‘Unsustainable’ is an online magazine that shares stories of sustainability and equality from around the world. It is delivered through this website and is completely free.

Welcome. My name is Brett Stadelmann, and I’m the creator, founder, owner, and editor of this website, Unsustainable.

Though I’m an experienced writer, I have no formal education, and I was feeling completely helpless in the face the environmental and social disasters that our global culture is creating. This is why I decided to try to use the experiece that I do have, along with my ability to connect with advocates, specialists, and scientists in various fields, to explore in detail many of the issues we currently face. The journey is ongoing, but I’m doing what I can to try to make a positive impact.

Since it’s inception, Unsustainable Magazine has given me the opportunity to digitally meet some amazing people all around the world who are doing what they can to raise awareness, minimize the harm, and even repair the damage caused by some of the destructive issues our species has caused, and continues to cause, to our fragile home. I’m grateful to have met them all, and even more grateful for the work that they do.

I’ve also been fortunate enough to be listed on Feedspot’s Top 100 Sustainability Blogs.

Change, it’s happening all around us. Every day, more and more of this planet’s natural landscapes are being forever altered. Forests are being cleared, rivers are being dammed, bays are being dredged. Toxic waste is accumulating in rivers, oceans, and landfills; thousands of tonnes of CO2 and industrial pollutants are being released into the atmosphere; and the list of animal species categorized as endangered or extinct is growing at a devastating rate.

And yet in contrast, just as every day the situation is becoming more dire, every day unsung heroes heed the call to make a positive change in ways both small and large, both short-term and long-lasting.

But exactly how bad is the problem? Just how many sustainability projects are currently underway or being planned? And how can the average person help? These questions are the foundation of this magazine.

I search the world for stories of pollution and persecution, deception and devastation, over-extraction and exploitation; and I aim to bring to light the work of those individuals and organizations who are attempting to make a positive change, working or volunteering in the fields of research and technology, policy and outreach, protection and preservation, recycling and reforestation.

It’s my belief that no one should suffer alone, that the pain of any one person should be the problem of all, that the rights of all should be re-articulated, re-asserted, and reinforced. And it’s my belief that the protection of this planet, it’s ecosystems, and it’s species (plant and animal) is the responsibility of every person, organization, and government.


To gather stories, good and bad, concerning the sustainability of this planet, its peoples, and its ecosystems, from every corner of the world; to curate these stories into an accurate, concise, and aesthetically-satisfying format; and to disseminate these stories for free to every other corner of the world.


To work with advertisers whose business ethics align with my values; to discover and encourage rising talents in journalistic writing, photography, and film-making; and to support the work of individuals and organisations who are attempting to effect a positive change in the world.