Simple Switch: Ethical Shopping as the New Normal

New ethical Amazon alternative Simple Switch is raising money to make exploitation obsolete.

Denver, Colo. — Simple Switch, an online marketplace for ethical and impactful purchasing that seeks to be an alternative to companies that often exploit both people and our planet, has launched an online fundraising campaign to make it even easier for shoppers to spend their money in alignment with their values.

“What if you could go to one website, get everything you need shipped to your door, and know that you’re making a positive global impact? Simple Switch lets you do just that,” says Simple Switch Founder and CEO Rachel Kois. “In 2019, Americans spent almost $600 billion online. I believe that every dollar you spend is a vote for the future you want, Our everyday purchases matters, and it should be easy and convenient to shop in alignment with our values.”

Simple Switch offers thousands of everyday products and essentials like toilet paper and snacks, as well as special gifts like jewelry and electronics, all shipped straight to the customer’s door while also making a positive social and environmental impact. In just their first two years in business, Simple Switch’s sales have put thousands of dollars in the heads of empowering, mission-driven businesses that have reforested Sub-Saharan Africa, removed plastic waste from waterways, and created dignified jobs for underserved communities around the world — just to name a few.

All of this was done with very little budget put towards marketing or growth, which is the focus of their current campaign. Already at nearly 10 percent of their goal, with just under a month left in this round, Simple Switch is seeking to raise $50,000 to grow their name recognition and site traffic, build their team and become a Certified BCorporation, building on their current status as Climate Neutral Certified. 

“We want to be the kind of company that always involves our passionate community,” says Kois. “We’re taking this step in asking for your support, so we can grow to the next level and make large-scale change in the world.”

About Simple Switch

Founded in 2018 by Rachel Kois in Denver, Colorado, Simple Switch is the online marketplace for ethical and impactful purchasing, making it easy for shoppers to spend money with companies that align with their values. Consumers all over the country have used to fill their cart with home essentials like toilet paper and snacks, or more special gifts like jewelry and electronics. Upon check out, they’ve reduced the likelihood of a child dying from preventable disease, provided employment for a woman recently freed from sexual slavery, or helped a company use innovative techniques to reduce waste and pollution. It’s that easy. To learn more, visit

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