Ideanco Climathon to connect innovators in North America and the Middle East

Ideanco Climathon 2020, an innovation platform and hackathon to find entrepreneurial ideas for tackling local and global climate challenges, will take place virtually on November 12-14, 2020. Previously, the company’s climate impact events generated an investment intent of $47 million from investors coming from the U.S., UK, and China.  

In 2020, Ideanco Climathon will run simultaneously in nine cities: New York, Beirut, Boston, Dubai, Tampa, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, and San Diego

Innovators from age 16 and up, with a background in computer science, chemistry, engineering, and other areas, are welcome to participate. In 48 hours, they will develop impact solutions for their cities. Ideanco Climathon’s key focus areas are agriculture, mobility, and air pollution.

Winning teams will have the opportunity to join Ideanco’s hybrid incubator launch program and receive funding for their projects and turn their ideas into a product/service, hence the formation of a startup.

“Last year, our first climate change event in the Middle East, Climathon Dubai, attracted 312 participants from 65 countries, who offered 364 impact solutions,” said Maher Ezzeddine, CEO at Ideanco. “This year, we are expanding our program supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union to bring together innovators in different cities outside the EU so they could create solutions to shared climate challenges. We ask all innovators across the globe to register today and be part of innovative cohorts that are making the world a better place for all.”  

Throughout the event, innovators will be supported by coaches and mentors, provided by Ideanco and the company’s partners, including Harvard Aerospace Alumni Organization (HAAO) and Climate KIC, a knowledge and innovation community established by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, Europe’s largest public private partnership.

“Harvard-educated mentors will join the Ideanco Climathon program to help aspiring innovators to transform climate challenges into business ideas,” said Dr. Deborah Donnelly-Mclay, a Board Member of HAAO. “As a part of our cooperation, Ideanco will be contributing to Harvard University scholarships and assisting students in creating projects on the crossroads of aerospace and climate change.” 

Due to COVID-19, this year’s event will be virtual. Innovators will connect with their peers and coaches in nine cities through live chat and interactive apps.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the fragility of our existing systems” says Bjarke Kovshøj, Climathon Lead at EIT Climate-KIC. “Cities have been hard hit by this crisis, but they are central to the creation of a more resilient and sustainable future. This year will mark the first time Climathon is hosted online across all 6 continents. As a local partner in 9 cities across the globe, Ideanco is providing opportunity to innovators and changemakers in cities such as Beirut, that’s been hit hard in 2020, to rethink and reinforce climate action in their community.”  

V Startup Agency, a New York based digital communications agency, will provide media support to Ideanco Climathon 2020. In February, V Startup organized NYC’s first Climathon, focusing on the city’s buildings.   

About Ideanco 

Ideanco, a company generating innovative ideas, was founded in 1999 as a commercial crowdsourcing platform. Its mission was to provide an avenue for the talented crowd to contribute their ideas and collaborate on finding practical solutions to business challenges. The company has grown, and now serves as strategic  consultant to clients from a diverse range of fields: aerospace, climate change, renewable energy, to defense, education, and many more. With hybrid offices (physical and virtual) spanning between North America, Europe, and Asia, Ideanco has become  a well-known crowdsourcing platform, providing opportunities for both talented employees and discerning customers.