The Guide to Sustainable Sheets: Bedding to Help You Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Ellen’s guide to sustainable sheets explores the wider issues, including ethical and environmentally considerate bedding brands from around the world, and considers what is truly neccessary for a guilt-free sleep.

By Ellen Rubin

An Introduction to Sustainable Sheets and Bedding

There’s been a lot written about how to get a good night’s sleep and everyone knows how impactful getting 7-8 hours of quality rest a night is. Diet, exercise, dark rooms, white noise, absence of phones or computers are some of the things that are usually explored. We’ve been overlooking the simplest solution.

What I suddenly realized, yet what is blatantly obvious, is that you spend 1/3 of your life with your body and face touching your sheets. If they are uncomfortable – too hot, too cold, or scratchy – you won’t sleep well. I use the term sheets rather than linens to avoid confusion with the fabric linen – the original bedding fabric and the origin of the term.

I’ve always been part of the majority that went into a department, bath/home, or superstore and bought my sheets. As much thought went into deciding color and pattern as considering fabric content, weave, dye composition, or chemical additives. That’s without considering the ethical and sustainable practices of the manufacturers.

Three Decisions in Your Search for Sustainable Sheets

Well, it’s time to start considering sheets from the ground up – or in this case, from the farm up. The majority of sheets produced for the masses are cotton, cotton/polyester blend, or now, microfiber. Most aren’t organic, although that is a trend that’s increasing. It’s possible to get sheets that are organic, non-toxic, and will help you actually sleep better by creating a more comfortable haven. While there are some construction details that will be discussed, the single most important aspect of dressing your bed is the fabric itself.

cotton, useful for sustainable sheets
A Cotton Field

Decision #1 – Fabric Choice: Cotton, Linen, Hemp, Tencel, Bamboo

After eliminating non-organic cotton, polyester, cotton/poly blends, and microfiber because they are all unsustainable, and frankly don’t provide the best sleep environment, we’re left with natural plant-based fibers. All brands discussed here are sustainable and most are organic fibers. That being said, there are differences in the benefits that each fabric presents.

Cotton: Most sheets are cotton. We’ve spent a lot of time talking about how “dirty” the cotton industry is. Most cotton requires heavier use of water, insecticides, pesticides, and fertilizers than any other crop. In fact, 15% of all insecticides used are for cotton even though cotton cultivation only uses 2.5% of the world’s land. Entire bodies of water (the Aran Sea) have been drained in the name of cotton cultivation.

Yet, there are benefits to cotton. It’s a soft, washable natural fiber that is breathable, and fairly affordable. Not all cotton is bad and not all cotton is equal quality. The easiest way to ensure that the cotton you are purchasing was farmed and manufactured in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner is to look for the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) or GOTS Certified Organic labels.

GOTS logo

To earn that label, farmers and manufacturers must produce cotton that is grown without the use of chemical pesticides, insecticides, and fertilizers. Irrigation can’t be used; instead, farmers rely on rainwater. There are independent quality inspections and verifications from the farm, through the processing of the cotton, spinning, weaving, and manufacturing. Each step must meet ethical and sustainability standards. GOTS labels mean that at least 70% of the fibers are organic, while GOTS Organic labelling means that 95% of the fibers are organic. You will see a licensing number and the words “Organic Certified by…” for Certified GOTS Organic fabrics.

If you are looking for the strongest, most durable, and usually the finest cotton, look for terms such as long staple, Egyptian, Pima, or Supima Cotton. All of these have longer individual fibers that make the fabric smoother, more durable, and more expensive. These will also resist pilling. (Pilling occurs when shorter fibers break off – that is why cheap cotton pills easier – quality cotton uses long fibers.)

linen fabrics on bench, linen can make sustainable sheets
Linen Fabrics

Fabrics other than cotton, like linen, can also earn a GOTS label.

Linen is traditionally associated with fine bedding. It’s made from the flax plant which is one of the most sustainable plants known. This fast-growing plant requires very little water, grows in areas where other plants can’t, and doesn’t need insecticides or pesticides which makes it a good choice for people with skin sensitivities. While you can find GOTS Organic linen, the nature of the fabric and its growers makes the label less necessary than cotton.

Linen fibers are often larger than cotton so many times it can feel courser, yet the looser weaves also means that it is more breathable and therefore cooler. You won’t find a thread count for linen (see below for an explanation of the term), instead it is measured in GSM or grams per square meter. Most bedding is between 140 and 220 GSM. The higher the number, the thicker the fabric weight. The best linen comes from France or Belgium, although it is also grown other places like India.

Linen is actually a thermoregulating fabric that keeps you cooler in summer and warmer in winter because of its natural insulative qualities. Therefore, linen is a good choice for year-round use, especially for couples where one person sleeps hot, while the other tends toward cold. Linen becomes softer and stronger with each washing, so it’s extremely durable. It also dries faster than cotton, is breathable, hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, antimicrobial, resists moths and pilling. The main drawbacks to linen are that it’s expensive, some people prefer a smoother, silkier feel, and it wrinkles more. The most sustainable linens are dew retted and unbleached.

fsc logo


Tencel is wood-based fabric. If you are looking something that feels silky, doesn’t wrinkle, yet is made from natural fibers, Tencel fabrics are a good choice. Tencel Lyocell™, made by the Austrian company Lenzing is made from the wood pulp of eucalyptus trees. The trees are sourced from responsibly managed forests or eucalyptus plantations. Look for the Forest Stewardship Council labels to guarantee sustainability.

Tencel is produced in a closed loop process which recycles the water used in production. This reduces water consumption and pollution. Tencel is breathable, soft, luxurious, gentle to the touch, yet durable. It is also moisture wicking, naturally wrinkle-resistant, antibacterial, 50% more wicking than cotton, 70% more absorbent, and uses 10-20 times less water to produce. Some Tencel fabrics can be made from other trees such as beech.


Bamboo is another wood that is used to create fabric in closed loop process. Bamboo makers describe it as being as “soft as silk, as sustainable as hemp, as breathable as linen, but at the cost of cotton.” When looking for bamboo sheets or clothing, look for Lyocell rather than viscose which is less sustainable, and that its manufactured using a closed loop process.


Hemp is starting to grow in popularity, although it’s still much harder to find. It’s the most sustainable crop requiring no pesticides, insecticides, or pesticides to grow. There is no such thing as GMO hemp. It’s actually carbon positive to grow – meaning that it returns 70% of the nutrients is uses and removes CO2 from the atmosphere. You can also plant more hemp per square foot than any other crop, even in poor soil with little rain. You can grow 250% more hemp per acre than cotton and it produces 6 times more fiber per acre than flax. It’s also incredibly quick growing. Hemp fabric is stronger than cotton, and mold resistant. It’s a good fabric for those with skin sensitivities. Aside from being hard to find, its main drawback is that it isn’t colorfast so it won’t hold vibrant color as well as some other fabrics. It does come in beautiful muted shades though. Also, it may be more expensive simply because it is less common at this time and has only recently become legal to grow as a cash crop in the US. Luckily, industrial hemp farming is increasing.

