12 Inspiring Community Initiatives for the Environment


December 22, 2023

By Beth Rush

Reforestation Resurgence

About 42 million trees are cut down each day. But, local groups are leading reforestation campaigns, like revitalization of the Great Lakes, where 40 million residents rely on water supply.


Plastic-Free Towns

Aberporth, a coastal village in west Wales with only 1,100 residents, proudly holds the title of the world’s first plastic-free town.


Community Solar Power

Community solar projects, where residents collectively invest in and benefit from local solar installations, are on the rise.


Urban Green Spaces

Community-led efforts, such as rooftop gardens and pocket parks, aim to enhance the city’s green infrastructure in NYC.


Local Food Movements

Restaurants like Atelier Crenn and Sons and Daughters in San Francisco, use fresh, local, seasonal and organic ingredients in their dishes, using a zero-waste approach to dining.


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