A Review of Beauty By Earth: Clean & Fresh Beauty

This Review of Beauty By Earth was written by Ellen Rubin

Let’s be honest…beauty products are a way to indulge and treat ourselves. They aren’t strictly essential because a bar of old-fashioned soap will get you clean. They a luxurious way to pamper and show self-love.

When it comes to beauty products your choices can be overwhelming. You want something that works well, doesn’t break the bank, yet makes you feel special; and for many, something that won’t harm the environment.

Beauty by Earth hits all of these marks.

About Beauty By Earth

This Texas company leans heavily toward sun products: tanners, after-sun care, and sunscreens. In fact, their story says the impetus for the company came from wanting safe sun protection for the family without harmful toxins.

Living in the mountainous part of the country and working during most daylight hours I don’t really use tanning products, but I can appreciate having products that are not only effective, but don’t kill the parts of the planet that you are out enjoying; their products are certified reef-friendly.

Luckily, they also offer full lines of bath, anti-aging, and skin care products.

used for this review of beauty by earth: boxes containing three of their products

When you think about it, beauty products are supposed to make you feel better about yourself. This should involve every aspect of the purchase: the search, purchasing process, and then how the company treats you after purchase.

These days, we have to look as carefully at what companies don’t use, what ingredients are included, as well as how they are created (are they sustainable and natural?).

For instance, Beauty by Earth uses no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic dyes or fragrances, Triclosan, petroleum, or gluten. Their products are all natural, organic, and made from environmentally sustainable products. There packaging is recyclable and nothing is tested on animals.

beauty by earth body was peppermint tea tree directions and ingredients

Shopping Experience

Their site is user friendly – you can shop by either category or concern.

Categories include tanners, bath enhancers, beauty tools, cleaners, exfoliators, lip balms & scrubs, moisturizers, makeup removers, facial oils & serums, and toners in addition to their sun products.

If you want to shop by concern, categories include: acne, anti-aging, discoloration, eczema, or skin type (combination, dry, oily, or sensitive).

One of the nicest things about the Beauty by Earth site is how easy it is to use and how informative it is. Their writing is upbeat, non-judgmental, and their models are diverse. They enumerate all the ingredients in each product, their source, purpose, product use instructions, testimonials, FAQ, and which products work well with each other.

Their ingredients rely heavily on plant oils and extracts, and reading some of their ingredient lists leave you perhaps hungry and feeling like you are sitting in a meadow on a spring day. Just reading the descriptions make you feel soft, smooth, and hydrated. This is quite a feat as I’m looking out my window at feet of snow falling.

Getting & Using Your Purchase

Purchasing is fairly easy because the site is both easy to use and informative.

The second step is actually receiving the products. Not only was delivery quick, but I liked the packaging. The shipping box included individual brown cardboard boxes for each product with all the information written in easy-to-read print.

beauty by earth products with a thank you note

One of the nice touches that makes you feel valued, is a hand written thank you note and a card that highlights one of their employees. You learn about their life (pets, favorite food, hero, etc.) and a notecard from founder, Queren. When they say: “We’re here for you!”, you get the feeling that they are.

Confession time: I’m allergic to aloe and fragrances. This makes shopping for beauty products almost impossible. However, I was able to find a couple products that didn’t have aloe – the Peppermint Tea Tree Body Wash and Body Scrub. Natural fragrance, especially mint, doesn’t seem to bother me. Both these products also come in Lavender Citrus…but I’m not a fan of lavender.

While you can definitely smell the fragrance, I didn’t leave the bath smelling like a wandered through a mint field. Almost all the fragrance washed off. The Body Wash rinses clean, although I could tell I used the product. My skin wasn’t dry, but it did feel tighter. The Body Scrub is sugar-based and more heavily fragranced. It left my skin feeling almost oily even though I rinsed well. I imagine this would be a great product to use after a day out in the sun and sand. The mint is actually cooling and the oil residue would help soften skin.

beauty by earth body wash and scrub

I did receive the Foaming Face Wash that is cleansing and antibacterial. I wasn’t able to try it because it has aloe, but my daughter could. Although it didn’t leave a residue with its signature cool after-feel of mint, it wasn’t the right product for her; it felt more like a cleanser. She doesn’t like the textural aspects of a foaming wash and she wanted something that was more of an exfoliator.

After Purchase

Finally, it matters how you’re treated after you’ve made your purchase.

Yes, by making a purchase or even signing up for their email list, you will get email. Luckily, you won’t get inundated with “buy me” type emails multiple times a day. You definitely hear from them, but some of their emails are more informative/newsletters. For instance, a recent email was a Beginner’s Guide to Veganism. I appreciate that they don’t just want to “sell” me, but make me part of their experience.

I do have one minor issue with some of their emails – they start the email with “Babe”. I feel like they want to be less formal – friend-to-friend – but I wish they came up with a better term. It just strikes the wrong note with me when so much else of what they do hits the right tones.

Final Thoughts

Beauty by Earth is a thoughtful brand. They have created products for every customer that are affordable, ethical, and sustainable. They have created a beauty “lifestyle” brand showing that they care more about you than just making a sale. They give back to the customer with their informative emails while creating products that work and protect the earth.

Note: I received the products for fee, but no other monetary compensation was received. This is my honest opinion.