Smiles Always Win The Day

Re-Published with permission from “Where To Next?“, a blog by John and Peggy Bright from Canberra, Australia that relishes the love of travel and the joy of experiencing different cultures.

words and photographs Leggy Peggy

Two smiling women
A smile is sure to brighten your day
Smiling children
Children’s happiness, a important part of African values

Let’s be honest—life in Africa can be tough, really tough.

In the course of our travels, I’ve met people who don’t have jobs but who want to work. Others have been employed, but don’t have enough money to send a brother or sister to school. Some find it hard to look after a parent who is blind or unwell. And way too many are generally unwell.

Smiles despite poverty in africa
Joy, African culture and traditions

There are people who have lost family members to AIDS or horrific road accidents. We came down a mountain road to find an overturned/crushed ute (pickup) that had been fully loaded with passengers. It had toppled over a missed curve. Hard to believe that anyone survived.

Yet, in the face of all this hardship and heartache, Africans still manage to smile.

Smiles despite poverty in africa
Smiles despite poverty in africa
Smiles despite poverty in africa

So this post is about the many smiles we saw this year. As I go back through photos, I’ll probably find more, but these are here to brighten your day.

P.S. We are back in Australia now, but heading to Vietnam later this week to visit Petra, the daughter who lives there on a diplomatic posting. You can expect a mishmash of postings that cover Africa, Vietnam and everything in between.

Smiles despite poverty in africa
Smiles are to be found everywhere amongst African people
Smiles despite poverty in africa
Beautiful Examples of African Culture
Smiles despite poverty in africa
And African Traditions
Smiles despite poverty in africa
Smiles compete with hunger in Africa

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