Tattoos in Society:  A Progression of Acceptance


Tattoo History in Brief

Tattoos have been around for centuries. They were first used in ancient cultures as a way to indicate rank or status.

Tattoo History in Brief

They were also used as a means of identification, and to commemorate important events.

In the Modern Era

In recent times, tattoos began to be seen as taboo. This was largely due to their association with gangs and criminals.

In the Modern Era

Tattoos were seen as a way to identify someone as being part of a certain group, and they were often used to communicate criminal messages.

Tattos Crossed Oceans

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, tattoos began to gain popularity among sailors. This was due to their association with the sea. Sailors used them as a way to show off their knowledge and experience.

Tattoos as a Symbol of Women’s Liberation

Acceptance has progressed as women have taken ownership of their bodies and chosen to adorn them with designs becoming increasingly intricate and creative.

Tattoos in the Workplace

Nowadays, more and more employers are accepting tattoos and see them as a sign of creativity and individuality.

Tattoos and Social Media

The social media platforms that are available to us today have made a huge impact on the way we interact with each other and view our world.

Tattoo Meanings

Tattoo meanings have evolved over time. Though once seen as a sign of rebellion or deviance, tattoos are now widely accepted as a form of personal expression.

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