Sustainable Leggings Guide: 11 Ethical & Conscious Brands

Sustainable Leggings – is there a more unrivalled wardrobe staple? Comfortable, stretchy and appropriate for (almost) any occasion, leggings are a day-to-day sartorial salvation.

But is your favourite pair so deserving of praise when it comes to ethics and the environment?

By Christie Johnson

Leggings – like most of our clothing – are a product of one of the most polluting industries in the world: fast fashion. From cheap synthetic materials and textile waste right through to unethical labour and colossal CO2 emissions, the fashion industry is an unequivocally dirty business.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way. There is now a multitude of sustainable leggings brands out there following a more hopeful trajectory based on long-lasting designs, eco-friendly materials, ethical workplaces and sustainable manufacturing.

Whether your preference is full length or cropped; high-rise or mid-rise; plain or patterned – this guide will ensure your next pair of leggings won’t stretch people, and the planet, too thin.

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Tripulse sustainable leggings

“Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do and of every decision we make.”

Based: Stockholm, Sweden

Type: Activewear

Style: Full length, pockets, drawstring, high-rise

Ships: Worldwide

Here to push the boundaries of sustainable activewear, Tripulse use a holistic approach based on high-quality designs, eco-friendly materials, ethical manufacturing and safeguarding human health. Made from sustainable wood fibre TENCEL™ and cradle-to-cradle certified elastane Roica® V550, Tripulse leggings are breathable, antibacterial, non-toxic and completely biodegradable.


a woman in dark green leggings

“Good for you good and good for the planet.”

Based: Sydney, Australia

Type: Activewear, loungewear

Style: Full-length, 3/4, cropped, high-rise, mid-rise, pockets

Ships: Worldwide

Implementing ethical working conditions and eco-conscious materials, Boody create bamboo viscose leggings that are thermoregulating, hypoallergenic, and breathable. Boody grow its signature bamboo organically without pesticides or fertilizers, use computer knitting machines to reduce garment waste, and partner with charitable organisations to create positive change.

Girlfriend Collective

3 women in sustainable leggings at dusk by the ocean

“Sturdy, squat-proof, and super soft leggings made sustainably and ethically from recycled materials.”

Based: Seattle, Washington, USA

Type: Activewear, loungewear

Style: High-rise, stirrup, drawstring, maternity, mid-rise, pockets

Ships: Worldwide

Girlfriend Collective is a community that cares about where an item of clothing comes from just as much as how it looks. Committed to transparency, Girlfriend Collective make sustainable leggings from recycled post-consumer waste that would otherwise pollute the environment. Its textile dyes are eco-friendly, and factories SA8000 certified which means fair and safe working conditions are guaranteed.

Threads 4 Thought

Threads 4 Thought leggings being worn in a gym

“We founded Threads 4 Thought in 2006, with the understanding that every time you buy a product or support a brand, you’re casting a vote with your wallet.”

Based: Los Angeles, California, USA

Type: Activewear

Style: High-rise, mid-rise, full length, 7/8, pockets, cropped criss-cross, patterned, maternity, drawstring

Ships: Worldwide

Threads 4 Thought actively lower its environmental footprint by using sustainable materials, recycling 80% of its wastewater and ensuring factories adhere to the highest ethical standards. Made from recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets, every pair of T4T leggings create a positive impact on the planet such as reducing CO2 emissions and saving drinking water – awesome right?!

Outdoor Voices

5 women in white leggins

“Outdoor Voices is committed to protecting our playground.”

Based: Austin, Texas, USA

Type: Activewear

Style: 7/8, full length, 3/4, high-rise, mid-rise, patterned, pockets

Ships: USA and Canada

Pioneering towards a sustainable future, Outdoor Voices design longevity and circularity in to every product. Outdoor Voices challenge unsustainable conventions by using a myriad of eco-conscious materials, design packaging that is both recycled and recyclable and partner with organisations that support sustainability, conservation and carbon offsetting.


planet-loving leggings

“Our mission is to build Earth’s Favorite Clothing Company.”

Based: Boulder, Colorado, USA

Type: Activewear, loungewear

Style: High-rise, full length, patterned, pockets, mid-rise, drawstring

Ships: Worldwide

Pact make its sustainable leggings, and other apparel, using organic cotton (“Earth’s Favorite™ Fiber”) certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) which supports healthy soils, ecosystems and local communities. Only partnering with Fair Trade Certified™ factories, Pact offer carbon offset shipping, clothes donation programmes and make its packaging from post-consumer recycled materials.


sea life in a blue ocean by the coast

“We’re In Business To Save Our Home Planet.”

Based: Ventura, California, USA

Type: Activewear

Style: Full length, cropped, high-rise, mid-rise, patterned, pockets, drawstring

Ships: Worldwide

Recognising that every product has an impact on the planet, Patagonia make 87% of its fabrics from recycled materials and 1% of its sales are pledged to the preservation and restoration of the natural world. 87% of Patagonia’s clothing line is Fair Trade Certified™ sewn, 64,000+ workers are supported through the Patagonia Fair-Trade programme and 39% of apparel assembly factories are paying workers a living wage.

Organic Basics

Organic Basics sustainable leggings being worn by three peope on a basketball court

“When we say sustainability is our core mission we don’t mean that sustainability is nice to have – we mean that it’s the only way we act.”

Based: Copenhagen, Denmark

Type: Activewear

Style: Full length, 3/ 4, pockets, high-rise

Ships: Worldwide

Challenging industry norms, Organic Basics create simple, functional styles using eco-friendly materials and certified factory partners. Every pair of sustainable leggings are made from recycled fibres which diverts waste from landfills and reduces CO2 emissions. Plus, Organic Basics use seamless knitting: a manufacturing technique that makes clothing more comfortable and durable.

Kiht Collective

two girls crouching and laughing in Kiht sustainale leggings

“We are Kiht Collective and we make ethical gymwear for babes who care.”

Based: Manchester, UK

Type: Activewear

Style: High-rise, punched panel, patterned, 7/ 8, full length

Ships: Worldwide

Advocates for “conscience clothing”, Kiht Collective partner with ethical factories in Portugal, use eco-friendly packaging and donate all textile waste (which would otherwise be thrown away or destroyed) to local charities. For every sale made, Kiht Collective pledge to plant a tree with social change and reforestation charity TreeSisters.


brightly coloured leggings and tops

“Wolven is about the community it creates: People who care about the earth coming together.”

Based: Los Angeles, California, USA

Type: Activewear, night out

Style: Ruched crossover waistband, pockets, patterned, full length, high-rise

Ships: Worldwide

Empowered by art, nature and cultural difference, Wolven design sustainable leggings with respect for people and the planet. Made from recycled bottles (84% OEKO-TEX certified recycled PET and 16% spandex), Wolven leggings are comfortable, breathable, quick-drying and free from toxic chemicals. Plus, all fabrics include a vegan suede finish and are odour-resistant.

Beckons Yoga Clothing

Beckons yoga leggings worn by a woman drumming in the mountains

“Beckons organic yoga clothing: Made to love, to last, to speak…and to give back.”

Based: Colorado, United States

Type: Activewear

Style: Adjustable waistband, mid-rise, high-rise, boot cut, capri, relaxed fit, lace-up

Ships: Worldwide

Beckons Yoga Clothing believe clothing has the power to change people’s quality of life, assigning yogic intentions – such as strength, courage, balance –to every garment. Valuing people and the planet just as much as its profits, Beckons create comfortable and durable leggings made from 100% organic cotton and are official members of the Green Business Network and the Organic Trade Association.