Other Relevant Certifications

There are a couple other designations, in addition to GOTS, you might want to look for when shopping for sheets. OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 ensures that no harmful chemicals have been used in the production of the fabric or it’s dying process. Companies that have Fair Trade Certifications or are Certified B Corps have to pass rigorous and continual third-party reviews that guarantee that the company embraces ethical and sustainable business practices.

MADE SAFE® certification screens for 6,500 known and suspected harmful chemicals. GreenGuard Gold means that the product doesn’t create indoor air pollution and has child-safe low emissions – they meet the world’s most rigorous emissions standards for chemical exposure and pollutants including volatile organic compounds (VOCs). In other words, there is no chemical smell and no risk from off-gassing.

There are other certifications that may arise, and for more detailed information about them, please see the Sustainable Fabric Glossary.

threads inside giant loom machine

Decision #2 – Determining the features you want

It’s great to theoretically decide what fabric you want based on what it can offer, but there are some other considerations that might influence what fabrics and brands you purchase.

  • Cost is a huge determinant in what brands you can afford. Cotton sets can run from $50 to many hundreds of dollars. The finer cotton brands will cost more, as will higher thread count sheets. Linen tends to be more expensive than cotton, with bamboo and eucalyptus Lyocell being somewhere in between. While hemp isn’t expensive to grow, its rarity makes it harder to find.
  • Thread Count refers to how many threads per inch of fabric there are – counting both the warp and weft threads (horizontal and vertical). Higher thread counts are more densely woven and therefore usually thicker. They may be more durable, but also less breathable so they may feel warmer to sleep in. Thread counts start at 100 and can reach over 1,000. A higher thread count isn’t always better if really thin yarns are used.
  • Different weaves are available in each of the different fabrics. Common bedding weaves are:
    • Percale is a matte finished weave that creates a smooth sheet that feels crisp and cool to the touch. This is your basic sheeting fabric.
    • Sateen weaves use a one vertical thread under and 3-4 horizontal threads over weave that results in a heavier feel that is both lustrous and feels like satin. It is more slippery and usually has a higher thread count.
    • Jersey weaves are what tee shirts are made of. They are soft and comfortable, but not necessarily cool sleeping. They will also stretch out of shape more easily.
    • Flannel is created by napping one or both sides of the fabric to create a soft texture that hides the weave. It is a favorite for winter sleeping since it’s more insulative and just feels cozy.
  • Purchasing options vary among companies. Most sell their goods in sets (flat top, fitted, and 1-2 pillowcases depending on size). This can be limiting. Some people don’t like using a top sheet, use more than 1 pillow per person, or don’t want their entire set to be the same color/pattern. Purchasing a set might not be best. Personally, I like to use a top sheet that is a size up from my bed size. If you are sleeping with a sheet hog, you want to make sure that there is enough sheet available so that you’ll wake up in the morning still covered. Some of the companies listed below sell separates and most sell additional pillowcases separately. Their sale departments are a good place to look for separate bargains.
  • Fitting your bed matters. Pay attention to your bed size (XL twin, split king, California King, split queen). Some companies sell crib and bassinets sets. Manufacturers are making mattresses much deeper than they used to so make sure the sheets are deep enough. Also, you may have a preference about pocket depth and whether the elastic on the fitted sheet goes all the way around to help keep the sheet from popping off. Having tags that designate top/bottom and sides is always helpful, especially on beds where there isn’t a huge size differential. I hate having to figure out how my fitted sheets work and remaking my bed a couple times to find the right sides. Finally, many people like envelope pillowcases rather than an open sided pillowcase. It helps keep the case from twisting or the pillow from working itself out if you are a restless sleeper.
  • Washing directions vary depending on manufacturer and fabric. If you want the easiest care possible, pay attention to the washing directions on the websites. Some require delicate cycles with minimal drying or even line drying. Linen is more prone to wrinkles so if this is an issue for you, avoid it. Many of the sites suggest wool dryer balls so you may want to try using them even with your current sheets.
  • Ethical business practices vary among companies. Fair Trade and Certified B Corp designations are a short cut to ensuring fair treatment for all, but many companies who are worthy don’t carry these designations. By studying websites you can find what charities they may support, what factories they use (long-term family farms and businesses), if they pay a fair wage, whether they work in green buildings, use alternative energy, reduce water usage, and encourage women and minority employment. While these factors may not affect the end product, they factor in to how you feel about who you support and may let you sleep even better at night.

Decision #3 – Choosing a Brand

Below are brands that are all ethical companies that produce sustainable bedding products. Unless stated otherwise, cotton is GOTS Certified organic. Fabric choice is the single, most important decision you make regarding your sheet choice; therefore I’ve included this handy chart to help find the fabric you want before reading more about the company.

Cotton Linen Hemp Tencel Bamboo Eucalyptus Flannel Jersey
Alterra PureX

American BlossomX



Bed Threads


Boll & BranchXX




The CitizenryXX



Cozy Earth


Dehilah Home GoodsX









Holy LambXX

If Only HomeXX


Layla Sleep





Nest BeddingX







Riley LinenXX

Savvy RestX

Sleep & BeyondX

Snowe HomeXX

Sõl OrganicsXX

Sömn Home

Sweave Bedding


Tuft & NeedleXX

Viva TerraXX

West ElmXXXX



Our Complete List of Brands for Sustainable and Ethical Sheets

Note: TC = Thread Count

American Blossom Linens

American Blossom Linens, cotton, bedding, happy team

American Blossom Linens has been manufacturing sheets for over 122 years in Thomaston, Georgia. They sell only direct to the customer so they can bring you luxury bedding at a fair price. The cotton is grown, processed, finished, and shipped from the US to reduce their carbon footprint. They emphasize that there are no formaldehyde resins in their sheets – hence they won’t be labelled “wrinkle-free”, “easy care” or “Permanent Press”. They do, however, use a special manufacturing formula that gives their sheets a soft, crisp, fresh feel that is environmentally friendly and chemical free.

Queen Pricing: Percale (Natural/unbleached or white, 180 TC) $289

Extras: 16” pockets, top/bottom labels, larger than normal top sheets in width and length, family farmers in West Texas that are USA organic and traceable. 4 pillowcases are provided with queen and king sets. Crib sheets are available. They also produce a sheet set that is naturally Latte colored combined with Foxfibre® Coyote Brown heirloom cotton so you have a light brown sheet that has not been dyed. (At the time of writing they were sold out of this choice.)

Warranties: They have a 2-year return policy if you aren’t completely satisfied. Just return them for a full refund.


couple smiling on bed

Avocado allows you to buy everything bedding from mattresses to throws for everyone in your family, including baby. Their mission is to be one of the world’s most sustainable brands.

