The Devastation of Our Success


by Christina De La Rocha

What We’ve Achieved

We can forget to admire the progress we’ve made that is nothing short of amazing.


But All of This Has Come at a Cost

A terrible environmental cost, the loss of ecosystems and species.


How Do We Know This?

Crunching the numbers, we've cleared nearly 40% of the Earth’s land area, and we’re using 26% of it as pastureland for livestock.


We’ve Forgotten How Amazing the Food Web Is

Over the last 15,000 years, we’ve broken ourselves out of the delicate web of relationships by which energy and nutrients flow through the food web.


And that everything on Earth is born to die

We've taken ourselves as a species out of this equation: the survival of the fittest no longer applies to us.


Now and How We Need to Do Better

We need to change our ways, to focus more on regerative agriculture, to eat a diet that is more sustainable, and to give land back to native ecosystems.


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