Person wearing large red face mask with white polka dots
To Mask or Not to Mask

To mask or not to mask, that is the question, or at least one of them, that all of the people who are not desert island hermits are asking themselves today.

What Does Sustainability in Interior Design Really Mean?

In recent years, concerns over consumer behaviour have compelled interior designers and home decor brands to consider how their work will impact the world.

Sustainable Development For Battered Coastlines Revives Marine Life

Concrete coastlines are not only unsightly, they are also frequently an environmental hazard, but a group of forward-thinking ecologists is working to change that.

Do We Really Need to Buy New Furniture? Your Simple Guide to Upcycling Using Chalk Paint

This guide will show you how to upcycle your furniture using 3 easy chalk paint techniques [blending, frottage and gilding] to create a textured, aged look.

A Super Simple Knitted Owl Hat

A quick and easy hat for the novice or experienced knitter. Perfect for cold nights, for lovers of homemade creations, and for lovers of owls.

The Naked Truth About Natural Interiors

Give the interior of your home a boost by creating an eco-friendly environment: nature-inspired hues, earthy textures, and natural fiber furnishings.

Why I Shoot Windows

For some reason I can’t precisely define, photographs of windows are evocative—sometimes calming, sometimes unsettling—but nearly always intriguing.

Lily: Acrylic on Canas

This portrait, translated from an old photograph into a painting by Varla Bishop, shows us an image of happiness in spite of poverty.