The Reality of Sustainability of Bamboo Products


May 25, 2022

By Zoe Dromgoole

Bamboo is a fast growing and versatile material which makes it a got-to choice for eco friendly products.

From bamboo fabric to bamboo toilet paper and bamboo flooring to furniture, bamboo eco products are a friendly alternative.

However, using bamboo is not always environmentally friendly. If it's harvested from unsustainable forests, it loses a lot of its green credentials.

If bamboo has been transported many thousands of miles from where it was sourced, its carbon footprint can be substantial.

If a considerable amount of water and energy has been used in the manufacturing process, a less natural material may be a better option.

Sustainable alternatives are more eco friendly than bamboo, but aren't as fashionable. Ultimately, bamboo products are more sustainable than others.

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