How INCLUSEV is Revolutionizing the Beauty Industry

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By Christie Johnson

Don’t you think the beauty industry needs a drastic makeover? 

From endless cases of environmental devastation to animal rights abuses, the flaws of the cosmetic world can’t be covered up any longer. 

One change-maker that is truly listening to the evolving needs of beauty consumers is INCLUSEV™ London Cosmetics, a waterless beauty brand that puts people and the planet first. 

This article covers everything you need to know about waterless cosmetics and how INCLUSEV is revolutionizing the beauty industry one earth-loving product at a time. 

Plus, we include our honest review of the INCLUSEV ADD AQUA collection so you can feel confident you’re making the right decision for you. 

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About INCLUSEV London 

Championing the waterless cosmetic trend, INCLUSEV creates safe and sustainable skin and hair care products made from 100% plant-based ingredients. 

Minimalist by design, all INCLUSEV products are unique high-performance powders that are strictly cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, and free from water, water fillers, and artificial fragrances. 

INCLUSEV products are ethically handmade in the UK and packaged in recyclable biopolymer – a sustainably-sourced sugarcane fibre. 

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Pink INCLUSEV bottle of powdered shampoo with plants behind

INCLUSEV: What We Love So Far 

So, here’s a brief overview of what we love about INCLUSEV so far: 

  • The INCLUSEV ethos is about inclusivity and sustainability with products designed for all genders, skin types, ethnicities, and creeds 
  • INCLUSEV products are handmade by none other than the founder Monica Chandak who is a chemist by trade…pretty cool right?!
  • INCLUSEV is science-based which means all ingredients are carefully selected to ensure optimum results for your skin and hair while also protecting people’s health and the planet 
  • INCLUSEV experimented for over 3 years across 150 trials before finding its revolutionary earth-loving formula 

What Does Waterless Beauty Mean? 

Simply put, waterless, or anhydrous, beauty are products made without water or water fillers. Originating in South Korea, waterless beauty products contain high levels of active ingredients and are free from artificial preservatives. Designed to increase the natural potency and concentration of cosmetics, waterless beauty comes in a variety of forms including solid bars, oils, serums, and powders. 

With the waterless cosmetics market predicted to rise to $9.47 billion in 2023, the demand for cleaner beauty products is ever-growing. 

Powder on a hand beside an INCLUSEV handwash bottle

Why You Should Invest in INCLUSEV 

Keep reading to learn the many earth-loving reasons to add INCLUSEV to your daily self-care ritual and how waterless cosmetics are changing the face of beauty for the better. 

Fighting the Water Crisis

Most cosmetics these days are made with large quantities of water which is bad news for the planet. 

Fervently working to reduce the beauty industry’s colossal water footprint, INCLUSEV crafts high-performance powders that are completely free from water and water fillers and only contain the most natural and active ingredients.

 “Being a chemist I know all conventional [beauty] products contain 60% to 80% water” says the founder of INCLUSEV, Monica Chandak. “With the water crisis rising every moment, INCLUSEV is the future of beauty.” 

Did you know? Water is the Earth’s lifeblood yet 1 in 3 people globally don’t have access to clean drinking water. Due to factors such as population growth and changing consumption patterns, global demand for freshwater has increased by an average of 1% per year over the last few decades and is expected to continue on this trajectory for some time. Compounded by a rapidly changing climate, freshwater is now an extremely finite resource and only accounts for 3% of the Earth’s water. 

Keeping Waste Out Of Landfills (and the Environment) 

Minimalism is at the heart of all INCLUSEV cosmetics. Creating waterless and highly concentrated plant-based powders means INCLUSEV can significantly reduce the amount of packaging it produces. Just 1 of INCLUSEV’s 50g bottles is equal to 4 liquid products! 

Plus, INCLUSEV packaging is made using biopolymers – sourced from sustainable sugarcane – which is 100% recyclable. 

Did you know? The beauty industry is a major contributor to the world’s plastic pollution crisis, generating 120 billion units of – mostly non-recyclable – packaging each year. In fact, 95% of cosmetic packaging is thrown into landfill which has devastating consequences for the natural world. 

Say Hello to Healthier Skin 

INCLUSEV believes the beauty industry’s standard for active ingredients – a mere 20% –  is simply not good enough. INCLUSEV products contain no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic colours, or fragrances. Only highly concentrated powdered formulas brimming with 100% natural goodness!

Did you know? Artificial preservatives are often mixed into the ingredient lists of many conventional beauty products to increase profit and longevity. Synthetic preservatives like parabens – the beauty industry’s go-to – are bad for your health and have been found to disrupt hormones, affect fertility, and increase the risk of cancer.  Water also acts as a solvent which means it, quite literally, waters down active ingredients – such as vitamin C – that provide huge benefits to your skin. 

INCLUSEV ADD AQUA Collection Review 

So, what are INCLUSEV products really like? Discover our honest review of the INCLUSEV ADD AQUA collection. 

INCLUSEV bottle before a green house plant


If you suffer from dry or cracked skin on your hands then you must try the INCLUSEV Handwash!

