Why Knit Repair Matters: The Emotional Attachment To Handmade

Why Knit Repair Matters

By Miriam Mades of AlterKnit, an invisible garment repair service.

Clothing is just not about what is over the skin but how we feel under the skin. They are a very extension and reflection of us.

Each time period across history has had its own trends and fashion sense. But what doesn’t change is the vitality we humans often give to clothing. The advent of textile mills fundamentally altered the way we humans see clothing. With the coming of the machine age, fashion fads have become the norm of the society. Each passing season bears testimony to the new fad, especially among the youth.

But whatever the time and space, the emotional and aesthetical value we place on the clothes significantly remains unchanged. 

Though the art of hand knitting has long been declared a dying art by enthusiasts, the charm of handwoven apparel is still cherished by many. The art has been handed over through generations to us since antiquity. In today’s hyper-paced world marred with consumerism and endless consumption, it becomes a task of paramount significance to embrace and protect the art of hand-knitting and pass it down to the generations to come. But, people are confused about how to start.

The simple answer is using hand-knitted solutions for your clothing needs and recycling, reusing wherever possible. The long answer is complex, throwing light on the intricacies of the deep emotional beings we are and the connection we have with our knitwear. 

Why Knit Repair Matters: The Emotional Attachment To Handmade

Repairing The Knitwear Rather Than Discarding

In the consumeristic way of things, items are thrown out when one is bored or the utility is lost. In this way of things focus is on buying and splurging endlessly and there is a hoard to become part of the popular fads.

In the opposite way of things, items are preserved, conserved, and utilized to the full extent for the larger goodwill of all. The importance of knit repair lies in the fact that it promotes sustainable fashion. The careless discarding of clothing items puts an undue burden on the already befalling planet. Making the conscious choice of repairing the knit-wear has a cascading good effect on the health of the environment. 

Let’s See Why It Is Necessary To Have The Knit Repair Services

It’s an ethical choice to choose  knit repair services as it has plenty of quality benefits ranging from emotional to environmental to practical. 


Problems and more problems. Our beautiful planet is facing an existential crisis because of endless production and consumption. It is estimated that economies produce 20 percent more over and above what is needed just to cater to the increased appetite and consumption pattern of society.

Sustainability is an ethical choice we all are free to choose. It just takes a basic realization and altered thinking to make the step in the right direction. Repairing knitwear will do away with the need to buy new ones and lead to lessening textile wastage. Quality knit repair services will fill your garment with a new leash of life. Moreover, you will feel enlightened and relaxed knowing that you are investing in the choices that are beneficial for the environment. 

A sustainable planet needs some of us to mend our ways and embrace the new preserving consciousness by making small, tiny changes in our living and consuming patterns.

Emotional Value

Clothes are not mere clothes. Apart from a practical value, they carry a high emotional value. Our subconscious connects to the knitwear we wrap our bodies around on a different level. Our knitwear bears testimony to all the highs and lows in our lives. They are like a close confidante and companion in the journey of life.

Apart from bringing practical values like coziness and comfort our old knitwear reminds us about the cherished moments of life. Memories are interlinked with emotions. Certain memories can trigger certain emotions. Often your memories have the deep imprints of old knitwear you have by the way the knitwear has made you feel sometime in the past.

A significant majority don’t find any intrinsic emotional value the knitwear brings but a considerable minority is aware of that value hence they don’t see clothes are mere clothes. They see in them a lifelong partner. They connect their emotions to the knitwear and channel the power of emotions to fruitful outcomes in their practical life. The emotional value of your old knitwear cannot be described in words however you can feel it through the vibes you feel when wearing it. 

Why Knit Repair Matters: The Emotional Attachment To Handmade

Express Yourself

We all are unique and everyone has a distinct tinge of his own. But in this world, we are swindled by the mindless trends and fads.

Your old knitwear has the capacity to set you apart from the crowd. Your knitwear is the jewel in the crown of your wardrobe. It is said that people express the very core of their own through clothes. A pair of high-quality knitwear and preserving them for a long through dedicated hand-woven maintenance will give your personality a great hallmark. People will remember you through your knitwear. Investing in old knitwear will not only save you money but will let you express your style more boldly and freely.

