Infographic: Electric vs. Fuel Cell Cars: Which One Is The Future of Green Motoring?

The days of the SUV and of other ‘gas-guzzlers’ are numbered, especially if we are to have any hope of avoiding the looming climate disaster our polluting vehicles have contributed so much towards. The Electric Car and the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car are two options that currently show the best promise at alleviating this situation. Let’s have a look at some key differences.

By First Aid Wheels, London

An Introduction: Green Motoring

One of the defining issues of our time is how to live sustainably and minimise our footprint for individual and collective environmental benefit. At the forefront of this is the challenge of making informed decisions before purchasing. While Forbes reports that in 2020, “60% of consumers surveyed are willing to change their shopping habits to reduce environmental impact”, it’s difficult to be certain that your purchases are as responsible as you’d like them to be. There’s a wide range of sustainability factors to consider such as scientific sources, reliable brand transparency and the cycle of emerging technology. This is also all before things change again and there’s a new group of products on the market to choose from.

If you’re looking to reduce your environmental impact on a large scale, one essential place you can look is your big ticket items like cars. Right now, the measurable impact of personal vehicles is considerable with Guardian journalist Niko Kommenda reporting in late 2019 that if SUV drivers were a nation, they would rank seventh in the world for carbon emissions. The idea that you can tangibly target environmental impact through your personal fossil fuel emissions is significant and as we get further into 2020, market trends show that there will only be more alternative vehicle options to choose from. The World Resources Institute says, “Transitioning to zero-emission transport is a crucial step toward a livable future. Getting there requires a comprehensive suite of improvements, addressing clean fuels, vehicle efficiency, how we build cities, and how we move people and goods.”

Informing you about key features of alternative vehicle options is the aim of this infographic created by the team at First Aid Wheels, ‘Electric Vs. Fuel Cell Cars: Which One Is The Future Of Green Motoring?’ To help you as you think about your next car purchase, this graphic compares important sustainability factors including emissions, charging infrastructure and range, as well as unpacking key terms you might have heard in the conversation around green motoring in 2020. Learn more and make the sustainable shift you’re aiming for today.

The Infographic: Electric vs. Fuel Cell Cars

electric vs fuel cell car
Electric vs. Fuel Cell Cars Infographic2
comparing infrastructure of electric and fuel cell car
comparing emissions of electric and fuel cell car
comparing cost of electric and fuel cell car
comparing range of electric and fuel cell car
comparing safety of electric and fuel cell car
Electric vs. Fuel Cell Cars Infographic8