Paved town square
How the Outbreak of COVID-19 Affected the City I Live In

Countries the world over are responding to the current pandemic in different ways, with many instituting lockdowns of varying severities and lengths. Ana writes from Novi Sad, illuminating us of the effect upon everday life in Serbia.

girl in denim jacket standing in a crowd but feeling alone
Could COVID-19 bring us back to our humanity?

Recently, governments around the world have placed an unprecedented demand on humanity. Could this response to COVID-19 help us to rediscover ourselves?

NO2 over China, satellite view
Covid-19 and Climate Change: Lessons to Learn, Reasons to Act

Unfortunately, there is no “easy” climate change solution equivalent to coughing into your elbow or washing your hands for 20 seconds. So what’s the winning strategy for climate activists now?

Maize farmer
Cyclone Idai Devastates Southern Malawi

In what is being described as the deadliest tropical cyclone worldwide in 2019, as of March, Intense Tropical Cyclone Idai hit Southern Malawi with a rainstorm which caused severe flooding in 15 of 28 administrative districts.