Queen Pricing:

  • Cotton Percale (400 TC) $109,
  • Cotton Percale (600 TC) $179,
  • Superfine Indian Suvin 1,000 Extra Long Staple cotton in sateen finish $499 (Suvin Gold is a rare, heritage, hand-harvested cotton that grows in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. Only a few thousand bales are produced every year. These sheets are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and MADE SAFE certified.)
  • Linen (GOTS organic certified loomed in France in white or natural) $409

Extras: their sheets come in a Deep Pocket version. Color choices may include white, natural, gray, and seafoam green.

Certifications: Their mattresses are certified organic and non-toxic right down to the GOLS organic certified latex. They also have a FSC certified factory powered entirely by renewable energy. They are the world’s only Climate Neutral Certified mattress and bedding brand. Most products are GreenGuard Gold and MADE SAFE® certified. They are also a Certified B Corp, Fair Trade, and Climate Neutral certified. Their factories are approaching zero waste.

Warranties: Their mattresses come with a 25-year warranty. They offer a 100-day trial and 1 year warranty on their sheets.

Giving Back: The are members of 1% for the Planet® and have even won their Pinnacle Award.

Area Home

grey bed

Area Home is a New York based company founded by Swedish designer Anki Spets that sells linen and cotton bedding, alpaca throws and blankets, and reversible cotton sheets and blankets. Many of the colors offered are deeper than normally found in organic bedding.

Queen Pricing:

  • Perla Cotton Sateen (7 colors, dyed in small batches, matte finish) $370
  • Heather Cotton Percale (ring spun so there is a slightly heavier quality, 2 colors) $370
  • Jewel Cotton Sateen (2 colors, 2-in-1 sheets where on side is pale and the other is darker but both sides have the sateen finish) $450
  • Anton Cotton Percale (6 colors) $320
  • Pins Cotton Percale (200 TC, printed pattern in gray) $320
  • Emmet Cotton Flannel $370
  • Eli 55% linen/45% cotton (3 colors in a basketweave stitch with a visible texture.) $510
  • Simone Linen (pre-washed in white, natural unbleached and undyed, or gray, light/mid-weight yarn dyed, sheets sold separately, dew retted) pillowcases $135, fitted & flat $275 each

Extras: Sheets can be purchased in sets or separately and are made in Portugal, with the exception of linen, which is made in Lithuania.

Warranties: May be returned within 30 days.

Bed Threads

bed with orange duvet

Bed Threads is an Australian company that sells French linen bedding manufactured in China as well as other housewares for your bath, table, and sleepwear. They pre-wash their linen. Their bedding is high quality, comes in a great array of colors, and is affordable compared to other linen bedding.

Queen Pricing:

  • 100% French Flax linen (23 colors including stripes and deep hues) $270

Extras: Bedding can be purchased in sets or individually. They recommend line drying.

Certifications: The are 100% carbon neutral through either reducing or offsetting greenhouse gas emissions. Their packaging is plastic free. OEKO-TEX 100 Certified.

Giving Back: $1 from each order is donated through a partnership with i=Change. To date, they have raised over $160,000.


cushions with flowers on pattern

Biome features products from many different manufacturers with the common theme of sustainability. Because they aren’t the manufacturer, stock varies. Check the site for this season’s choices. They carefully vet all products to ensure that manufacturers don’t green-wash, hide toxins or dubious ingredients. The site carries everything from body and beauty products, fashion, home, food & wellness, and baby & kid products. Many of their suppliers are small Australian businesses.

Queen Pricing:

  • Cotton – currently carrying Lazybones, made in Australia
  • Linen – nothing currently showing
  • Hemp – hemp comes in pure hemp in a linen-like weave or a hemp/organic cotton blend ($170 for flat sheet). Pure hemp sheets are from Hemp Gallery Rye Hemp Linen Queen set $405.

Extras: depending on brand, you can purchase flat, fitted, and pillowcases separately. They use only eco-friendly packaging and offset their shipping emissions. There are also some products eligible for return recycling.

Certifications: They were Australia’s first Certified B Corp retailer.

Giving Back: They support community and environmental organizations.

Boll & Branch

white sustainable bed

Boll & Branch® is one of the largest and best-known organic sheet companies. In fact, they are the world’s largest consumer of Organic Fair Trade certified cotton and were the first Fair Trade Certified manufacturer of linens. They manufacture in India, Portugal and the US and pay fair wages, treat their employees with respect, and ensure there is no child labor involved. They use single ply cotton so their sheets are lightweight and soft; using long staple cotton makes them durable.

Queen Pricing:

  • Signature (300 TC, matte finish, 8 colors) $238
  • Percale (smooth, cool & crisp, 7 colors, 360 TC, matte finish) $238
  • Linen (striped pattern in blue or beige from European flax free of harmful chemicals & synthetic pesticides) $308
  • Chambray (stonewashed & breathable in blue or gray) $368
  • Luxe (liquid drape & silky feel in 4 color choices from long-staple cotton in 500 TC) $368
  • Flannel (8 colors or buffalo plaid, brushed and sheared to resist pilling. These sheets are warm, yet breathable. Ethically manufactured in Portugal by the world’s cotton flannel leader.) $280

Extras: 17” deep fitted sheet pockets with labeled sides and fully-elasticized. Some choices have detailing like embroidered shams. All choices have matching duvet covers or quilt sets available. They offer crib sheets. Their packaging is made from recycled and recyclable paper. Their outer shippers are FSC certified. Their gray dyes are GOTS approved and all other dyes are AZO free.

Warranties: They offer a 30-day free trial with a full refund if you aren’t happy.

Certifications: Fair Trade cotton and factory, GOTS Certified Organic cotton. The site provides an Impact Report detailing their commitment to organic cotton farmers and the environment.


Brooklinen bedding in a New York loft appartment

Brooklinen produces products that are manufactured responsibly with top quality materials at accessible prices. To do so they’ve searched out the best producers and manufacturers around the globe. They also offer loungewear and home décor.

Queen Pricing:

  • Percale (long staple, 270 Thread Count, up to 13 color/pattern choices) $149
  • Sateen (480 TC, long staple cotton, up to 14 color/pattern choices) $175
  • Linen (washed 100% Belgian & French flax, 10 colors, made in Portugal, individually garment dyed) $269
  • Heathered Cashmere (5 colors, diagonally woven 95% cotton, 5% Himalayan Cashmere for a heathered look) $279

Extras: Long/short side labels, pillowcases have envelope closures.

Certifications: OEKO-TEX

Warranties: Many products can be returned within 1 year.


People wrapped up in duvets and laughing

Buffy uses as many renewable natural materials as possible. Their sheets are made from eco-friendly eucalyptus and hemp. They recycle plastic bottles to make the fluff that goes into their pillows and comforters.

Queen Pricing:

  • Eucalyptus Tencel (9 colors, 300 single ply TC, plant based natural dye) $199
  • Hemp Linen (3 natural colors lightened with hydrogen peroxide, 120 single-ply TC) $279

Certifications: OEKO-TEX Certified, FSC certified recycled cardboard and craft paper in shipping. They are working to create a closed loop process.

