Jagadish Wagle

Jagadish is a MSc Food Security and Development graduate from the University of Reading, UK, with experience in a multidisciplinary understanding of how food systems work, and the main drivers of global food in/security, malnutrition, poverty and climate change. He also completed MA in economics, Bachelors in Law and education.

He served as a Manager and Project Lead of different projects and organisations, and contributed in policy discussion, research in economic, micro finance, planning and development. Passionate in reading, blogging, listening music and updating current affairs, he focuses most of his efforts on achieving the highest productivity from the smallest amount of input, with the aim of achieving food security for all.

Follow his critically important work at his blog, INCOMESCO.

Population Climate Food Welfare

Water, Air and Land Nexus: A Safe Space for Preserving Climate and Achieving Food Security

Water, Air and Land (WAL) Nexus: Creating a Safe Space for Preserving Climate and Achieving Food Security while wisely using the free gifts of nature.

Food Security vs Legalising Cannabis

Does the question of why cannabis should or shouldn’t be legalized create an unnecessary distraction from world hunger and the climate crisis?
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Planetary Boundaries, Food and Humanity

Due to the complex interaction between human activities and the ecosystem, humanity’s food system is facing severe threats.