From the Editor, November 2019

As is becoming our recurring theme, there has been a heavy focus on climate in our articles over the last 3 months. Nor is that surprising: climate activism is sweeping the world, with strikes and rallies uniting people from vastly different places to fight for a common goal; parts of the world that were historically cold and wet have experienced drought, while parts of the world that experience bushfires are seeing their worst fire seasons on record; and climate change is having drastic effects on countries that are both closest to the scenes where this change is more noticeable while also being least economically able to deal with the challenges it poses.

Here, then, is a summary of the stories we’ve presented over the southern spring:

We’ve seen a proposal to make a change of tack in the fight against climate change, while at the UN Climate Summit in New York China proposed nature-based solutions to the problem. No where is safe, with even the sensitivity of Everest’s glaciers to climate change under constant study and review. It’s clear that there’s a pressing need for cities around the world to adapt to climate change.

In more ecological matters, we’ve seen the inventive ways that various countries are attempting to reverse the harm of deforestation, such as the way bamboo is being used in land restoration around the world; and we’ve discussed why plastic bottles should be banned entirely. Coffee growers in the Mekong region are being adversely affected by climate change, and intensive farming techniques are part of the problem, although the Chinese province of Yunnan is attempting to alleviate the problem by encouraging organic production of coffee.

Finally, in some perhaps more light-heart pieces, there is an exploration of things we could all be doing to decrease our carbon footprint, and an interview with Wellington small businessman and climate activist Ollie Langridge, who also penned an open letter expressing his feelings on the fight against plastic bags.

Thanks again for reading, and please visit often.