Christina De La Rocha

After 20 years of working as a biogeochemist and oceanographer, Christina De La Rocha had a mid-life crisis, flew the coop of her career, landed in Germany, and decided to learn how to write.

So far she’s published a couple of short stories in Analog, and one book of popular science (Silica Stories) and, rural life being what it is, now spends more time with birds than with people.

See more of her work at her blog, Germanium Geranium.

What Happens to Garbage: Tall grey building with some silos and smoke emitting from chimneys, under a dark blue evening sky

What Happens to Garbage: Insights into the Burning of Waste

We take a closer look at what happens to garbage, and why it might not be taken to landfill, as seen through this tour of a local garbage-burning facility.
up close shoe photo for 8000kicks review

8000Kicks Review: Eco-Friendly Shoes Made with Hemp Canvas

These waterproof hemp shoes look nice, are well made out of durable, reasonably sustainable materials, and they’re comfortable.
Trickle Up Economics: A purple 99 Cent Store shopping trolley abandoned in a grassy park in suburbia

Let’s Give Trickle Up Economics a Go

It’s time to give trickle up economics a go. It would rev up the economy, raise standards of living, improve public health, and reduce homelessness.
Iron Curtain Trail 1

The European Green Belt: Walking The Iron Curtain Trail

The Iron Curtain Trail, within the European Green Belt, stands as a symbol of progress and equality, unifying communities that still feel the scars of long separation.
cows at dusk

Living Sustainably: Why It Cannot Be All About Me

We all need to fight for our governments to deliver the broad-scale, top down changes that are needed so that we can live in a reasonable yet sustainable way.
Legumes in jars

Reducing Snack Packaging

The best way we can address the issue of plastic waste is to add our voices to the clamor pushing for systemic change. But what can we also do at home?
Wind turbines

Your Carbon Footprint: 10 Things You Can Do to Decrease It

While we wait for governments, car companies, and power providers to create the infrastructure to allow us all to aim at living zero net carbon lives.
Tree on grassy hilltop

How To Go Carbon Neutral

If we hope to avoid the impending climatic disaster, carbon neutrality should be the goal of everyone, but is net-zero carbon emissions truly achievable?
A bug's eye view of an organic wheat farm.

What is Organic Food? And What Does Organic Mean Anyway?

What does organic food mean? We explore the agricultural usage of the term ‘organic’, and the difference between conventional and organic farming.
Agriculture clouds

An Argument Against Pesticides: Fuming Over Fumigation

When a nearby farm is sprayed, we have to shut all our windows and doors to keep the fumes out of the house, but there’s nothing we can do to save the bees.