Apexgray Launches Eclipse, A Sports Legging Made From Sustainable Polyester

The environmental and ethical sportswear company Apexgray to launch their new Eclipse sports legging using the most innovative and sustainable polyester based fabric on the market

Press release – 28th July 2020

In September we launch our new sports legging, Eclipse. This uses Eco-Circle fabric. ECO CIRCLE(TM) FIBER is a recycled polyester fiber made from used polyester products by chemical recycling.

These are polyester fibers recycled from other used polyester products using patented recycling technology. A Japanese company has made the breakthrough in its material recycling system which makes it possible to separate and eliminate additives and colorants not only from PET bottles but importantly from other polyester products also including polyester garments. This process purifies the material to an extent whereby the quality is equivalent to that of polyester freshly produced from petroleum. As a result products have the same quality functionality and feel of those produced from virgin polyester that are now manufactured using recycled polyester fibers.

Endorsing entity:

Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry, Japan.


  1. Uses a closed-loop recycling system meaning the original chemicals and water are used time and again.
  2. Stability qualities equivalent to that of virgin fiber.
  3. Low environmental impact (Polyester products are collected and recycled from the country of manufacture).
  4. Approx. 80 percent reduction in energy consumption
  5. Approx. 80 percent reduction in CO2 emission.
  6. 100 percent recycling facilitates compliance with the Green Purchasing Law and achievement of the Eco Mark certification criteria in Japan.

As one of our founding principles is transparency if required we are happy to send you the full suite of certification for this product including the Global Recycled Standard, OEKO-TEX and the Green-Circle certificate from the Japanese developer of this process.

The Eclipse leggings will be medium compressive, fully squat-proof and provide a very flattering fit. Sizes at the moment will range from XS, S, M, L and XL but will increase. Each pair will be presented in a recycled plastic zipped fabric bag. The RRP will be a very competitive £33. Compare that to Girlfriends Collective products selling at £60+ (using plastic bottles only) and there is no mistaking that we are pricing this top-end product based very much on our mantra ‘making sustainability affordable’.

A number of products will be available for scrutiny. If you would like to trial a pair for any up-coming feature then please let us know ASAP as we feel demand will be high.

Please read more about Apexgray at https://apexgray.co.uk/about-us/.

Thanks and Best Regards

Joanne Grayley

Woman exercising in sports legging
Source: ApexGray