Aeriel view of Malawian landscape with vivid purples and blues
Thin Plastics Banned in Malawi: A Victory in The War on Plastic

Malawi has implemented a ban on the production and distribution of thin, single-use plastics, earning praise from environmental and conservation activists.

starry sky
Choose the Dark Side to Discover Light: The Effects of Light Pollution and How to Reduce It

It’s important to educate people on the negative effect of excessive light and what they can do to reduce energy consumption and preserve the darkness of the night sky.

ocean cleanup
The Ocean Cleanup Bags Its First Lot of Trash

A project envisioned in 2012 by a Dutch teenager is beginning to address the problem of ocean plastic, and the damage it causes to marine life.

rubbish in bin, logo
How to Handle the Waste We Produce

Although some people may be intimidated by the zero waste movement and its restrictions, those of us who aren’t able to ‘go zero’ can also do their part.

Apples in plastic bag
An Open Letter: Please, Don’t Talk to Me About Plastic Bags

The utter tragedy of the situation is that we’ve already solved climate collapse, we know exactly what we should do, but people, countries, corporations, vested interests and governments won’t do it.

Bottle on beach
On the Need for a Global Ban on the Production, Distribution, and Sale of Plastic Water Bottles

The banning of disposable plastic water bottles is the most reasonable, sustainable, and conscientious plan for the future; and this ban should begin now.

Frog on brown paper
Using Recycled Paper Is Not Just About Saving Trees

Recycled paper can save the Earth, and in developed countries it’s very easy to purchase, yet not nearly enough people are making the switch.

Landfill with city in distance
Capitalism and The Advent of Garbage

Could the end of capitalism pave the way from a reduction in our creation of garbage, towards a truly sustainable future?