC3 founders Linda Wang and Roman Wyss to learn how the brand is challenging convention and setting a new standard for sustainable footwear. 


Minimalist Travel: Pack Light, Leave Nothing But Footprints

Minimalist Travel: Pack Light, Leave Nothing But Footprints

Not only will minimalist travel knock some weight off your luggage, but it can be better for the environment, too. Pack light and leave nothing but footprints.

Math for Kids, seen on a PC screen. An example of ways to Educate Your Kids While Traveling

Educate Your Kids While Traveling: 5 Simple Techniques

This article discusses ways to educate your kids while traveling, from engaging in local activities and customs, to utilizing virtual learning resources.

Tourism in Bali

Negative Impacts of Tourism in Bali: A Comprehensive Guide

In this article, we explore the negative impacts of tourism in Bali, such as environmental issues and effects on equality, as well as positive consequences.

Digital Nomad Lifestyle: Man and woman on bikes in farmland

The Digital Nomad Lifestyle: A Personal Journey

A Journey: Taking the time to appreciate the freedom and opportunities that come with the digital nomad lifestyle, being present at the moment, and finding joy.

The Geotagging Debate: Swedish Nationalmuseum, seen across the water from the Royal Castle in Stockholm. Blue sky overhead and many people walking around by the water.

The Geotagging Debate: Safety, Privacy, and Ethical Tourism

Many people tag their exact location while posting on social media, resulting in the geotagging debate. We explore the perks and drawbacks of the practice.

Community-Powered Tourism: Rapids in a river through the forest launches Community-Powered Tourism in UK is a sustainable community-powered tourism solution that helps travellers support social projects or charities in the community.

Sustainable Travel Trends: Igloo huts in the snow under a blue sky

6 Sustainable Travel Trends for 2023 – Ethical Tourism Tips

As travelers become more conscious about the impact of their travel choices, we can expect to see even more sustainable travel trends emerge in 2023 and beyond.

Best Sustainable Travel Guide for Eco-Conscious Travelers to California: A rope bridge through a lush forest

Ecotourism California: Sustainable Travel Guide

87% of travelers prefer sustainable traveling and you’re one among them. California has many sustainable destinations

TEFL Teaching class seen through a window

How to Make Your TEFL Teaching Environmentally Conscious

Want to teach English while caring for the planet? Here are some tips on how to make your TEFL teaching more environmentally conscious.

A man looking at the northern lights over Reine, Lofoten islands, Norway

Visit Lofoten Islands Sustainably with 4 Green Travel Tips

The Lofoten Islands are a sight to behold with the distinct and varied topography, including hills, beaches, crystal clear waters, and more.

Your Guide to Sustainable Travel in Vietnam: woman with hands raised standing on boulder

Your Guide to Sustainable Travel in Vietnam

What can you do to make your trip to Vietnam as sustainable as possible? These 5 tips are sure to help you make your trip as eco-friendly as possible.

Sustainable Tourism Norway: humpback whale tail above the water

Sustainable Tourism Norway: Experience the Flora & Fauna

Your Guide to Experience Sustainable Flora & Fauna Tourism In Northern Norway


Creating a Beautiful Garden: House with english garden and green grass

Creating a Beautiful Garden: Tips for Growing a Lush Garden

Creating a beautiful garden is a rewarding endeavor that brings joy and tranquility to your outdoor space. This guide offers some simple and practical tips!

Urban Gardening: Salad lettuce cultivation at the Growing Communities' urban plot, in Springfield Park, Clapton, North London

Urban Gardening: A Comprehensive Guide

Whether you’re setting aside your tiny balcony, or you are applying for a spot in the nearest allotment, it’s possible to pick up the urban gardening bug.

Guide to Sustainable Gardening: Wooden garden beds planted out with produce in a green field

Guide to Sustainable Gardening: Overview & 4 Good Reasons

Sustainable gardening is all about working with the environment around you to create beneficial and beautiful vegetable plots, orchards, and green spaces.

Designing Eco-friendly Outdoor Spaces: Two-story house outdoor area with garden

Designing Eco-friendly Outdoor Spaces: 10 Green Tips

This article explores suggestions for designing eco-friendly outdoor spaces, with the goal of making your green living areas environmentally friendly.