Warranties: 7-night free trial.

Giving Back: All emissions from freight and customer shipments are offset. Since returned sheets can’t legally be returned, they encourage their customers to donate their unwanted products yet still give a refund.

The Citizenry

tan colored sustainable sheets

The Citizenry offers stonewashed linen and organic cotton bedding. They believe that your personal spaces deserve designs with a soul, a story, and a purpose. They partner with master artisans, blending modern style with time-tested techniques. The company also offers home decor including rugs, baskets, furniture, and bath products.

Queen Pricing:

  • Stonewashed linen (crafted in Portugal by Machado Linen Mill, made with French flax in 10 colors) $475
  • Organic Turkish cotton (from the Aegean region made by the Denizli Cotton Mill in 5 colors, 400 TC) $455

Extras: You can purchase bedding separately or in sets. They provide clear and complete laundry directions on the site.

Certifications: OEKO-TEX certified and made in a Fair Trade environment.

Warranties: The offer free 30-day returns for unwashed items in original packaging.

Giving Back: They are committed to providing fair wages, happy working environments, and sustaining grants for their artisan partners. They pay workers more than double the local average wage.


sustainable sheets in neutral colors

Coyuchi was founded in 1991. The company wants to stand for something – in their case it is that life isn’t singular, but impacts your loved ones, community, the Earth. Their process goes beyond the design to respecting every part of the process from the soil where fibers are raised to their customers. Responsible Beyond the Thread™ is their manifesto. They are strong proponents of circularity in their production and reuse of their products.

Their site will help you determine which fabric choice is best for you and they have chart and very good articles at “The Thread” to help inform you. They are the first bedding company in North America to use a 100% plant-based finishing process that uses zero toxic chemicals. Their cotton fabrics are mostly grown and woven in India, while they use French flax woven in Portugal. They use only low impact dyes.

Queen Pricing:

  • Percale (300 TC, 5 colors) $238
  • Organic relaxed linen (5 colors) $548
  • Linen Chambray (sold in set with duvet cover) $698
  • Crinkled Percale™ (more relaxed percale, 8 colors) $198
  • Jersey (100% organic cotton, medium weight t-shirt, 5 colors, queen size not available at this time so pricing is for a Full size) $158
  • Sateen (300 TC, 5 colors) $238
  • Cloud Brushed™ Flannel (3 colors, warmer and thicker than average flannel at 6 oz, cotton is grown in Turkey and woven in Portugal) $248

Extras: Their fitted sheets have a 15” deep pocket and are fully elasticized. Sheets and sets are thoughtfully packaged in reusable fabric bags. They can be purchased individually or in sets. They also have initiated a Take Back Program called 2nd Home where you can send your old Coyuchi linens back to them via a pre-paid shipping label for 15% off your next order. They guarantee that they will not end up in a landfill. After evaluation, they will either be renewed, upcycled, or recycled. Renewed sheets (after cleaning) are available on their website or in their California store. They make their pillowcase cuffs longer than standard, and envelope style is available on some. Each product page gives that particular item’s impact in terms of drinking water saved, miles of driving emissions avoided, and land farmed without pesticides as well as product reviews that include what type of sleeper (warm or cold) is reviewing. They offer crib sizes, mattresses, toppers, and mattress pads.

Certifications: Certified GOTS cotton, MADE SAFE, Fair Trade Certified, OEKO-TEX

Warranties: They have a 365-day guarantee. “We want you to have a perfect night’s rest, so if your sheets aren’t right for you, you can return within 1 year of purchase for store credit. Even if it’s been washed or worn.” Returns for a full refund are allowed within 30 days of purchase.

Giving Back: They are members of 1% for the Planet

If you like their bedding options, it’s well worth looking at their apparel too.

Cozy Earth

woman sleeping in bed

Cozy Earth makes their products from 100% bamboo. They are free of harmful chemicals, hypoallergenic, temperature regulating, and soft. They also make clothing for men and women and other bedding products.

Queen Pricing: 100% Bamboo Viscose (white only) $369

Extras: Fits up to 20” mattresses, baby bedding

Warranties: 100-night sleep trial, 10 Year Warranty, you pay for your products after trying them for 30 days.


woman sitting in bed

Cultiver offers items for the bed & bath, living & dining rooms, as well as loungewear. Fabrications used for products other than bedding are silk velvet, Turkish cotton, and Mulberry silk (used in conjunction with linen for their Flip Pillowcases – cost $70 each). Their European flax is manufactured in either Portugal or China. They use an enzyme wash to accelerate the softening process.

Queen Pricing:

  • European flax (17 colors/stripes, 165 gsm) $385

Extras: Items can be purchased individually and duvet covers are available. Line drying or low tumble dry recommended. Their natural colored linen is undyed. Unrelated to bedding, they have denim towels made from a blend of Lyocell and combed cotton that contain recycled denim fibers.

Certifications: OEKO-TEX Certified.

Delilah Home Goods

sleep well tonight

Delilah Home Goods won the 2021 Good Housekeeping “Best Bedding” Award for their 100% Organic Hemp Sheets. While based in North Carolina, their sheets are ethically and responsible made in their family run factory in Portugal using state of the art machinery and paying higher than Fair Trade wages. Their core principles are sustainability, impact, and community.

Queen Pricing:

  • GOTS Certified Cotton (300 TC and 50% thicker than most sheets, 3 colors) $189
  • Organic Hemp (4 colors, 50% thicker with a 180 gsm TC) regularly $700, sale $350

Extras: 15” pockets

Certifications: GOTS Certified Cotton, Certified Vegan by, Green America, OneCert, Organic Trade Association, Fair Trade factories

Warranties: They offer a 30 day trial and you can return with a receipt of purchase. Returned merchandise is either donated or recycled.

Giving Back: They donate 10% of their profits to local charities that support health, kids, and pets including 1% for the Planet.


woman drinking coffee in bedroom

Ettitude uses 100% organic bamboo to make their CleanBamboo™ fabric. It is hypoallergenic and free from harmful chemicals, making it ideal for people with sensitive skin. Their sheets use 500x less water and produces 52% less CO2 than cotton. They make clothing for men, women, baby, and accessories for the home. Their closed loop process reuses the water 200 times and recycles 98% of it. They use 70% of the bamboo fiber harvested and compost the remaining 30%.

Queen Pricing:

  • Bamboo Sateen (10 colors, 1000 TC) $198-204
  • Twill (white only, 1000 TC, diagonal rib for added drape and durability) $168

Extras: Crib sheets available, 17” pockets, top/bottom label. Pre-washed, packaged in reusable drawstring bag made from scrap fabric. The site provides an extensive impact report.

Certifications: OEKO-TEX Standard 100, TESTEX, FSC, EcoCert, Global Recycled Standard, PETA Vegan approved, BCSI, WRAP, SEDEX. They are Climate Neutral Certified.