Why do what everyone does? Be special, be different. Experiment on your own and chart your path. Making a choice of using repaired knitwear will let the other know how concerned you are about environmental choices. ‘Old is gold’ is not just an ordinary adage. It has hidden in it a deep meaning that only a few can correlate. Choose repaired and hand-woven knitwear to be part of the selected few. 

Artistic Way

Your old knitwear provides you a way to use and modify them as you like without getting stressed about them becoming soiled.

Your knitwear will serve as an artistic canvas for the bulging creative in you. You can repair it by experimenting and adding new styles, patterns, colors, and textures. Remember knitting is not just a craft, it is an art form. You should fully utilize the opportunity to give wings to your creativity. Making your knitwear an artistic canvas will speak a lot about your personality and the authority you carry.

You can get the imprints of artwork or graffiti of your favorite artist by employing the services of a professional knit repair provider. Remember you have had a history with your knitwear and it knows you the same you know him. 

Keeping Alive The Tradition

The craftsmanship that is required to produce knitwear has evolved after the improvisation of hundreds of years.

When you choose to invest in knit repair services you choose to uphold the idea of tradition. Handweavers have a history and heritage of their own. You chose to respect that. It’s on the shoulders of the people like you that history and heritage transcends generations. 

Modern age and E-commerce have certainly dented the prospect of many crafts including knitting but now people are realizing the importance of handmade objects and how we need to carry forward this glorious heritage to the future.

Why Knit Repair Matters: The Emotional Attachment To Handmade

Uplift Artisans

When you make a conscious choice of getting your knitwear repaired by a hand specialist, you unknowingly uplift the artisans and workers associated with the craft. They generally are from the downtrodden group and live on subsistence of their craft. The machine age has rattled their financial prospects. When you consider their services you are making an effort in the direction of equity and equality for all.

Artisans thrive on the services requirement by the handful of people who still are old school at heart and prefer hands to machines. These people are the reason meager artisans make their bread and butter. In the commanding economies where work for all can’t be fully secured, you prefer an idea that promotes sustainable living for all especially vulnerable groups.

These artisans have families to feed and crafts to sustain and they solely rely on the handful of conscious people like you. Knitwear weaving and repairing is a dedicated art that requires great precision and years of experience.

Old Connection

It may be the case that your knitwear is gifted to you by your special and loved ones. By repairing your knitwera, you will always remember the ones who are associated with you whenever you use the knitwear. Sometimes the knitwear becomes a cherished souvenir you own so it becomes important to make it last as long as is possible. 

Professional Knit Repair Services As The Need Of The Hour

As we have already discussed the huge benefits of getting the repair done to your knitwear rather than discarding it, we will move a step further to detail the knit repair services from Alterknit.

We were launched in 2009 to make a mark on the traditional industry with our unconventional ways. We specialize in making hand-crafted repairs to garments. We make sure that your closet remains damage-free and in daily rotation. The Alterknit employs traditional and experienced artisans to perform the magic of the hand on your garment to make it sparkling and full of life. A high bar is set for Alterknit and we commit to being the best at what we do. Our craftsmanship will eventually be reflected in the beautiful repairs that come home to you. 

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Agree or not you are always emotionally involved with your clothes. Your old knitwear in your wardrobe has a special attraction for you. It has a soothing effect on you. The emotional attachment we have with our handmade knits is a strongly personal connection.

You preserve memories, and traditions, and sustain the planet when you choose to mend a knitwear rather than discarding it. You become a part of the sustainable fashion movement that counters popular trends and fads.

You chose to be a champion of environmental cause while maintaining the coziness and comfort of your old knitwear. So, whenever you see a nag or hole in your handmade knit, don’t worry and see it as an opportunity to create something breathtaking by getting it mended by the hand-weaving professional.

Author Bio

Miriam Mades is the Owner of AlterKnit. This invisible garment repair service has been open for over ten years. Miriam and her staff specialize in alterations and repair. Clients come for reweaving, reknitting, moth hole repair, and knitwear restyling, to name a few services she provides.