Jeanne Yacoubou, MS

Jeanne is an experienced researcher and investigative journalist covering climate change, sustainability, and the environmental impacts of diet. In 2018, she launched Toxic Chemical Tracker, a site devoted to raising awareness about the petrochemicals in our food, water, air and consumer products as well as providing non-toxic alternatives for eco-friendly and carbon neutral living. Jeanne is also founder of Green Marble SEO offering a variety of writing services for green businesses. When she’s not tending her organic garden, Jeanne is blogging about the latest scientific reports on our climate crisis. Jeanne holds master’s degrees in chemistry, applied ethics, and instructional systems development.

Civil rights march

Black Lives Matter, Environmental Racism and Climate Injustice: What They Have in Common and What You Can Do to Help

Dismantling the white supremacist foundation underpinning all three of these movements will take everyone working together. Get involved undoing the harms ravaging your local community using these 3 tips.
A sunflower rising up in a green field with the background dark and blurry

3 Key Ways to Transform Eco-Anxiety into Climate Action

As our climate crisis begins to unfold, unravelling the very fabric of life on planet Earth, it’s perfectly understandable to feel paralyzed by fear and grief.