Zero Waste Homes: An Infographic

The “Zero Waste Homes” concept: what it means, why we should aim for zero waste, and ways that we can strive for a zero waste home.

By EZ Living Interiors

We live in a very busy world. Distraction plagues us wherever we go. Technology allows us to be connected at all times–even on our commute–making it harder than ever to step away and take in all that is going on around us.

Yet we cannot simply ignore the problems our world is experiencing in terms of climate change. This crisis of our age has impacted our weather patterns, as with each passing year we experience more inclement extremes. With advancements in materials technology, we’ve also seen an influx of products containing plastic; and, while convenient, they spell long term damage for the environment and serve to clutter up our homes.

A lady named Bea Johnson from France coined the movement “zero waste home” back in 2008, with the basic the premise of focusing on waste prevention rather than waste management. She managed to cut her family’s waste down completely. Of course, this might not be possible nor practical for all families, but we can all certainly learn to change some of our behaviours in order to make a positive change. Small changes, like swapping your daily plastic bottle of water purchase to choosing a reusable option or ditching those disposable coffee cups on your commute and using a reusable cup, do help. Lots of these single use plastic items end up in landfill unfortunately and this will continue to grow unless we act now and act at home. We can teach our children good behaviours in terms of being aware of their use and disposal of daily items and the connected repercussions. It’s all about education for ourselves and others…and making changes however small!

The guys at EZ Living Interiors ( have put together this infographic that goes in depth into the topic of the “Zero Waste Homes” concept. It details exactly what it means; it gives the hierarchy of zero waste; it outlines why we as individuals and as families should aim for zero waste and it highlights 5 actionable ways that we can strive for a zero waste home. Check out the full infographic below to get your home involved in the movement!

Zero Waste Homes