Topic Guide for Contributors

Please use this page as a guide for selecting the topic of any piece you wish to submit for consideration or publication.

Unsustainable will publish content in the following 8 categories: Main Stories, Facts & Figures, Design, Lifestyle, Garden, Recipes, Travel, and Interviews. Each category will be further divided into sub-categories or topics, as described below.

Category Descriptions

Main Stories (Feature Articles)

These are of two types: General and News / Recent Events

General stories give the reader an overview of the history and current state of the topic.


News / Recent Events stories discuss recent world events.


Topics for Main Stories may include:

  • Climate
  • Poverty
  • Renewables
  • Ecology
  • Waste
  • Equality
  • Politics
  • Crises

Facts & Figures

These are short articles with infographics illustrating current information on the threats, shortages, and crises that the world faces.

Topics may include:

  • Climate
  • Poverty
  • Ecology (Deforestation and species loss)
  • Waste

Design (function and beauty without destroying the earth)

Articles describing, interviewing, or profiling designers, design stores, or movements in the design world.


  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Art
  • Homewares



  • Sustainable Living
  • Zero Waste Living
  • Upcycling Projects
  • Beauty
  • Fashion (weaving your own fabrics, buying from shops that use organic cotton, or educating on how to avoid manufacturers that utilise sweatshops)
  • Holidays (Tips for every holiday season on how to celebrate with less environmental harm)

Recipes (photographs essential)

Recipes shall be organised by meal, and should fall roughly into one or more groups:

  • Local (encouraging the use of local ingredients)
  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Ethical (meals encouraging less meat, cruelty-free animal products, less waste, less plastic packaging, etc.)

Gardening (Organic Gardening in particular)


  • Tips (general advice for organic / permaculture gardening)
  • Planting guides
  • Garden tours (write ups or photography of a garden featuring some element of sustainability)

Travel (How to experience the beauty and richness of the world’s peoples, places, and ecosystems without at the same time bringing them to ruin)


  • City Travel Guides
  • Country Travel Guides
  • General advice articles on low-impact travel
  • Stories of the harm caused by tourism


Interviews with scientists, politicians, activists, influencers, or anyone of note in sustainability.


Full List of Topics

  1. Main: Climate
  2. Main: Poverty
  3. Main: Renewables
  4. Main: Ecology
  5. Main: Waste
  6. Main: Equality
  7. Main: Politics
  8. Main: Crises
  9. F&F: Climate
  10. F&F: Poverty
  11. F&F: Ecology
  12. F&F: Waste
  13. Architecture
  14. Interior Design
  15. Art
  16. Homewares
  17. Sustainable Living
  18. Zero Waste Living
  19. Upcycling Projects
  20. Beauty
  21. Fashion
  22. Holidays
  23. General Kitchen Advice
  24. Recipes: Breakfast
  25. Recipes: Snacks
  26. Recipes: Light Meals
  27. Recipes: Main Meals
  28. Recipes: Desserts
  29. Gardening Tips / General Advice
  30. Planting Guides
  31. Garden Tours
  32. City Travel Guides
  33. Country Travel Guides
  34. General advice articles on low-impact travel
  35. Stories of the harm caused by tourism
  36. Interviews