Ana Yong

Ana Yong is a freelance writer and blogger who has written for Unsustainable MagazineE: The Environmental Magazine and HubPages. Her articles focus on the Environment, Personal Development and Learning English.

The Plastic Waste Dilemma: Two men in PPE and UN bags collecting plastic waste

The Plastic Waste Dilemma and China’s National Sword Policy

We explore some deeper aspects of the plastic waste dilemma, including the global impact of China’s National Sword Policy and how nations have responded.
View of the Earth as seen by the Apollo 17 crew traveling toward the moon Where are Microplastics Found and Where do They Come From?

Where are Microplastics Found and Where do They Come From?

Where are microplastics found? And where does it all come from? We dig a little deeper, and look at the dilemma faced by countries the world over.
Effects of Microplastics: Seen under a microscope - Microplastic sperules in tooth paste, about 30 µm in diameter.

The Effects of Microplastics on Humans: An Introduction

An introduction to microplastics, the prevalence and the harm they are causing all around the world, in environments, in wildlife, and inside all of us.
Prevalence of Regenerative Agriculture (RA) Across the World: Woman planting seedlings in a row of plants under a blue sky

Prevalence of Regenerative Agriculture (RA) Across the World

We Discuss the Prevalence of Regenerative Agriculture in Countries Around the World, including Statistics, History, Definitions, and the Future.
Sustainable Agriculture: gloved hands managing seedling plants

Sustainable Agriculture: The Environmental Impact of Farming

Many farmers around the world are moving towards environment care, while producing enough food to meet current demands.
wind energy

The Sustainability of Wind Energy: Facts & Figures

An Exploration of the Sustainability of Wind Energy: It may be lucrative, but what exactly is wind energy, and just how renewable is it? Let’s discuss.

Sustainable Stationery Brands: A Guide to Ethical Suppliers

This comprehensive guide into sustainable stationery brands goes into detail about sources of ethical and environmental supplies for the office and school.
Solar Panels

Solar Energy Facts: A Clean and Sustainable Energy Source

With a great deal of investment, cooperation, education, and hard work, Solar Energy has come to contribute a significant amount to the electicity needs of our species.
dog chewing bone

A Guide to Ethical and Sustainable Pet Product Brands

This comprehensive guide to sustainable pet brands covers everything you need to know to keep your furbabies happy, fed, and comfortable, while doing your part to address the environmental and ethical problems faced by the industry.
coffee beans plant

A Guide to Ethical, Sustainable, and Fair Trade Coffee Brands

Guide for an ethical dark roast: Organic, sustainable, and green harvest certifications; and a list of the best fair trade coffee brands.