Our Authors: Global Writers on Sustainability and Ethics

Our writers on sustainability and other key topics around the world – including climate, poverty, renewables, equality, politics, ecology, and ethics.

Writers on Sustainability

The authors listed below have all dedicated their time and energy into crafting some beautifully written articles that are now features on Unsustainable Magazine.

Ana Yong

Ana Yong is a freelance writer and blogger who has written for Unsustainable Magazine, E: The Environmental Magazine and HubPages. Her articles focus on the Environment, Personal Development and Learning English.

Brett Stadelmann

Welcome. My name is Brett Stadelmann, and I’m the creator, founder, owner, and editor of this website, Unsustainable. Though I’m an experienced writer, I have no formal education, and I was feeling completely helpless in the face the environmental and social disasters that our global culture is creating. This is why I decided to try to … Read more

Christie Johnson

Christie writes passionately and attentively on issues concerning the environment, sustainability, waste, ethics and equality. In her spare time, she likes walking, yoga and upcycling furniture. Connect with Christie: https://www.christiejohnson.co.uk/ Instagram: @christiejwrites

Christina De La Rocha

After 20 years of working as a biogeochemist and oceanographer, Christina De La Rocha had a mid-life crisis, flew the coop of her career, landed in Germany, and decided to learn how to write. So far she’s published a couple of short stories in Analog, and one book of popular science (Silica Stories) and, rural life being … Read more

Deogracias Benjamin Kalima

Deogracias Benjamin Kalima is a Malawian professional journalist. He dedicates most of his time to reporting on agriculture, rural livelihoods development, climate change and the environment. His works have been published by several international online magazines like Greentumble (www.greentumble.com), Rural Reporters News Network (www.ruralreporters.com), and American environmental magazine Earth Island Journal (www.earthisland.org).

Ellen Rubin

Ellen Rubin writes with flair, passion, and dedication, delving deeply into issues of sustainability, ecology, ethics, and the environment. A lifelong learner, who uses her law and library science degrees to cover topics that she feels strongly about, her interests also include gardening, crafting, and health. Connect with Ellen at LinkedIn

Heather Grant

Heather Grant is an MA Contemporary Literature student in the North of England (where rainy days are spent reading and rainy evenings are spent at the pub!) and a freelance writer on all thing’s wellbeing and sustainability. She loves cooking vegan food (@hangryvegan_ on insta), yoga, baby turtles, dancing like nobody’s watching, and drinking too much … Read more

Jagadish Wagle

Jagadish is a MSc Food Security and Development graduate from the University of Reading, UK, with experience in a multidisciplinary understanding of how food systems work, and the main drivers of global food in/security, malnutrition, poverty and climate change. He also completed MA in economics, Bachelors in Law and education. He served as a Manager … Read more

Jeanne Yacoubou, MS

Jeanne is an experienced researcher and investigative journalist covering climate change, sustainability, and the environmental impacts of diet. In 2018, she launched Toxic Chemical Tracker, a site devoted to raising awareness about the petrochemicals in our food, water, air and consumer products as well as providing non-toxic alternatives for eco-friendly and carbon neutral living. Jeanne … Read more

Little Miss Expat

AUTHOR PROFILE Hi everyone! I’m Little Miss Expat, I’m a teenage girl who moved from London to Dubai when I was 12-years-old. My expat journey has taught me a lot, but most importantly, it has taught me about the global community that we share. I strongly believe that we all have something to contribute, which … Read more

Sonia Ahmed

AUTHOR PROFILE Hi, I’m Sonia, a health and wellness writer who strongly believes that our well-being is dependent on how we treat those around us, including our environment. After losing my mom to cancer after a long, gruesome battle, I internalized the idea of living simple. I became increasingly cautious of what I put in … Read more