A Guide to Sustainable Australian Kids Clothing Brands

… and tips when searching for second hand kids clothes in Australia.

In the 21st century, pretty and cute alone simply doesn’t cut it anymore when it comes to kids clothing. Eco-conscious parents are seeking sustainable kids clothing brands that align with their values for a more sustainable future and low-tox lifestyle. 

Secondhand Kids Clothing Options in Australia

We can all agree that the best thing any of us can do when it comes to kids clothing is simply to thrift/buy second-hand or borrow from a friend. Particularly with babies and small children, who grow out of clothes SO quickly.

There is a growing market in Australia for online second-hand kids clothing shops, an excellent option if you want to buy your kids clothes sustainably but you prefer to be able to search and browse online rather than sifting through clothes at an op shop.  Buying second-hand is not only great for the planet, it’s also a very affordable option, and it’s worth checking out some of these second-hand alternatives before you choose to go for something new:

However, if you need to purchase new baby and kids clothing – it’s important to invest in quality threads that stand the test of time, as well as sustainable kids clothing brands that produce ethically and use organic fabrics that are kinder on the planet. 

Our List of Sustainable Australian Kids Clothing Brands

Here, we explore some of the very best sustainable Australian kids clothing brands that hold sustainability values at the core of their brand.

1. León & Bird

Australian sustainable baby romper

Launched in 2021, the León & Bird brand stands for “Lion tough, feather soft”. Founded by Sandra, a Melbourne mum of three with a passion for quality and colour, León & Bird creates eco-conscious kidswear full of heart and imagination. 

The brand prides itself on imaginative and unique prints that are created with durability and practicality at heart, whilst being conscious and kind to people, animals and the environment. Using organic cotton and low impact dyes, León & Bird is certified ethically made and fabrics are independently tested for health and safety through Oeko-Tex’s Standard 100. 

Their flagship product, dubbed the ‘romperoo’ is a zip-less, button-less pull-on romper that makes dressing wriggly toddlers easy. Check out their ‘Sprinkle Galaxy’ collection – a whimsical story of an adventurous Quokka and Aussie native bird exploring a galaxy with delicious stars made of hundreds and thousands and floating clouds of fairy bread! 

From: Victoria, Australia

Sizes available: 6m – 36m 

Shop León & Bird here

2. Amber Days

sustainable girls clothing

An Aboriginal owned ethical childrenswear label that’s inspired by the Australian bush, desert and sea, owner Corina is passionate about the environment and slow fashion. “When falling pregnant with my daughter, finding clothing that didn’t use harmful chemicals in their processes was really important to me.”

With each collection, the brand collaborates with different Aboriginal artists to produce original patterns, and prioritise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, refugee and migrant women when outsourcing skills and services. 

From: Victoria, Australia

Sizes available: Baby and kids up to size 6, and some adult styles

Shop Amber Days here

3. Someday Swim

Someday swim sustain

Did someone say sustainable kids swimwear?! Heck yes, and it’s cute as pie too, with fun-loving sunshine-y retro vibes. Designed and handmade in Brisbane with recycled fish nets, this is one sustainable Aussie kids brand that’s saving the ocean one swimsuit at a time! 

This eco kids swimwear brand creates gorgeous swimwear from quality Italian fabrics made from discarded fishing nets and ocean plastics! Lovers of the ocean, since 2013 their fabrics have collected 510 tons of fishing nets – which is equivalent in weight to 4 blue whales! 

From: Queensland, Australia

Sizes available: girls and boys 1 – 7

Shop Someday Swim here

4. Fibre for Good

Sustainable baby boys clothing

Fibre for Good was founded by friends Fiona and Stu to address the environmental ravages they saw happening in the name of affordable fashion.

When they heard of factories using 2700 litres of water to produce a single t-shirt, they knew something had to be done to deliver sustainably produced babywear that was both affordable and high quality. 

Fibre for Good uses ‘Organic Natural Colour Cotton (ONCC)’ – organic cotton that doesn’t need bleaching, dying or chemicals added to make the fabric colourfast (sounds pretty amazing, right!). ONCC comes in three beautiful neutral shades and is perfect for a unisex baby gift!

From: New South Wales, Australia

Sizes available: 0000 – 1

Shop Fibre for Good here

5. Organic Nights

sustainable kids pyjamas

Queensland sisters and mums of three, Nichola and Frances, noticed a gap in the market when they were searching for beautiful organic sleepwear for their own kids. Having not found anything that ticked all their boxes, they set out to produce high quality, beautiful pyjamas that care for the earth. 

They are extremely proud and passionate about being GOTS Certified Organic (the world’s strictest certification for organics and the supply chain through the manufacturing process).