Giving Back: Members of 1% for the Planet, they offset their emissions through sustainable bamboo reforestation in Nicaragua. They offer scholarships to BIOPOC students demonstrating an interest in sustainability.


coffee and doughnut on bed

Eucalypso produces eucalyptus-based sheets that are cool to minimize night sweats. They are also naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial. Tencel lyocell can be eco-friendly, requiring no harmful chemicals or toxins. The sheets are softer, more breathable, thermoregulating, and 70% more moisture wicking than cotton bedding, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep.

Queen Pricing:

  • Eucalyptus Classic (5 colors, 600TC) $169

Extras: 18” pockets, Eucalypso uses their own DreamWeave™ technology, a proprietary method of treating the fabric so it is silkier and cooler to the touch.

Certifications: OEKO-TEX, closed loop process so 99.9% of all water and solvents are recycled. Certified Tencel Lyocell. USDA Certified Biobased Product, vegan, Fair Trade and ISO Certified, Responsible Care® aligned.

Warranties: 30-day money back refund policy: 100% if new and unwashed, 50% if used (both minus shipping fees)

Giving Back: The site gives an impact statement including days of drinking water saved, miles of driving emissions avoided, and land farmed without pesticides.


plain sustainable sheets on bed

Grund’s mission is to “bring about conscious consumption for all through the use of high-quality organic linens that can be trusted to perform for years to come.” They are headquartered in North Carolina and use either organic or certified organic cotton.

Queen Pricing:

  • GOTS Certified Organic Sateen (300 TC, white only) $125
  • Embroidered Sateen (300 TC, made in Portugal) $278
  • Patterned Sateen (300 TC, made in Portugal with organic cotton yarn, 3 designs) $218
  • Savannah Percale (300 TC, resort quality, 4 colors) $258

Extras: 15”- 17” Pocket, depending on size, with elastic all around. Sheets and pillowcases can also be purchased individually.

Certifications: GOTS Certified Cotton (some sets), OEKO-TEX, Green Business Certified

Warranties: They warrant your product to be free from defects in workmanship and material, under normal conditions, for 5 years. They also provide a 60-day free trial to test all your purchases.


Gryphon sustainable bedding set in grey room

Gryphon wants to “Make your bed your happy place” by providing luxury bedding that is handcrafted and resort quality for an accessible price point. They pride themselves on their superior softness and durability. Their American grown Supima® cotton sheets come in 3 versions and 7 colors (Supima extra-long staple cotton represents less than 1% of cotton grown worldwide. Gryphon is part of the WestPoint Home brand portfolio with over 200 years of experience operating their manufacturing facilities from farm through production. While these sheets may not rate as highly as some other brands, they are still a quality product at an affordable price.

Queen Pricing:

  • Luxury Suite (Supima cotton 300 TC) $150
  • Comfort Washed (more casual, lived-in look, 200 TC Supima) $150
  • Performance (80% Supima cotton/20% polyester and the sizing allows for full/queen) $150

Extras: Fitted sheets feature 18” deep pocket, top tag, and extra-wide all-around elastic. There is modern hem detail on flat sheets and pillowcases. Sheets can be purchased individually.

Certifications: OEKO-TEX Certified, ISO® Certified. Members of BCO®.


larger man lying comfortably on a mattress with designer furniture around

Helix makes mattresses, pillows and bedding from eucalyptus.

Queen Pricing: (2 colors: white or slate) $175

Extras: Extra deep pockets

Warranties: 100-night sleep trial, 3 year warranty for mattresses and bedding.

Holy Lamb Organics

lambs in a field

Holy Lamb Organics manufactures a full line of bed and bath products including mattresses and pillows. Many of their non-sheet products are wool based. They combine heritage methods with pristine natural and organic materials, and sustainable business practices to create bedding options for the entire family, including family pets. Their goal is to become zero waste and sustainable in every step of the manufacturing process.

Queen Pricing:

  • Crinkled Percale, 300 TC Percale, Jersey, 300 TC Sateen, Flannel sheets are from Coyuchi
  • Relaxed Linen (7 colors of low impact dyes, 185gsm weight, chambray weave, 100% organic linen woven in Portugal from French flax, Made Safe Certified) $548
  • Percale (500 TC, extra-long staple GOTS certified organic cotton, finished with miDori bioDry USDA certified biobased softener for added comfort and dryness, elegant stitch detail edges, cotton grown in China and woven in Portugal) $498

Extras: They also sell bassinet sheets and dog bed covers. 15” pocket. Their rural Washington factory is scent free, they employ green building practices, and are committed to recycling.

Certifications: GOTS Certified production facility, IOAS Certified, Zero Waste, Organic Trade Association, Eco Wool, Green America Gold, FSC Certified.

Giving Back: From farm to mill and manufacturing partners they are dedicated to fair labor practices, secure working conditions, diversity, and inclusion.

If Only Home

Clean white bedroom with flowers

If Only Home (formerly White Terry) is a relatively new company but still creates luxury bedding at an accessible price. Their cotton is designed in Canada and ethically produced in Cambodia. They have developed their own signature weave that is durable, yet not so tightly woven that it leads to overheating.

Queen Pricing:

  • Cotton Sateen (7 colors, 400 TC) $199
  • French Linen – (all sold separately, 4 colors) flat & fitted $169 each, pillowcases $69

Extras: Long and short side labels, fully elasticized fitted sheets, oversized flat sheets, reverse envelope pillowcase closures, 5” single needle hem on sheets and pillowcases for understated elegance. Crib sheets start at $79 for linen or cotton.

Certifications: OEKO-TEX Certified facilities

Giving Back: They donate a portion of their profits to Sleeping Children Around the World which donates bedding kits.


white brick wall behind white bed

Kotn™ is primarily a clothing company built around Egyptian cotton. In fact, it was created to ensure fair labor practices and support the communities who grow fine cotton, as well as protecting the environment from the usual harm that can be caused from the crop. Their cotton farms and production ares in either Egypt or Portugal. For an in-depth review of the company please click here

Queen Pricing:

  • Cotton (Giza Egyptian long staple, 400 TC, 4 colors) $95* Please note that the top sheet is not included in the set.

Extras: Fully enveloped pillowcase, elasticized trim throughout.

Certifications: Better Cotton Initiative

Giving Back: They heavily support farmers, factories, and communities through supporting schools.

Layla Sleep

sustainable sheets folded and placed under bed

Layla Sleep is mainly a mattress company but they also offer kapok pillows, weighted blankets, and bamboo sheets. Bamboo sheets are naturally cool – 3 degrees cooler than cotton – thermal regulating, wick moisture better, and resist odor.

Queen Pricing:

  • Viscose Bamboo (white and gray 300 TC although it may feel higher because of the bamboo) $205

Extras: They also offer pet beds and mattress toppers, as well as bed frames.

