Misty valley at sunrise

From the Editor, May 2020

Covid-19 and Tourism: The past three months have seen a lot changes, some terrible, others more optimistic. One thing is certain: things should not go back to the way they were.

Deep space image with globular cluster at center and other stars and galaxies around

From the Editor, February 2020

It has been a great pleasure this year for me to able to present more stories than ever before. Once again, thank you for joining us.

Road with mountain in distance

From the Editor, November 2019

As is becoming our recurring theme, there has been a heavy focus on climate in our articles over the last 3 months. Nor is that surprising.

Clouds in the hills. Climate, Ecology, Unsustainable

From The Editor, August 2019

Three months in, and things are looking grim. Fires in the Arctic and Amazon, worsening of the climate problem, the Fall Armyworm invasion, and more.

From the Editor, May 2019

This first issue will barely scratch the surface, offering the briefest glimpse at the tip of an iceberg that reaches down to depressingly dark depths.

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