In terms of extreme poverty, by several key measures, more progress has been made in the past few decades than over any such period in industrial history.

Nonetheless, poverty remains a constant concern. Its effects are many–upon physical and mental health, outlook for future generations, as one of the leading causes of crime, on the ability of a people or country to address other concerns such as pollution or climate change–and its causes are complex: it is sometimes historical, where sufferers are born into it with little opportunity to escape; it is sometimes sudden, fallen into as a result of a series of unfortunate financial decisions or accidents; and it is sometimes driven by unexpected climatic events or bigotry between social classes.

Whatever the cause, poverty is a problem that concerns us all. Here, we present the stories we are able to source concerning this subject, though the search goes ever on, and poverty in particular is one subject concerning which stories can be hard to source, as its sufferers often lack an accessible means to communicate to the world at large.

The below graphic by Our World In Data, portraying the declining trend in extreme poverty, may help to lift the spirits and provide motivation for dealing with this problem; though, as the graphic shows, current circumstances and future prospects remain poor in Sub-Saharan Africa, and it is there where our greatest future struggle remains.

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The Effects of E-Waste on the Environment and Human Health

Recycling old digital products is a practice not many people are willing to commit to, even though it is absolutely essential.

Children are taking climate fight to the streets

The air pollution crisis in Delhi has been another trigger for schoolchildren to stage public…

These maps triple number of people threatened by rising seas

Flooding will affect hundreds of millions more than previously thought – the majority in Asia – according to new research

Cities need to act on climate adaptation now

Cities across the world are coming up with action plans to adapt to climate change, but much more work is needed.

Clouds in the hills. Climate, Ecology, Unsustainable
From The Editor, August 2019

Three months in, and things are looking grim. Fires in the Arctic and Amazon, worsening of the climate problem, the Fall Armyworm invasion, and more.

Philanthropy for An Equitable Society

A solution to global inequality, one that could likewise foster economic growth, is desperately needed. “Creative Philanthropy” could be the answer.

Africa: Smiles Win The Day
Smiles Always Win The Day

People have lost family members to AIDS or horrific road accidents. Yet, in the face of all this hardship and heartache, Africans still manage to smile.

Climate Change is Boosting Global Inequality

Climate change and anthropogenic warming have devastated the economies of warmer, poorer countries; while financially boosting colder, wealthier countries.

Watering can showering a vegetable garden with water
Cooperative: Ideal for an Egalitarian Big Society

The cooperative combines the principles and practices of capitalism and socialism, aiming to draw the best from both with the goal of financial equality.

Fall Armyworm Hampers Malawi Farmers’ Recovery Efforts

Across large parts of Africa, recovery efforts from Cyclone Idai are being hampered by the increasing threat of the Fall Armyworm.

Why I Shoot Windows

For some reason I can’t precisely define, photographs of windows are evocative—sometimes calming, sometimes unsettling—but nearly always intriguing.

Lily: Acrylic on Canas

This portrait, translated from an old photograph into a painting by Varla Bishop, shows us an image of happiness in spite of poverty.

Vanderful: An African Adventure for Education

The Vanderful team plans to bring education and adventure to West Africa, after it captured their hearts during time spent teaching and living in Namibia.

What does the future hold for Borneo’s Bajau Laut?

Visitors to Mabul Island in Borneo flock to witness some of the most diverse marine life remaining in the world. But whilst there, they are almost guaranteed to meet another mysterious community that call the sea home.

Uttarakhand; Sarmoli, The Mountain Life

Sarmoli is not a place you go to visit; Sarmoli is a place you go for an experience.

Cyclone Idai Devastates Southern Malawi

In what is being described as the deadliest tropical cyclone worldwide in 2019, as of March, Intense Tropical Cyclone Idai hit Southern Malawi with a rainstorm which caused severe flooding in 15 of 28 administrative districts.

Tuberculosis Education in Malawi

Malawi is set to introduce Tuberculosis lessons in its primary schools in a bid to fight this highly-communicable and deadly disease.

Planetary Boundaries, Food and Humanity

Due to the complex interaction between human activities and the ecosystem, humanity’s food system is facing severe threats.