The Good Plastic Things

Press Release: The Good Plastic Things team’s mission is to help reduce global production of new plastic by developing household goods and decorative products made with 100% recycled and 100% recyclable plastic, transforming what was once considered waste into an eye-catching and functional new part of our lives. By generating demand for products made from recycled plastic, we can keep this valuable material from ending up in our oceans or in landfills and incinerators.

Good Plastic Things launched its first Kickstarter on 12 January, offering a variety of products to give life and colour to any room. Support the fight against single-use plastics with a responsive design here:

The challenges of 2020 forced a lot of us to adapt to a new ‘work from home’ reality, and our company was no exception. With team members in London, Amsterdam and Kyiv, we faced the tough reality of working from compact urban apartments. So we invented the Good Plastic Table.

The Good Plastic Table

Good Plastic Table

The Good Plastic Table is a thoughtfully designed and transformable design that provides space when you need it. It’s unobtrusive, is a shelf, and even serves as a whiteboard. It’s durable, compact and best of all, it opens and closes effortlessly.

Each Good Plastic Table is made from roughly 150 used computer keyboards and mice, together with a mix of plastic waste recovered from the ocean and elsewhere, like single-use cutlery and bobbin spools. The result is an inspiring variety of possible patterns and colours.

Good Plastic Hangers

Good Plastic Hangar

Did you know that roughly 50 billion disposable plastic hangers are produced annually? The Good Plastic Hanger is a circular solution to this vast problem because it’s made from 100% recycled post-consumer and post-industrial plastic waste.

Good Plastic Hooks

Good Plastic Hooks

Inspired by Amsterdam’s famous coat of arms, the practical ‘XXX’ shape of these hooks is perfect for hanging clothes, keys, towels, bags and anything else you wish. Besides the standard wall mount fixture, a furniture fixture is also available, turning these pieces into bold handles for doors or drawers.

Good Plastic Things are environmentally friendly products made with 100% recycled plastic: high quality, with the lowest possible ecological footprint. Each design is carefully crafted in Europe, as part of developing a zero-footprint, renewable energy manufacturing process that ensures total material reuse. Combined with the design and fabrication services offered by Good Plastic Things to commercial clients, the practical and creative possibilities are limitless.