The submissions department is currently open, but please understand that Unsustainable is a volunteer publication run in my spare time. I receive many requests to publish guest articles, most of which are unsuitable. Don’t be dissuaded, however, for if you are passionate about an issue or an organization and want to share your story, then I want to hear from you and to help spread the word. Tell me all about the issue in your initial outreach, and this will set you apart from other prospective contributors.

Submission Guidelines

Dear prospective contributor, thank you for considering adding your voice to the conversation that is ‘unsustainable’. Please take note of the following critical points before you submit any proposals or articles.

  • Backlinks: When publishing guest articles, I will always include do-follow links to author profile pages, blogs, and other relevant organizations. I will never link to sites that contradict my personal moral standards, including, but not limited to, sites that promote gambling, alcohol, essay writing, and tobacco.
  • Relating to the previous point, if you are seeking to publish a guest article with a backlink to a business you are representing, please include a brief description of said business in your initial proposal. Determination of whether I will publish your article shall depend on the calibre of the business desiring a link, and the quality and relevance of the article.
  • Word Count. Guest articles should be at least 1,500 words.
  • Style. Our publication aims for a consistent style, which could be defined as: professional yet relatable, impartial yet empathetic, accurate and informative yet concise. For regional spelling differences–Australian, British, American, or other–use the type that is most natural to you. You are free to use colloquialisms that are specific to your region, provided you remain professional and are clear in your meaning. This is a global magazine, and it is intended to reflect the fact that people write (and speak) differently in different parts of the world. Finally, if you use academic references, please provide them; and, if you quote professionals, please provide sources.

What I Am After

‘Unsustainable’ is a magazine about the harm done by our species–to each other, to our fellow animals, and to the environment–and the ways in which people are attempting to prevent or undo this harm. Stories should focus on one or more of six core topics (climate, poverty, renewables, ecology, waste, and equality).

If you are an expert in a relevant field, or are passionate and well-read, I want to hear from you. If you have a unique perspective on a challenge or crisis facing the world today, I want to explore it. If you live in, or have visited, a region on the very frontiers of these global concerns, I’ll work with you to share your experiences and insights.

The goal is to bring all of these stories to the world, to disseminate the facts of the challenges that face us in the hopes of increasing awareness of the seriousness of our situation, to make the average person aware of the many ways in which they can help, and to explore and promote the projects and initiatives–past and future–that are aimed at the greater good and the protection and preservation of this lonely blue speck, the only home any of us have ever known.

See the Topic Guide for Contributors for more details.

Submission Instructions

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Once again, thank you for your interest in contributing to unsustainable.

Stay safe,

Brett Stadelmann

Founder and Editor