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4 Great Tips For Attracting Wildlife Into Your Garden

Guide to Attracting Wildlife Into Your Garden: Even the most modest of gardens can become an outdoor metropolis where wildlife can thrive. Small changes can open up a window for you to observe and enjoy what nature creates. By Monty George, co-founder of online furniture store, Furniturebox The key to attracting wildlife is to provide food and shelter so your garden becomes a sanctuary where all animals — from swooping birds to the tiniest of critters — can prosper in harmony. This entails creating a biodiverse plot that doesn’t compromise the way your garden looks. After all, sharing your garden … Read more

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How to Make Compost at Home: A Gardening Guide

The benefits of making compost are many: from becoming a more sustainable household by recycling kitchen and paper scraps, to building soil health by adding essential nutrients.


Top 10 Reasons to Grow Your Own Organic Food

Growing your own organic food has many benefits: It’ll bring you pleasure, help you stay healthy, and be a way of introducing sustainability to your family, friends and future generations.

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Turn Your Balcony into an Edible Garden

The possibilities for innovative growing are endless. With perseverance, you could soon be reaping the benefits of a healthy, edible balcony garden.