Rather than using water and harsh ingredients that can be bad for your health, this handwash is formulated with lemon and apple extracts and lactic acid which balances the skin’s PH alongside washing away dirt and germs. 

Verdict: I love using INCLUSEV handwash because it doesn’t dry out my skin like some conventional beauty products. Plus, the fresh infusion of coriander, lemongrass, and tea tree oil is invigorating! 


I must confess: I was a little unsure about using a powder-to-lather shampoo as I’ve only ever used solid bars or liquid shampoos. However, I needn’t have worried as INCLUSEV’s powdered formula creates a rich lather and offers great coverage. From the fruity smell of ylang-ylang and grapefruit to soothing coconut milk and kaolin clay, my hair feels like it’s been nourished with a whole lot of natural goodness. 

Verdict: After a few washes my hair feels soft and healthy. As I have long, thick hair, I needed to use slightly more than the recommended amount of sprinkles but apart from that, I’m converted!


Well, where do I begin with this fabulously foamable face wash?

As soon as I poured a few sprinkles on my hand, the soothing scent of lavender tickled my nostrils. The powder-to-lather formula softly glided over my skin and the coconut milk and kaolin clay deeply cleansed my pores. The dreamy combination of clary sage, lavender, and rose not only smells delicious but it’s also very soothing on the skin – especially if you’re prone to breakouts and sensitivity! 

Verdict: I have fewer blemishes and my complexion looks smoother and brighter. I only needed to use 2-3 sprinkles each time to achieve optimum results. 


Like with all INCLUSEV products, the Bodywash lathered well and felt soothing against my sensitive, eczema-prone skin. What took me by surprise was the blissful aroma of essential oils: lemon, lime, cedarwood, lavender, and frankincense. I could have stayed in the shower all day! 

Verdict: As I have eczema, I tend to be selective about the Bodywash I use. I love the dreamy combination of soothing oatmeal and incredibly fragrant essential oils; it’s clear INCLUSEV only uses 100% plant-based, active ingredients. 

INCLUSEV powdered facewash bottle by an aloe plants

INCLUSEV: What Customers Think 

Although INCLUSEV is still a relatively new sustainable brand on the clean waterless beauty scene, we found a myriad of positive customer reviews on its website. 

One customer posted glowing feedback about the INCLUSEV Handwash:

With all the washing these days, my hands get dry and sore. But I recently started trying this powdered handwash from INCLUSEV and I am loving it. This makes my hands feel like they’ve had a day at the spa.

While the Facewash is praised for its soothing properties:

I have used the powdered facewash for a few weeks and I must say it is so gentle on my skin. I didn’t experience any irritation or redness.

And we couldn’t resist including this nourishing comment about the Bodywash: 

The body wash has been absolutely amazing in recovering my skin from shingles. The oatmeal in the product has been really calming (it’s the most recommended thing for shingles) Very impressed!


Is Waterless Beauty Sustainable?

Opting for waterless beauty products is a great sustainable swap because it requires no water to produce. Water, specifically freshwater, is a finite natural resource with 50% of the global population predicted to live in water-stressed environments by 2025. Waterless beauty is also free from synthetic preservatives and requires significantly less packaging when compared to water-based beauty products. 

How Long Do INCLUSEV Products Last For? 

INCLUSEV ADD AQUA powdered products are highly potent and designed to last a long time  – especially when compared to liquid cosmetics. You only need to use a few sprinkles of powder to achieve optimal results. Here’s how long each product should last: 

Shampoo – up to 30 washes 

Face Wash – up to 120 washes 

Body Wash – up to 65 washes 

Hand Wash – up to 180 washes 

Tip: INCLUSEV recommends using your ADD AQUA products within 12 months of opening. 

Where Are INCLUSEV Products Made?

All INCLUSEV products are handmade and packaged in the UK in the brand’s very own high-grade manufacturing facility. INCLUSEV works hard to maintain a 100% sustainable and traceable supply chain with all natural ingredients carefully sourced from Europe. 

Where Does INCLUSEV Ship To? 

Currently, INCLUSEV only ships to UK regions and offers free shipping on orders over £30. 

How Much Do INCLUSEV Products Cost? 

You should expect to pay between £11- £12 for the 25g bottle and £22 for 50g bottle. 

It’s no secret that you pay a premium for products manufactured sustainably and ethically. However, we think INCLUSEV has kept its products within an affordable price point while still consciously crafting high-quality and long-lasting formulas that are good for your skin and the planet. 

How Should I Store My INCLUSEV Products?

INCLUSEV recommends storing your products in a cool, dry place until opened. 

INCLUSEV: Our Verdict 

Is INCLUSEV a clean beauty brand worth investing in? Definitely!

In a cosmetic world saturated with water-based products that are harmful to our health and the environment, INCLUSEV is an affordable waterless beauty brand that demands better. 

Creating earth-friendly rituals with Mother Earth in mind, INCLUSEV ADD AQUA powdered formulas are high-quality, long-lasting, and full of natural goodness. 

We also love how INCLUSEV operates within a 100% sustainable and traceable supply chain. 

Will you add INCLUSEV to your self-care ritual? Use discount code MAG25 for an incredible 25% off – enjoy!