Recognising that many families want to live a low-tox life, Organic Nights sleepwear is for families who want only the best when it comes to pure, completely organic, healthy sleep.

From: Queensland, Australia

Sizes available: 0 – 11years

Shop Organic Nights here

6. The Enchanted Label

Sustainable unisex baby clothes

Another beautiful Queensland based brand, The Enchanted Label is inspired by the pure, sunny and salty Aussie lifestyle. Founded by mum Rebekka in 2015, the brand has a ‘slow fashion’ mantra and a love for natural fibres such as cotton, linen and merino wool. 

The Enchanted Label is passionate about being closely involved with their producers and artisan workers throughout the manufacturing process, helping ensure the end product is of the highest quality and has been produced under strictly ethical conditions. 

From: Queensland, Australia

Sizes available: 000 – 4

Shop The Enchanted Label here

7. Little Elinor By Nico

Sustainable girls baby clothes Australia

Established in 2012 by Lis Harvey, NICO’s philosophy is centred around minimalism and understated luxury. Creating high quality basics and underwear featuring clean lines and luxe fabrics, their beautiful pieces look beautiful and feel beautiful to wear. Committed to upholding ethical and sustainable transparency in the fashion industry, the NICO brand respects the people they work with, and the environment they work within. 

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Their children’s brand, Little Elinor, was created after the birth of Lis’ daughter Elinor. Believing that simple is best when it comes to kid’s clothes, the pieces are designed for playful kids and made to last and be passed on. Little Elinor’s sustainable kids clothing is made from their beautiful signature plant-dyed organic cotton.

From: Queensland, Australia

Sizes available: 000-2

Shop Little Elinor by Nico here

8. Mosov Organic

Ethical baby clothes Australia

Yet another beautiful Queensland brand, Mosov’s founder Caroline wanted to provide eco-conscious customers with quality Aussie threads that they could be confident had been ethically and sustainably produced. 

With comfortable and timeless fashion basics for the whole family, one thing’s for sure – they are extremely proud that every piece is designed and made ethically and locally in Australia with GOTS certified organic cotton.

From: Queensland, Australia

Sizes available: Mens, womens and baby sizes 000 – 2

Shop Mosov Organic here

9. G’day

Sustainable kids clothing made in Australia

With a quintessential Aussie brand name, you can’t help but fall in love with G’day’s mantra of being “the comfy ones”. This beautiful sustainable Aussie brand is proudly designed and manufactured right here in Australia, from Australian fabrics.

And you guessed it – the brand is all about comfort first. They believe if kids are feeling comfy and confident – it’s just the fuel they need to get out there and explore the beautiful Aussie landscape.  G’day takes comfort in knowing their dyes and prints are free of harmful chemicals, and with organic and biodegradable materials, are proud to be leaving a smaller imprint on the planet.

From: New South Wales, Australia

Sizes available: 0000 – 14

Shop G’day here

10. Conscious Koala 

sustainable baby brands Australia

Conscious Koala’s founder Tina recalls being heavily pregnant at the height of the bushfire crisis, wondering what she could do to help. With sustainability at the heart of their values, Conscious Koala provides ethically made, organic cotton clothing within a circular rental model. Put simply, you pay a monthly subscription and a bundle of beautiful baby clothes appears on your doorstep in just the right size! Once bub outgrows these, a new bundle is sent out and the old one returned, ready for a new life with another family. This means you’ll always have the right size on hand (because boy do they grow out of them SO quickly!).

Conscious Koala is passionate about treading as lightly as possible on this beautiful planet. Each part of the business has been carefully considered, from compostable packaging, to plant based laundering products, to working with strictly ethical manufacturers who share their vision for a better world.

From: New South Wales, Australia

Sizes available: Newborn to 13kg

Shop Conscious Koala here

11. Kit & Cradle

Happy babies

Kit & Cradle is an Australian made, vibrant baby & kids lifestyle brand focused on ethical practices, sustainability and supporting Australian businesses. Owned by 3 mums and originating from Adelaide, South Australia, Kit & Cradle prides itself on its 100% Australian production process – their baby clothing is designed, printed and made in Australia. With every purchase there is a flow-on effect that benefits the Australian economy, Australian businesses and Australian families. Their prints are hand drawn by artists and feature an iconic Whale print and the native Wattle, printed on

the finest organic cotton that is sustainable, soft, and gentle on baby’s delicate skin. The organic cotton range features elevated basics for newborn to kids 5 years old. 

From: Sydney, Australia

Sizes available: Newborn – 5yrs 

Shop Kit & Cradle here