Is Memory Foam Toxic?

Memory foam mattresses may contain numerous potentially toxic chemical compounds. Find out what’s in them and how you can find a mattress that you can trust.

A Question of Reliability?

If simplicity is a hallmark of reliability, then our reliance on the global network that is our current industrial food system needs to be questioned.

reduce waste

10 Ways To Reduce Waste at Work

The impact of climate change is more evident than ever before. In addition to reducing waste at home, here are some tips for minimizing waste at work.

green grass lawn

Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Grass Lawns

Green grass lawns are largely considered a staple of well-kept yards, but they require enormous amounts of water and fertilizer to keep green and beautiful.

sustainable designer bathroom

Tips on Creating your Own Eco-friendly, Sustainable Bathroom

It can often be the most wasteful room in the house, but these simple tips will aid you towards the goal of creating an earth-conscious and sustainable bathroom space. By Liz Buckley What is an eco-friendly bathroom? An eco-friendly bathroom minimizes the use of resources, wastes and energy. There are different ways to do this – from installing LED lighting to using water-efficient products. The benefits of eco-friendly bathrooms are numerous – they reduce your carbon footprint and save you money on your utility bill. They also provide positive health effects like improved indoor air quality by adding plants or … Read more

bee on flower

Tips For Attracting Wildlife Into Your Garden

By Monty George, co-founder of online furniture store, Furniturebox Even the most modest of gardens can become an outdoor metropolis where wildlife can thrive. Small changes can open up a window for you to observe and enjoy what nature creates. The key to attracting wildlife is to provide food and shelter so your garden becomes a sanctuary where all animals — from swooping birds to the tiniest of critters — can prosper in harmony. This entails creating a biodiverse plot that doesn’t compromise the way your garden looks. After all, sharing your garden with hundreds of natives species creates the … Read more