Warranties: 5-year warranty, 120 night trial with a money back guarantee


linoto, sheets on washing line in forest

Linoto makes sheets the old-fashioned way – every item is marked on the cloth with chalk, cut with tailor shears, expertly measured, expertly sewn to the same standards as a designer dress, then washed with natural laundry soap. They use yarn dyed linen from Belgium and Italy that is cut and sewn in Westchester NY.

Queen Pricing:

  • Linen (29 colors with 1 a bold stripe, 190-210 GSM depending on color) $379
  • Belgian Eco Linen (2 colors – white & natural, 190 GSM, dew retted, pesticide free, no chemical softening agents, natural color, dye free, white achieved with non-toxic oxygen-based solution to remove color, sourced in Belgium and Italy and made in US) $489
  • Organic Linen (natural or ivory in 190 GSM, organic Belgian flax woven in Italy, dew retted, pesticide free, no chemical softening agents, use only oxygen-based solutions to achieve cream color, natural is unbleached) $489

Extras: 14” pockets with elastic all around, their pillowcases are 28” envelope style, shipped in recycled paper products.

Warranties: 30-day money back guarantee


woman laughing in bed

Looma produces their sheets using long-staple Himalayan cotton grown in Northern Indian basins that’s 2x softer and 4x stronger than regular cotton. The wispy fibers are uniform and strong. They trade directly with the family farmers to ensure they’re treated fairly and ethically. Each product page includes an impact statement of drinking water and CO2 emissions saved as well as how much land was grown without pesticide use.

Queen Pricing:

  • Sateen Cotton (up to 10 colors, single ply, 300TC) $198
  • Flannel (2 colors) $254

Extras: 18” pocket, plant-based dyes, hypoallergenic

Certifications: Fair Trade Certified, 100% Vegan, OEKO-TEX Standard 100, 90% less Water

Warranties: They provide a Forever Warranty™.

Giving Back: Every set sold sponsors 1 month of tuition for a student at the Hanuman Girls’ School in rural Rajasthan, India. They also support community development projects like building schools, health clinics, roads, or investments in technology with farmer input.


messy bed with sustainable sheets

Naturepedic is passionate about health, safety, and the environment. Founded in 2003, their mission is to transform the lives of their customers through safer, healthier sleep. They have eliminated materials like flame retardants and polyurethane foam from their organic and natural mattresses. In addition to eliminating harmful chemicals, they support organic farming. The company was created when founder Barry A Cik, an environmental engineer, tried to find a safe and healthy crib mattress for his grandchild. Finding nothing available, he created Naturepedic.

Queen Pricing:

  • Cotton Sateen (400 TC in natural or white) $239

Extras: 15” pocket, crib sheets and mattresses for babies and adults

Certifications: MADE SAFE, GreenGuard, UL Validated, Zero Toxins, GOLS Latex, FSC, Rainforest Alliance Certified, OSC100 Certified, Green America Gold, PETA Approved, Sustainable Furnishings Council Gold. In addition to all their certifications, Naturepeic has won numerous awards for their manufacturing and sustainability practices.

Warranties: 30-day money back guarantee, 1-year limited warranty

Giving Back: Member of 1% for the Planet

Nest Bedding

nest bedding, woman smiling in bed

Nest Bedding makes mattresses, furniture, pillows, and bedding. The want you to “Live well rested with the nest promise” of luxury bedding designed, manufactured, and sourced in the US. The company is family owned, and factory direct since 2011. They have showrooms in several states, but were also one of the first to develop the bed-in-a-box concept.

Queen Pricing:

  • Bamboo (300 TC Rayon from bamboo in sateen finish, 2 colors) $129
  • Tencel™ Lyocell (FSC and PERF wood sources, 2 colors) $129
  • Organic Cotton (300 TC, 2 colors) $129

Extras: 15”-16” pocket, elastic all around fitted sheet. Cotton pillow cases have an internal sleeve to keep the pillow snugly inside. Sheets are available separately or in sets.

Certifications: Fair Trade Certified cotton.

Warranties: Lifetime warranties for their mattresses with 100-night risk free trial. Sheets come with a 30-night trial.


woman sleeping in organic sheets

Pact may be familiar to you as a place to buy sustainable clothing for the entire family. They also make bedding. For a full analysis of the company see my complete write-up here.

Queen Pricing:

  • Room Service Sateen (5 colors) $190
  • Favorite Tee (7 colors, certified organic jersey) $180-210 depending on color

Extras: 15” pocket, wide elastic band, Made in Fair Trade factories in India

Certifications: Fair Trade factories

Warranties: “Sweet Dreams Guarantee” – 30 day no-questions-asked return policy

Plover Organic

black and white bedding

Plover Organic was founded by sisters-in-law in 2007 to create colorful, playful, yet soft to the touch and durable, easy care, organic sheets. They are inspired by vintage fabrics and ancient Japanese vases with plovers on them. They make limited-run, unexpected organic textiles for the home.

Queen Pricing:

  • Percale (300 TC, zig-zag embroidered detail on pillowcase & top sheet) $178

Extras: 15” pockets. Their patterns can be mixed to create your own bundle which includes a duvet cover. Plover uses a hydrogen peroxide bleaching process and only low-impact, fiber reactive dyes with no heavy metals and excellent colorfastness.

Certifications: OEKO-TEX Standard 100 dyes. They are audited by the Business Social Compliance initiative (BSCI), The Foreign Trade Association, and follow the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Giving Back: They have partnered with Save the Children to donate blankets to babies who have become unexpectedly vulnerable by disasters, emergencies, and conflict. They match every $10 donated at the time of purchase.


bed with view over ocean

Plushbeds offers sheets in cotton, Tencel (eucalyptus), bamboo, and linen – all soft, gentle, eco-friendly options at the right price. They started out making better, hand-made, sustainable mattresses in their California factory and sold directly to customers. Founded in 2008, they remain a family-owned business committed to providing the best bedding products they can through transparency, honesty, and advocacy.

Queen Pricing:

  • Rayon from Bamboo (sateen finish, cool yet strong, anti-bacterial, hypoallergic, odor-resistant) $200
  • GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Sateen (300 TC, available in dye-free) $299
  • Tencel Lyocell (Vegan silk, moisture wicking) $199
  • Supima cotton (single ply 600 TC, mercerized with sateen finish, resists pilling, shrinking and tears) $311
  • French linen (woven by French artisans, matte finish that will take on the luster and feel of silk over time, moisture wicking, color fast fabric, 2x stronger than cotton) $561

Extras: Pockets depth goes from 6-22” and use ultra-thick, full-length elastic. They also offer toppers in natural latex, memory foam, down alternative, or wool, as well as mattresses and pillows.

Certifications: GOLS (latex) Certified, Green Guard Gold and CertiPUR Certification.

Warranties: Tencel has a 5-year warranty. They can be returned in new, unopened condition for an exchange or refund. However, once opened, they aren’t returnable. By the way, their mattresses come with a 25-year limited warranty and a 100-night free trial.

