Stories on Sustainability

Ice Stupas: Towering white creations with people viewing, surrounded by desert

Ice Stupas – A Third-Wave Revolution in Glaciercraft

Ice Stupas, glaciers created by people, enable storage of the winter water surplus in proximity to the villages to be utilised in the dry early summer months.

Stories on Ethics

A row of houses with front gardens and solar panels, under a blue sky: The Correlation of Our Climate Crisis and the Housing Crisis

The Correlation of Our Climate Crisis and the Housing Crisis

The housing and climate crisis are inextricably linked. By addressing both, the world surges toward a more equitable and eco-friendly future.


What Is Eco-Minimalist Architecture? Two wooden tiny houses on wheels by a lakeside under green trees.

What Is Eco-Minimalist Architecture?

Brett Stadelmann

Whether you’re building, moving, or hoping to renovate, these tips for eco-minimalist architecture will align your living space with your sustainable values.

Facts & Figures

Sustainable Real Estate Development: Green rolling hills under a blue sky with the ocean in the distance

Sustainable Real Estate Development: A Green and Happy Home

Sustainable real estate development, creating homes while minimizing their environmental impact and maximizing their social and economic benefits.

How to Prepare Your Roof for Solar Panels: Workmen in safety gear lifting a panel onto a residential roof

How to Prepare Your Roof for Solar Panels

If you’ve decided to jump on the solar train for your own house, there are a few things you should do to prepare your roof for solar panels.

Impact of Electric Vehicles: white electric vehicle plugged in by sandstone brick wall outside a house

The Impact of Electric Vehicles on the Automotive Industry

In discussing the impact of electric vehicles, we look at the history of the modern EV, and how recent developments are shaking up the automotive industry.

A Natural Burial: tombstones in a grassy field under lush trees

A Natural Burial: 5 Ways We Can Green the Funeral Industry

Coffins, headstones and embalming services are harmful to the environment. A natural burial offers an alternative exit that minimizes our impact on the Earth.

Path through a corn field under a blue sky: Pros and Cons of Biofuels

Pros and Cons of Biofuels: List of Positives and Negatives

Biofuels might be an ideal renewable solution, but here we also explore when some types may be unsafe, and when they may adversely affect the environment.

Sustainable Homes Are Being Undervalued: View inside a white-walled tiny house with wooden furniture

Sustainable Homes Are Being Undervalued – Why Is That?

The undervaluation of sustainable homes is particularly baffling when you consider that 82% of homebuyers are willing to pay more for eco-friendly options

Form: Request for Criminal Background Check

How to Use Background Checks Ethically (and Legally)

When using background checks for either personal or professional reasons, knowing how to use them ethically and legally can save you both time and money. 

Sustainable Plumbing: faucet dripping

Sustainable Plumbing: Strategies to Reduce Home Water Waste

There are several changes you can make at home in order to reduce your impact on the environment. Here are some simple sustainable plumbing ideas.

coffee beans at a roastery, 5 Trusted Certifications to Shop Ethically and Sustainably

5 Trusted Certifications to Shop Ethically and Sustainably

In this article, we study the most reputable certifications for sustainable and ethical shopping and help you navigate through them.

Can the Shipping Industry Achieve Carbon Zero? A large freight vessel out at sea at dawn

Can the Shipping Industry Achieve Carbon Zero?

The shipping industry contributes to global warming and climate change. Here’s a look at if it could achieve net-zero emissions in the next couple of decades.

Led light, Energy-Efficient Lighting at Home

Energy-Efficient Lighting at Home: A Comprehensive Guide

Considering energy-efficient lighting options can reduce the energy consumption of cooking, cleaning, hobbies, or leisure, without compromising these activites.

Why Do You Need CEC Accredited Solar Installers? Two men installing a rooftop solar panel

Why Do You Need CEC Accredited Solar Installers?

CEC accredited solar installers must have completed the required education and requirements for designing and installing any type of green energy system.


An Interview With Pablo Gil of Vegan Shoe Brand, Bullfeet

An Interview With Pablo Gil of Vegan Shoe Brand, Bullfeet

We were lucky enough to connect with Bullfeet’s talented CEO, Pablo Gil, to find out about the inner workings of this incredible brand! 

