Sustainable Beach Tips:  How to be Eco-Friendly at the Beach

Beaches are sustainable when the amount of resources used,  does not exceed the number of resources available.

To Begin: Pack sustainable snacks,  bring a reusable water bottle, and avoiding plastic straws.

Take Only Photos: Refrain from taking anything from the beach with you, like shells, rocks, and driftwood.

Leave Only Footprints:  Take everything that you bring with you when you leave.

Bring a Reusable Beach  Bag:

It's a must for any beach trip!

Wear Reef Safe Sunscreen: Traditional sunscreens can damage the environment.

Flatten Sand Castles and Fill in Holes: During turtle nesting season, this is essential. Flattening sand castles and filling in holes will help turtles to nest safely.

Respect Wildlife: This means not disturbing nesting areas and avoiding contact with wild animals.

Support Local Eco-Friendly Organizations: Finally, be sure to support local organizations. These groups are working hard to protect the environment and they need our help!