Christie Johnson

Christie writes passionately and attentively on issues concerning the environment, sustainability, waste, ethics and equality. In her spare time, she likes walking, yoga and upcycling furniture.

Connect with Christie:

Instagram: @christiejwrites

Britain's Temperate Rainforest: Pancake-shaped lichen climbing up the trunk of a tree in a green forest

Britain’s Temperate Rainforest: Fragile and Forgotten Places

Discover the secret world of Britain’s temperate rainforest, its burgeoning threats, and what you can do to help protect these vanishing habitats.
Interview - Pinar Guvenc & SOUR: Designing for a VUCA World

Interview – Pinar Guvenc & SOUR: Designing for a VUCA World

We catch up with Pinar Guvenc, at global architectural firm SOUR, and discuss today’s design standard that is no longer serving communities or the environment.
British Public House underwater - Extreme Storms in the UK - October, 2023

Extreme Storms in the UK – October, 2023

We discuss the recent storms in the UK, which saw record-breaking weather in October, 2023, that resulted in lives – and livelihoods – tragically swept away.
Weeds: Friends or Foe?

Weeds: Friends or Foe? A Guide for Natural Garden Diversity

This article will challenge the ingrained cultural stigma attached to weeds by celebrating certain species that have historically been given a bad rep.
Founders of URBNC3 sustainable footwear

URBNC3: Be Part of the Footwear Revolution

We spoke with URBNC3 founders Linda Wang and Roman Wyss to learn how the brand is challenging convention and setting a new standard for sustainable footwear. 
Greenery and massive structures seen from the air in Singapore - Solarpunk and Sustainability

Solarpunk and Sustainability: Towards a Better Future

This article explores the solarpunk movement, its role in the fight against climate change, and how Solarpunk Presents explores hopes for a better tomorrow.
Tripulse founder Franziska Mesche running in winter

Tripulse: The Next Generation of Sustainable Activewear

Franziska Mesche, Founder and CEO of sustainable activewear brand Tripulse, discusses her plans to ensure a better world for people and the planet.
Max Romey sketching at the beach

Max Romey, Ocean Plastics, and a Circular Footwear Industry

An interview with artist, filmmaker, and climate activist Max Romey, exploring the health and environmental consequences of the global shoe industry.
A woman about to go wild swimming in Scotland looking at a waterfall flowing into crystal clear rock pools with the Cuillin Mountains in the background

The Most Beautiful Places for Wild Swimming in Scotland

From enchanting Celtic pools to cascading waterfalls, discover the most beautiful places for wild swimming in Scotland. Are you ready to dive in?
The UK Cost of Living Crisis: A cat sits before a black bricked building with white frames

The UK Cost of Living Crisis: A Closer Look at the Facts

This article explores the UK’s cost of living crisis, the effect it is having on everyday people, and how a rotten political system is perhaps to blame.