An Interview With Anneli Hallik, Founder of nuud activewear

An Interview With Anneli Hallik, Founder of nuud activewear

We recently had the pleasure of catching up with Anneli Hallik, founder of UK-based sustainable activewear brand, nuud activewear. 

Jessi Beyer, founder of Mental Health Apparel Brand - How to Heal Co., smiling at the beach

A Thoughtful Mental Health Apparel Brand – How to Heal Co.

Healing Yourself & The Environment: A Review of Mental Health Apparel Brand, “How to Heal Co.”, and an interview with its founder, Jessi Beyer


Best Sustainable Travel Guide for Eco-Conscious Travelers to California: A rope bridge through a lush forest

Ecotourism California: Sustainable Travel Guide

87% of travelers prefer sustainable traveling and you’re one among them. California has many sustainable destinations

TEFL Teaching class seen through a window

How to Make Your TEFL Teaching Environmentally Conscious

Want to teach English while caring for the planet? Here are some tips on how to make your TEFL teaching more environmentally conscious.

A man looking at the northern lights over Reine, Lofoten islands, Norway

Visit Lofoten Islands Sustainably with 4 Green Travel Tips

The Lofoten Islands are a sight to behold with the distinct and varied topography, including hills, beaches, crystal clear waters, and more.

Your Guide to Sustainable Travel in Vietnam: woman with hands raised standing on boulder

Your Guide to Sustainable Travel in Vietnam

What can you do to make your trip to Vietnam as sustainable as possible? These 5 tips are sure to help you make your trip as eco-friendly as possible.

Sustainable Tourism Norway: humpback whale tail above the water

Sustainable Tourism Norway: Experience the Flora & Fauna

Your Guide to Experience Sustainable Flora & Fauna Tourism In Northern Norway

The Best Vegan Travel Destinations in the World: A plate full of fresh veg and fruit

The Best Vegan Travel Destinations in the World

In this article, we take a look at some of the best vegan travel destinations the world has to offer, and some of the tastiest dishes to discover when visiting.

Eco-Friendly Tourism in India: Coorg, Karnataka. Green rolling forested hills

Eco-Friendly Tourism in India: 10 Green Travel Destinations

If you’re looking for “responsible travel India”, this destinations guide to eco-friendly tourism in India explores the environmental and ethical concerns.

Eco-Friendly Beach Essentials: stoney beach under blue sky

Eco-Friendly Beach Essentials for Your Next Vacation

We’ve created a simple guide so you can stay on nature’s good side, with these eco-friendly and environmentally considerate beach essentials.

How To Make Your TEFL Teaching More Eco-Conscious: Smiling school children and teacher

How To Make Your TEFL Teaching More Eco-Conscious

Looking to teach sustainability in the classroom? Check out how you can make your TEFL teaching more eco-conscious here at Unsustainable Magazine

Travel Sustainably in New England: Coastal Island in Maine

How to Travel Sustainably in New England: A Visitor’s Guide

Making the commitment to protect this region by choosing eco-friendly travel will go a long way in protecting this beautiful place.

sustainable Travel in Milan: tourists visiting an ancient building

Your Guide to Sustainable Travel in Milan – Visiting Italy

A collection of tips and advice for sustainable travel in Milan in Italy’s Lombardy region, a beautiful city known for fashion and design.

Sustainable Camping: Why to Swap Hotel Stays for Campgrounds

Sustainably Camping: Why to Swap Hotel Stays for Campgrounds

Not only are camping and glamping more sustainable options, but they also do wonders for our mental health by bringing us closer to nature.


How to Attract Bees to Your Garden: Bee on pink flower

How to Attract Bees to Your Garden, and Why It’s Important

A Comprehensive Guide on Why and How to Attract Bees to Your Garden

The Environmental Benefits of Home Gardening

The Efficiency of Home Gardens Compared to Industrial Farms

I’d been gardening off and on ever since I was about ten. That inner drive to grow resumed in earnest when I moved from Hawaii to Fairfield, Iowa.

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The Smart Garden: A Question of Reliability?

If simplicity is a hallmark of reliability, then our reliance on the global network that is our current industrial food system needs to be questioned.

sustainable garden

Sustainable Ways To Protect Your Garden While Embracing Nature

Some sustainable actions you can take to keep your garden protected without defying nature or hurting wildlife.