Giving Back: They support a scholarship program awarding Green and Environmental Scholarships twice a year to students pursuing an “eco-degree.” They also support the Ed Asner Family Center for differently abled children, Every Kid Counts, and the Village of Mange Bureh in Sierra Leone, Africa. Customers have the opportunity to select and support over 1.5 million unique nonprofits when they check out. Their goal is to donate over $20 million a year to charity.


woman thoughtful lying in bed

Quince sells men’s and women’s clothing along with their home products. While their prices may be lower than most comparable products, Quince still demands high quality, sustainable materials and workmanship. They are able to accomplish this by cutting out the middlemen. The prefer to work directly with mid-sized family run operations that treat their workers fairly.

Queen Pricing:

  • Percale (3 colors, 400 TC organic extra-long staple, crafted in India) $89.90
  • Sateen (500 TC, white only, woven in Israel, 15” pocket, OEKO-TEX Certified) $99.90
  • Bamboo Lyocell (organic bamboo, sateen weave, hypoallergenic, made in China, white only) $99.90
  • Linen (150 gsm, European, 7 colors, white is made in China, colors made in India) $159.90
  • Luxe Italian Hotel Sheets (white with a double strip of satin stitch color, long staple cotton, percale weave of long-staple cotton, 200 TC, crafted in Italy) $159.90

Extras: 16” pocket, 100% compostable packaging and no virgin plastic.

Certifications: GOTS, BSCI, OEKO-TEX, Global Recycled Standard, Global Down & Wool Standards Bluesign System Partner, US Green Building Council LEED Gold manufacturing partners.

Warranties: 365 Day Free Returns


bed with pink wall behind

Rawganique was founded in 1997 by off-grid homesteaders on rural Denman Island, British Columbia with the goal of creating clothing and home goods that are as free of any and all chemicals as possible. In addition to their sustainability guidelines of using no toxic chemicals, their products are ethically produced in their workshops in the US and Europe. They also offer a full line of men’s and women’s clothing and accessories.

Queen Pricing:

  • Cotton Sateen (340 TC, currently close out so see site for options)
  • Cotton Percale (USDA Certified organic, 250 TC, unbleached and undyed) $234
  • Cotton Flannel $250
  • Hemp (Organic hemp grown & finished in Europe, 6.5 oz weight, fiber-reactive eco-dyes) $433
  • Linen (6 oz, mostly French although some years include Belgium or Romanian) $449-454
  • Linen (Super Fine 5 oz – sold only individually)

Extras: Sold individually or in sets. Their bedding is sweatshop free, vegan, free from forever chemicals like PFAs and dioxin, formaldehyde, bleach, pesticide, and toxic-dye free making them hypoallergenic and biodegradable.

Certifications: They are very clear about what their products don’t contain and are proud of their close-knit network of makers that are committed to being chemical-free and ethical which makes certifications seen unnecessary and out of character.

Riley Linen

bed with vines gowing up wall behind

Riley Linen is a fourth-generation family-owned company that has exclusive partnerships with Portugal’s finest textile mills.

Queen Pricing:

  • Percale (15 colors, stripes and checks) $129 for pillowcases & fitted/flat is addition $70
  • Sateen (7 colors, crafted in Portugal, long staple combed cotton) $129 fitted & pillowcases/flat is additional $70
  • Linen (Belgian lightweight linen, 5 colors) sets are currently out of stock, flat is $90
  • Reversible Flannel (3 colors, reverse side is lighter tone, crafted in Portugal) $199

Extras: envelope closure, OEKO-TEX Standard 100, can be purchased individually, in addition to bed and bath products, they sell bedding for baby and kids.

Warranties: Returns within 60 days if new or gently used condition in original packaging.

Giving Back: They have teamed up with Robin Hood and WIN, New York poverty fighting organizations, to launch Blanket in the City. They donate a new blanket for each blanket or throw purchased to area shelters for homeless women and families. Their plan is to extend this program nationwide.

Savvy Rest

bed frame and mattress out on hilltop

Savvy Rest makes nontoxic mattresses and toppers, furniture, and bedding because “inspired, rested people change the world.”

Queen Pricing:

  • Sateen (300 TC long-staple cotton in natural cream color) $129

Extras: The also offer blankets, duvet covers, wool or cotton mattress pads, and allergy encasements. Mattresses are also made in crib size.

Certifications: GreenGuard, produced in at GOTS certified facility, Appalachian Hardwood Verified Sustainable, ESOP, Certified B Corp.

Warranties: Returns on sheets aren’t accepted.

Giving Back: They have launched a program through their retail division to donate pillows to local domestic violence organizations through The Safe Sleep Pillows Program. Each new arrival to the shelter is given the pillow as a gift which they can keep after leaving. The company also supports American Forests, the oldest nonprofit conservation organization in the US which helps restore and maintain threatened forest ecosystems across the county and around the globe. They are a Carbon Fund member through which they support reforestation along the Mississippi River to help fight climate change.

Sleep & Beyond

Sheep in a green field under a blue sky

Sleep & Beyond offers organic and natural cotton and wool bedding. They are a 3rd generation, family-owned bedding manufacturer with locations in Kyrgyzstan, England, Belgium, India, Pakistan, and China. They make comforters, pillows, mattress protectors, pads, toppers, and sheets. While they are known for their wool products, they also offer a complete line of cotton bedding.

Queen Pricing:

  • Sateen (300TC, organic combed pre-shrunk cotton, ivory/steel gray/white) $169

Extras: Fitted sheets are double stitched at the corners for extra durability. 18” deep pockets and reinforced elastic.

Giving Back: 5% to Charity including product donations to CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children), and GIFT, a California nonprofit organization working to prevent human trafficking of at risk children and young adults.

Snowe Home

grey bedding and sustainable sheets

Snowe Home combines thoughtful design with innovative materials to create home products that can become classics. They partner with top factories around the world to bring their products direct you the consumer.

Queen Pricing:

  • Cotton Percale (5 colors, 500 TC, Italian milled) $220
  • Linen (3 colors, proprietary air-washing technology for softness, Belgian Flax made in Italy) $320

Certifications: OEKO-TEX Standard 100

Warranties: 1 year guarantee of satisfaction

Sõl Organics

christmas decor around bed

Sõl Organics wants to create quality products at an affordable price while still maintaining their standards of being sustainable, organic, fair, transparent, and paying fair wages. They don’t process their sheets with industrial solvents, irradiation, or formaldehyde. To grow their cotton they don’t use pesticides, herbicides, GMO seeds, phthalates or endocrine disruptors. Their cotton is dyed without using hazardous chemicals like NPE/NP, organotin, PFC or antimony. The company doesn’t believe in charging premium prices beyond a normal mark-up for their products, making quality sheets affordable for all.

