An Interview With Pablo Gil of Vegan Shoe Brand, Bullfeet

An Interview With Pablo Gil of Bullfeet, the Spanish brand that uses vegan sustainable materials and eco-friendly process to make shoes by hand, solely on demand.

By Christie Johnson

Spanish company Bullfeet aims to change the way sneakers are made. What started as a dream cultivated between friends over a cold beer has now blossomed into a growing international brand brimming with sustainable changemakers advocating for a slow fashion world. 

We were lucky enough to connect with Bullfeet’s talented CEO, Pablo Gil, to find out about the inner workings of this incredible brand! 

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Interview With Pablo Gil of Bullfeet, an Ethical Shoe Brand

Bullfeet shoes

So, Pablo, what inspired you to start Bullfeet? 

The possibility of creating products from recycled materials by ourselves has always appealed to us. Bullfeet is a Spanish company that was born just over 2 years ago. In 2022 we decided to step into the foreign market as we think that our company concept could also suit the public abroad.

It’s impressive how Bullfeet sneakers are 100% designed by your customers. Why custom shoes?

For two main reasons, on the one hand, we believe that each of us is different, thus the best is to let each individual create their own kicks. Also because we believe that this is the most sustainable way of manufacturing, given that we manufacture exclusively for each of our customers.

We’d love to learn more about how Bullfeet is a slow fashion brand. 

By creating our own materials to manufacture our products, such as fabrics from recycled clothing, as well as maintaining a manufacturing process, which ensures sustainability. This includes reusing excess fabrics for the creation of new materials, thereby closing the cycle. Excess cut fabrics are shredded and then added to the insoles for comfort while reducing stock to zero.

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What materials do you use to create Bullfeet sneakers? 

All fabrics and materials used for the creation of our products have been sustainably manufactured, and free of animal raw materials. We use vegan fabric simulating conventional leather, recycled polyester obtained from recycled plastic, textiles made from discarded clothing, fabrics made from recycled cork, natural hemp, and more! To continue promoting the circular economy, we are constantly looking for innovative materials and fabrics, finding new ways to recycle, while giving a second life to things that are no longer in use.

Tell us about your vegan leather “veganoa”. 

Our “veganoa” material is our most representative and distinctive material. Even though we have been introducing new colors and varieties, we clearly knew we wanted to use this material from the very beginning. It’s a vegan fabric that imitates standard leather practically in its entirety, from the touch to the sight, it’s very similar. Its features are many from being liquid repellent and anti-scratch, right through to damp-proof and naturally cruelty-free.  

So, are vegan shoes more sustainable? 

We think so! Vegan materials avoid having to generate and use resources such as the water necessary to feed the animal that will later be slaughtered. So, using vegan materials avoids sacrificing animals and spending the necessary resources. And with respect to qualities, vegan materials mostly have better conditions than animal sources, such as scratches.

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Let’s talk about your manufacturing processes. Where are Bullfeet sneakers made? 

We produce our footwear exclusively from our factory in Almansa, a town in the province of Albacete in Spain. Through exhaustive control of our manufacturing processes, we ensure that both our suppliers and everyone involved in the production – either directly or indirectly – with Bullfeet, comply with the optimal measures and standards required. 

How can your customers design their shoes?

Our 3D customizer is one of the most extensive and sustainable on the market, allowing you to design your shoes or bag from any device, computer, tablet, or smartphone, out of thousands of options and combinations. You just have to select a model to design, then in a few simple steps, you’ll get your shoes or bag entirely designed by you. Your order will be handmade in Spain exclusively for you, and right at your doorstep ready for you to enjoy, in just 7/10 working days – so easy!

Wow, what a unique process! So, do you think there is a growing demand for custom shoes? 

Undoubtedly! In fact, this is something we see every day in the increase of our sales, which is why we are convinced that even some brands, like us, are committed to the production of customized shoes, which implies the elimination of stock production, as this is the most sustainable way to manufacture footwear.

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Why did you decide to make Bullfeet a vegan company? 

Bullfeet is a Bullfeet company, for the reason that it is not necessary to kill any material to create a fabric. And the world already has enough waste to use and avoid the use of animals in our processes. And the biggest challenge is to explain to the consumer that vegan materials are the same and in many cases better than those of animal origin. But luckily every day the world understands our philosophy more.

With many more sustainable shoe brands now on the market, how is Bullfeet different?

At Bullfeet we don’t really feel any different from other brands; although, we do have a manufacturing process that is unique in the market. Without all the other brands, it would be impossible to make the world aware that a big change has to be made, to ensure sustainable processes in all areas.

How much do Bullfeet sneakers cost? 

Our Bullfeet sneakers can be obtained from 90 euros including shipping. Two purchase options are available. Pre-designed products: we create our own products within the customizer so that customers can see them already created – these have a fixed purchase price. Customized product: our 3D customizer allows everyone to design their own sneakers or bag from scratch, based on their own taste and style. Pricing varies depending on the fabrics and materials chosen.

Where can customers buy Bullfeet sneakers? 

All our products can be purchased through our website at We are committed to the online sale of personalized products exclusively; all our products are created within our factory from where they are sent straight to you. This way, transportation of products and materials is reduced in terms of kilometers and, therefore, the pollution that this entails.