A laundry machine against a neutral wall with indoor plants, and simple furnishings

Eco Laundry Tips: How To Make Washing As Green As Possible

Combining all these tips and tricks you can reduce the energy usage of your laundry day, making a positive difference to your wallet and the planet. 

Ways to Save Trees: Vintage paper from magazines and a pair of scssors set up on a craft table

15 Unexpected Ways to Save Trees

By choosing more sustainable habits, and practicing some of these simple ways to save trees, you can help protect the delicate balance of nature.

University Societies: Montana Universitym green field, grey sky, hills behind

University Societies: Sustainability and Throwaway Culture

To help university societies become more eco-conscious, Harriet of Hazaar gives her top tips for attending or hosting a sustainable social.

Photo of the exterior of UCLA: A College Student’s Guide to Sustainable Living

A College Student’s Guide to Sustainable Living

Being a college student can stretch your budget, but you can still live sustainably. Here are five ways to have sustainable habits on a college budget.

Outdoor garden space, perfect for an Eco-Friendly Christmas:

Going Green for the Health of the Planet and Yourself

Let’s take a closer look at how going green can improve the world around you while giving your health a boost, with a few practical and sustainable tips.

The New Age of Meaningful Gift Giving: Father holding child up, their heads touching, over a poppy field

Meaningful Gift Giving: 3 Types of Sincere & Memorable Gifts

Let’s explore the various categories that are likely to – and frankly speaking, should – dominate holiday sales this year.

Environmental Benefits of Minimalism You Should Know About: an empty and beautiful beach

Environmental Benefits of Minimalism You Should Know About

Minimalism has become a growing trend recently and for a good reason… Here are six environmental benefits of minimalism you should know about.

Eco-Friendly Kitchen with timber, painted brick, and indoor plants

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Remodeling Ideas: 8 Simple Tips

Remodeling the heart of your home is a great way to make it a more eco-friendly kitchen. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Sustainable Apartment Ideas: A balcony filled with plants

Sustainable Apartment Ideas: 18 Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Tips

Make your home more eco-friendly with these sustainable apartment ideas.

Long house with black walls and white roof: Energy Saving Tips

13 Energy Saving Tips to Increase Your Home’s Efficiency

Here are 13 everyday habits you can adopt to make your entire home a more energy-efficient space.

Storefront of Føniks Computer, authors of 6 Simple Ways to Live More Sustainably and Conscientiously

6 Simple Ways to Live More Sustainably and Conscientiously

An easy-to-reference guide exploring some of the ways to live more sustainably, to calm your climate anxiety and actually help the environment.

Fire Dept. Coffee: A host of FDC stickers and labels

Fire Dept. Coffee: Honest Review of Fire Department Coffee

A review of Fire Dept. Coffee, a great gift for yourself, or the coffee lovers in your life, and for those who support first responders and firefighters.


up close shoe photo for 8000kicks review

8000Kicks Review: Eco-Friendly Shoes Made with Hemp Canvas

These waterproof hemp shoes look nice, are well made out of durable, reasonably sustainable materials, and they’re comfortable.

VIVAIA shoes posing on stone steps

VIVAIA Shoes Review: Stepping into Conscious Comfort

VIVAIA shoes are on a mission to inspire positive change in the sartorial world; creating sustainable, eco-friendly and responsible footwear.

Why and How to stop fast fashion: Sorting through hundreds of tons of clothing in an abandoned factory for a social mission called Clothing the Loop.

Why and How to Stop Fast Fashion, and the Environmental Cost

How the fashion industry is harming the environment, and tips for how to make more eco-conscious choices to help stop fast fashion from destroying the planet.

Eco-Friendly Jewelry: handmade pearl neckalce up close

Eco-Friendly Jewelry: Ethics and the Environmental Impact

From recycled metals and ethically-sourced gemstones to full transparency and zero waste programs, we’ll explore what constitutes eco-friendly jewelry.

How to Shop More Sustainably: woman in mask shopping for clothes

How to Shop More Sustainably and Environmentally for Clothes

Tips to Shop More Sustainably and in Environmentally Conscious Ways, When Working on your Wardrobe