Bottled water filled with mud
Taste, Cost & Safety: 3 Reasons NOT to Buy Bottled Water

Bottled Water: Considered by many to be one of the most grievous crimes our species has committed against our planet and its ecosystems.

elephant walking
Why Majestic Tim Matters

The world lost Majestic Tim, one of Kenya’s largest elephants, in early February 2020. His story can improve awareness of conservation efforts worldwide.

Cityscape showing air pollution
How Major Cities Around the World are Fighting Air Pollution

Climate change is the greatest challenge of our times, but we can’t afford to take our eyes off the fight on other environmental fronts, such as urban outdoor air pollution.

Hemp: The Little Plant That Could

It’s hard to imagine that a single plant could fulfill most human needs. Hemp (or Industrial Hemp, as it is also known) can clothe, house, medicate, feed livestock, and even cleanse soil.

Melting iceberg, Climate change in 2019
Climate Crisis 2019: 19 Numbers to Know

As extreme weather events pounded communities all over the world, it became increasingly clear via several different metrics that climate change in 2019 knew no borders.

Goat in mountains
Sustainability In The Food Industry – Four Agricultural Innovations The Game

Sustainability In The Food Industry: By 2050, the global population will reach 9.7 billion. As…

The Biggest Environmental Victories of the Last Decade

We have a long way to go, but it would be amiss to say that no progress is being made on our collective fight against environmental degradation.

Baby's hand
The Effects of Disposable Diapers on the Environment and Human Health

Environmental Effects of Disposable Diapers: Disposable baby diapers represent an incredible amount of environmental waste.…

Broken phone
The Effects of E-Waste on the Environment and Human Health

Recycling old digital products is a practice not many people are willing to commit to, even though it is absolutely essential.

Climate Explained: How Much does Flying Contribute to Climate Change?

How much does our use of air travel contribute to the problem of climate change? And is it more damaging that it is being created higher in our atmosphere?

Mother carrying daughter through flooded street
These maps triple number of people threatened by rising seas

Flooding will affect hundreds of millions more than previously thought – the majority in Asia – according to new research

Dozens of plastic water bottles tied together
Do You Know What Happens Every Time You Use A Plastic Water Bottle?

Disposable plastic water bottles are a seemingly insurmountable problem of waste and pollution. Here are some facts that everyone should know.

Close-up of zipper on a cotton sweatshirt
The Ethics of Using Cotton

In India, more than 100,000 people lack access to clean water, and yet a single pair of jeans can consume around 8,000 litres.

A bug's eye view of an organic wheat farm.
What Does Organic Mean Anyway?

We explore the agricultural usage of the term ‘organic’, and the difference between conventional and organic farming.