An Interview: Jessie Beyer

Founder of mental health apparel and  t-shirt brand,  How to Heal Co.

Jessi Beyer, a mental health author and speaker, searched for a way for people to express themselves through             what they                        wear,

and to promote thoughtful communication between the wearer and the public.

Jessi's Story: Jessi’s focus is on victim’s services and working with people who have suffered from critical psychological trauma.

Her decision to study psychology was fueled by her desire to understand issues that she, or those around her, experienced such as depression & anxiety

She wrote about  her discoveries in:

The Result: Shirts that Love You Back The good intention to start conversations is only as good as the product you’ll be wearing.

And Shirts that are Ethical & Sustainable

It would be hypocritical to care so much about the end user without caring about the people who make the product.

And Finally, The Importance of Nature Nature’s healing quality is another facet that’s very important to Jessi’s philosophy of mental health.