Queen Pricing:

  • Cotton Percale (5 colors, 300 TC, GOTS Certified, single ply) $159
  • Cotton Sateen (6 colors, ultra-soft fine long staple, 300 count, single ply, GOTS Certified) $159
  • Linen (2 colors, certified European flax, OEKO-TEX Certified, 170 gsm) $249
  • Flannel (2 colors, certified organic cotton, OEKO TEX Certified, made in Portugal) $179

Extras: Low impact organic, azo free dyes, their sheet sets come in classic, hemmed, pleated, American made, or banded choices. Most of their sheets (except where noted) are made in India. They ship sets in a self-bag made from organic cotton, wrapped with 100% recycled paper and put inside a recycled brown shipping box.

Certifications: Fair Trade certified cotton, Carbon Free, GOTS Certified Warehouse, OEKO-TEX, FLO certified factories, non-GMO.

Warranties: 30-night trial


grey bedding and sustainable sheets

Sömn is the Swedish word for sleep. Somn Home, based in Vancouver, Canada, produces some of the best European linen sheets.

Queen Pricing:

  • Linen (13 colors, 175 gsm, pre-shrunk, stonewashed) sold individually: Fitted $265, flat $300, pillowcase $54

Extras: pillowcases have an 8” envelope closure, corners are elasticized, there is an extra 2” in fitted sheet depth for thicker mattresses.

Giving Back: They have carbon offset contributions that support forest protection initiatives funding the Jari Para Forest Conservation Project in the Amazon Rainforest.

Sweave Bedding

sweave bedding, sustainable sheets, white brick wall

Sweave Bedding makes sheets out of bamboo and eucalyptus. They manufacture their products in their family-owned factory so they can control the entire process. All products are tested for harmful substances, made in environmentally friendly facilities that are safe and socially responsible workplaces. They blend their eucalyptus and bamboo with extra-long staple Egyptian cotton to ensure that their sheets are not too slippery or shiny for modern aesthetics.

Queen Pricing:

  • Eucalyptus/Egyptian cotton blend (3 colors, single ply percale weave) $149
  • Bamboo viscose/cotton blend (sateen finish, white only) $80

Extras: All-around elastic, 18” pockets, short and long side labels, envelope casing

Certifications: “Made in Green” certified by OEKO-TEX

Warranties: 100-night trial, Lifetime Guarantee

Giving Back: They plant a eucalyptus tree for every sheet set bought.

Tuft & Needle

mattress on dark wooden bed frame over persian rug

Tuft & Needle makes mattresses, furniture, pillows and bedding. They have made social mission and the community the foundation of the company.

Queen Pricing:

  • Percale (5 colors including black ,215 TC, Supima® cotton grown in US, woven & sewn in India) $100
  • 50% Cotton/50% Tencel Lyocell Jersey (5 colors including black) $60
  • Linen (6 colors including black, France & Belgium Flax made in India) $200

Extras: extra-strong elastic, 16” pocket,

Certifications: OEKO-TEX Standard 100

Warranties: 100-night trial, 1 year limited warranty over manufacturing & workmanship defects.

Giving Back: They’ve donated over $13 million in mattresses through their return policy and their school fundraising programs. Their employees have volunteered to donate over 2,500 hours to help set up beds and provide services such as meals and housing to those in need including Habitat for Humanity.

Under the Canopy

white sustainable sheets, books in front of bed, bathroom in background

Under the Canopy makes “beautiful, affordable, authentic products that make the earth – and every room in your home – safer, healthier, and more stylish.” In addition to bed, bath, and home products, they make loungewear and baby products.

Queen Pricing:

  • Percale (5 colors, 300 TC long-staple) $118
  • Sateen (6 colors, 300 TC, long-staple, single ply construction) $128
  • Jersey (4 colors, 150 GSM knit) $88

Extras: Flat sheets & pillowcases feature 4” Z hem, fitted sheets have 360° elastic and 16-17” pockets. Sheets are made in Pakistan and sets come in a reusable, organic cotton bag.

Certifications: Certified GOTS, FSC, OEKO-TEX, C2C, RCS. They have solar powered workshops. The company actually contributed to the creation of the GOTS certification.

West Elm

light brown bedroom beautifully decorated

West Elm creates bedding for blissful sleep, as well as anything else you could want for your home and garden. This is truly an extensive site for everything you could want with an emphasis on hand crafted, artisan choices. They were the first home retailer to join Fair Trade US in 2014.

Queen Pricing:

  • Cotton Percale (9 colors, 200 TC, organic) $130-160
  • Cotton Jersey (ring spun, combed & yarn dyed, 5 colors, OEKO-TEX, Organic Content Standard) $180
  • Cotton Percale Pleated Edge (400 TC, 4 colors) $140
  • Cotton Sateen (400 TC, 3 colors, GOTS Certified) $140
  • Tencel (over 10 colors, silky feel, hypoallergenic, sustainable sourced, brushed matte finish, 320 TC) $150
  • Linen (European Flax Linen, 25 colors & patterns, constructed in China) $250
  • Hemp (4 colors, natural botanical dyes, 53% hemp, 47% organic cotton, OCS) limited selection currently.

Extras: Fitted sheets and pillowcases can be purchased individually so you can mix and match to build your own style. There are also duvet covers and shams available for everything and items can be monogrammed. Fitted sheets fit mattresses up to 16” deep. They also carry crib and children’s sheets.

Certifications: Their products have different certifications so check each page for Fair Trade, Better Cotton Initiative, FSC certified, or recycled GREEN GUARD certified.

Giving Back: They have invested $200 million in artisan communities and local craftspeople to help preserve handcraft traditions and create opportunities for sustainable employment, especially in rural areas. They have also partnered with Fifteen Percent Pledge, The Trevor Project, Jackie Robinson Foundation, NAACP, National Urban League, NEST, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and Vision Spring.


woman with eyes covered lying in bed

Yala offers bamboo clothing for men and women, sleepwear, and bedding. It is owned by women and dedicated to social and environmental responsibility. They keep their production close to the source of their raw materials to reduce their carbon footprint.

Queen Pricing:

  • BambooDreams® ViscoseTwill (5 colors, organically grown, 250 TC which feels like 800TC cotton) $265

Extras: Packaged in bags of your sheet fabric, low impact AZO-free dyes. They use a closed loop process.

Certifications: OETKO-TEX 100 Certified

Warranties: Opened bedding is not returnable.

Final Thoughts on Sustainable Sheets

There are so many exciting options for bedding. It’s easy to look beyond pattern and color to find fabrics that will help you achieve a better night’s sleep. That’s not to say that your sheets won’t also look great, because the will. Choose from crisp percale, drapey and shiny sateen, lived-in looking linen, durable hemp, or Tencel from eucalyptus or bamboo. All of these fabrics are can be sustainable.

They will help you stay cool or warm as needed, won’t expose you to harmful chemicals, and all of the choices discussed here will be longer lasting and softer than you will find in your local stores. The added bonus is that all of these companies are sustainable and ethical so you can feel good about your purchase.