A Guide to Sustainable Tourism in Timor-Leste


November 8, 2023

By Simon Zhelyazkov

Capital Dili

Visit Cristo Rei, museums, and the local market in the capital.


The Pousada de Baucau

A marvelous example of colonial architecture and a popular meeting spot in East Timor’s second city.


Skywatching in the beach

The point where the 2023 Total Solar Eclipse was longest.


Valu Beach and Jaco Island

Spend the night on a private and community-based tour in these islands, where food is prepared by the locals.


Nino Konis Santana National Park

Immerse yourself with nature at the national park, located on the east side of the island.


Scuba Diving in Atauro Island

Professional diving centers have been established near the capital due to preserved coral reefs and diverse marine life.


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