Topic Guide for Contributors

Please use this page as a guide for selecting the topic of any piece you wish to submit for consideration or publication.

Unsustainable will publish content in the following 8 categories: Main Stories, Facts & Figures, Design, Lifestyle, Garden, Recipes, Travel, and Interviews. Each category will be further divided into sub-categories or topics, as described below.

Category Descriptions

Main Stories (Feature Articles)

These are of two types: General and News / Recent Events

General stories give the reader an overview of the history and current state of the topic.


News / Recent Events stories discuss recent world events.


Topics for Main Stories may include:

  • Climate
  • Poverty
  • Renewables
  • Ecology
  • Waste
  • Equality
  • Politics
  • Crises

Facts & Figures

These are short articles with infographics illustrating current information on the threats, shortages, and crises that the world faces.

Topics may include:

  • Climate
  • Ecology (Deforestation and species loss)
  • Waste

Design (function and beauty without destroying the earth)

Articles describing, interviewing, or profiling designers, design stores, or movements in the design world.


  • Art
  • Innovation
  • Interior Design



  • Sustainable Living
  • Zero Waste Living
  • Kitchen tips, as well as recipes

Gardening (Organic Gardening in particular)


  • Tips (general advice for organic / permaculture gardening)
  • Planting guides
  • Garden tours (write ups or photography of a garden featuring some element of sustainability)

Travel (How to experience the beauty and richness of the world’s peoples, places, and ecosystems without at the same time bringing them to ruin)


  • City Travel Guides
  • Country Travel Guides
  • General advice articles on low-impact travel
  • Stories of the harm caused by tourism


Interviews with scientists, politicians, activists, influencers, or anyone of note in sustainability.


Full List of Topics

  1. Main: Climate
  2. Main: Poverty
  3. Main: Renewables
  4. Main: Ecology
  5. Main: Waste
  6. Main: Equality
  7. Main: Politics
  8. Main: Crises
  9. F&F: Climate
  10. F&F: Ecology
  11. F&F: Waste
  12. Art
  13. Innovation
  14. Interior Design
  15. Sustainable Living
  16. Zero Waste Living
  17. Fashion
  18. Kitchen
  19. Recipes
  20. Gardening Tips / General Advice
  21. City Travel Guides
  22. Country Travel Guides
  23. General advice articles on low-impact travel
  24. Stories of the harm caused by tourism
  25. Interviews