Cyan Planet Passes Fundraising Goal to Create the First Digital Twin of the Ocean

PRESS RELEASE: MUNICH – JUNE 15th 2021 – Cyan Planet secures funding to start the creation of a digital twin of the ocean. The flagship project “How is the Water” raised more than 60 000 USD from over 500 backers worldwide and is now in its last days on Kickstarter.

“How is the Water”, a digital twin of the ocean, aims to make the underwater world and its magic accessible for everybody, while digitally preserving marine life for future generations. It is a virtual world that offers a unique opportunity to experience the underwater world from the perspective of marine animals. You can become a dolphin or a shark and explore the ocean using your mobile device, computer, or ideally, a virtual reality headset.  

The project started its journey at the Biennale College Cinema VR 2019 and was later selected for the Cannes Film Festival XR Development Showcase. “How is the Water” is now in its last days on Kickstarter ( ), where it has already raised over 60 000 USD from more than 500 backers worldwide. 

The project aims to connect people with the ocean, combining entertainment, experiential learning, and real-world marine conservation scenarios thanks to partnerships with many marine organizations like Whale & Dolphin Conservation, Reef Life Foundation, and Ocean Sounds. At the same time, it will provide a high-fidelity environment for professionals to visualize and simulate ocean-related scenarios and to communicate their work. The animals you encounter in this world are digital twins of real marine species, powered by AI to recreate realistic behavior. 

“My mission is to make the ocean accessible for everybody,” says Michal Lovecky, CEO and creative director. “We can’t protect the ocean, unless we understand it, and allow people to connect with it on a deep emotional level.” 

He plans to create a virtual ocean world and connect researchers with people worldwide to drive action in support of marine conservation. 

“We connect the actions within How is the Water with real-world impact”, says Ninja Mueller, marine biologist and co-director, “if you grow for example your coral garden in-game, there will be a real reef structure deployed for coral restoration”.

Here is what Cyan Planet’s partners say about How is the Water:

“We are so excited to be collaborating with Cyan Planet on this project; creating immersive emotional and educational experiences that bring people into the underwater world and allow them to find joy and connection with marine animals is absolutely necessary to close the gap between the modern world and the environment. We protect what we love!” says Emily Higgins, Director of Ocean Science at Reef Life Foundation.

About Cyan Planet:

Cyan Planet is an international immersive media studio connecting audiences with marine organizations through emotional experiences that spark action for marine conservation. It’s based in Munich, Germany, and Prague, Czech Republic. 

Thanks to immersive technologies like virtual reality, Cyan Planet uses the power of virtual reality and immersive media to inspire, educate about the science of marine ecosystems, and create a global community. Cyan Planet is a collective of artists, scientists, developers, and marine organizations passionate about the ocean working together to create a real-world impact and inspire others to act for ocean protection.


For more information about How is the Water, please contact Michal Lovecky at [email protected]

+420 602 333 225