Deogracias Benjamin Kalima

Deogracias Benjamin Kalima is a Malawian professional journalist. He dedicates most of his time to reporting on agriculture, rural livelihoods development, climate change and the environment.

His works have been published by several international online magazines like Greentumble (, Rural Reporters News Network (, and American environmental magazine Earth Island Journal (

Large metallic pump for extracting ground water

The Malawi Water Crisis: Initiatives Aim at Universal Access

To address the Malawi water crisis, a collaboration between the government and key NGOs is attempting to curb the disastrous lack of access to this resource that is affecting broad swathes of the country.
Woman standing by Chitetezo Mbaula

Chitetezo Mbaula: When Women Take the Lead to Fight Deforestation

Chitetezo Mbaula: The innovative cooking stove that is sweeping across rural Malawi, and encouraging environmental conservation in its wake.
Malawi covid1

Covid-19 Restrictions in Malawi Disrupt the Livelihoods of Farming Families

Covid-19 restrictions in Malawi have inadvertently had an adverse affect on the demand for onions, and thus have had a devastation effect on the livelihoods of the country’s onion farmers.