A child in the wild. Nature can help to teach kids about sustainability

Teach Kids about Sustainability: A Guide for Green Parenting

We discuss why it’s important to teach kids about sustainability, and look at some strategies and activities that can make the process fun and educational.

The Ergonomic Office Chair and Sustainability

The Ergonomic Office Chair and Sustainability

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in our daily lives. Hence, it’s important to find an ergonomic office chair that is also planet friendly.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Safe and Sustainable Home: Cabin on plain before mountains

Creating a Safe and Sustainable Home: The Ultimate Guide

This in-depth guide explores creating a sustainable home, one that that is not only safe for you and your family, but is also kind to our planet.

Renter-Friendly Ways to Work From Home More Sustainably - View from the sidewalk of a green tiled building with plants in the window frame

10 Renter-Friendly Ways to Work From Home More Sustainably

Create an environmentally-friendly work-from-home environment without going all extreme makeover on your home. Check out these 10 easy tips instead!

Gardening tools and a straw hat on the grass in the garden - Sustainable Gifting Ideas To Surprise Your Partner

Sustainable Gifting Ideas – 12 Ways To Surprise Your Partner

Presenting sustainable gifts to your partner demonstrates love and showcases your shared vision for a greener and brighter future.

Housing Cooperatives and Environmental Sustainability: An urban garden

Housing Cooperatives and Environmental Sustainability

This article looks at exactly what housing cooperatives are, and how things like co-housing and high-density housing can support environmental sustainability.

How Consumers Contribute to Sustainability: Sustainable label by glasses on fabric

How Consumers Contribute to Sustainability: Facts and Tips

How can ethical consumers contribute to sustainability? There is a significant impact on creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly consumer market.

Digital Minimalism Guide: A boardwalk stretching out over a water body at low tide, with blue sky overhead.

Digital Minimalism: How to Have a Balanced Relationship With Tech

The worldwide average for internet-based screen time across all devices is 6 hours and 37 minutes per day. Digital minimalism is a means of using time better.

Sustainable Dentistry Guide: Dentist tools in metal tray on table close up

Sustainable Dentistry: A Comprehensive Guide

Sustainable dentistry aims to significantly reduce single use plastics by choosing products that can be hygienically prepared between patients. We discuss.

NYTSTND: Eco-Friendly Devices & Gadgets

Guide to Using Eco-Friendly Devices & Gadgets at Home

A simple change we can all explore is to invest in sustainable, eco-friendly devices, as opposed to more wasteful alternatives. This guide will explain more.

Minimalist Summer: View over turquoise water to a bridge and shorefront building under a clear blue sky, with trees framing the photo

Minimalist Summer: 6 Warmer Ways to Prioritize Minimalism

It’s the perfect time to start letting go of things that might be holding you back. These tips for a minimalist summer are a great place to start.

Sustainable Skincare Packaging: Shelving with containers of various types, such as jars and boxes.

Sustainable Skincare Packaging: A Comprehensive Guide

A guide to sustainable skincare packaging, discussing the environmental and ethical benefits, the cost-effective advantages, and 6 types worth exploring.


icebreaker Review

icebreaker Review: Granary Sleeveless Dress and Merino Tee

Review: the icebreaker Granary Sleeveless Dress and Merino Linen Tee are perfect for light activity on most summer days, even despite climate-changed weather.

Stracci Documentary Explores the Fashion Industry's Issues: Girl in white hat crouched in a field of flowers

Stracci Inspires Disruption of the Fashion Industry’s Issues

“Stracci” looks at the fashion industry’s waste, pollution, labor violations, and the negative impacts on the Earth. This article will discuss the solutions.

Oil Divine Natural Skincare Reivew

Oil Divine Natural Skincare – Luxurious Beauty Essentials

Being kind to ourselves shouldn’t cause harm to others – whether that’s to the environment or animals. Oil Divine is one brand that addresses these concerns.

Colorful Standard T-shirts: man on grassy field in t-shirt and jeans under blue sky

Colorful Standard T-shirts and Crew Neck Sweatshirts Review

A review of Colorful Standard T-shirts and Crew Neck Sweatshirts, designed in Denmark, produced in Portugal, and meeting ethical and environmental standards.

Sustainable furniture: shelves with various decorations in room

Sustainable Furniture and Home Décor: A Complete Ethical Guide

Sustainable Furniture is attempting to bring back moderation in the use of natural resources, and consideration for the artisans on whose skills we depend.