Zero Waste Bathroom: 6 Easy Tips and More

Zero Waste Bathroom Guide: Keeping plastic and toxic non-biodegradable waste out of the home is a lot easier than you think. A zero-waste bathroom should be the norm if you are passionate about green living, and these waste free bathroom tips will help!

By Donald Giddings, of Green Living Zone

For those of us who are eco-friendly humans, we know too much about the negative impacts of plastic waste on the environment. To get things back on track, it requires the collective effort of every one of us. Like charity, clean living begins at home, and this is why a zero-waste kitchen and sustainable bathroom could be a great place to start. 

a beautiful zero waste bathroom

Zero Waste Bathroom Tips: Switch Out Plastic for Reusable and Biodegradable Options 

The first step is to take a close look around the home for an alternative to everyday plastic. From beauty products to even food and beverages, we can keep the home plastic-free by switching for an organic and eco-friendly option.

Some of the zero waste bathroom products you should consider switching to include:

Bamboo Toothbrush 

There is no denying that plastic toothbrushes take a long time to degrade. That’s if it eventually does. As a result of this, they are a popular bathroom waste product that litters the landfills. Switching them out for handmade bamboo alternatives could be the best decision you make this year.

Since I made the switch last year, I find them safer for adults and kids. There are different styles and designs available. They are travel friendly and can be purchased in bulk to save cost.

Bamboo Cup 

Switch your plastic cups for bamboo mugs and cups. They are easy to clean and great at maintaining the liquid temperature for a while. They could also go well with your bamboo toothbrush when it is time for your daily dental hygiene. 

Toothpaste Powder 

Most toothpaste comes packed in a tube that takes years to decompose. Zero waste bathroom alternatives include to go for toothpaste powder or try many of the other zero-waste toothpaste brands. They are safe from toxic chemicals and fluoride, making them safe for dental care. There are some sweet-tasting options if you want something with a zing of flavor. 

Say No to Plastic Packed Shampoo, Soap, and Conditioners

If your skin and hair care products come in a plastic container, consider switching them out for eco-friendly alternatives. You can find soaps, lotion, and conditioners that are made into a bar. They are usually sweet scenting and compose of entirely organic ingredients, which makes them safe for the skin. There are natural homemade recipes for bar soap and other beauty products if you are interested in making yours. 

How About Zero Waste Bathroom Cleaners?

What type of product do you use in cleaning your bathroom? Many of the laundry soaps and detergent out there are filled with toxic chemicals that could be severely harmful. 

You could switch your toilet cleaners for homemade fizzy bombs to help reduce how often you clean. There are also safer laundry soaps and detergents that don’t wreak havoc on your skin and surfaces. 

Instead of paper cloths, you could use an old t-shirt as a rag in the bathroom to save plastic litters that end up in your trash. 

Deodorant Alternatives

The next time you are in the deodorant section, you will probably notice that most deodorants come in plastic tubes. Many deodorants also have aluminium in them, which can be harmful to your health and the planet. Opting for a compostable deodorant that has no single use plastic or aluminium is a great step towards a zero waste bathroom.

Other Zero Waste Bathroom Tips

 Some other ways you can get rid of plastic in your home include. 

  • Menstrual cups and reusable pads are an excellent way for women to switch out tampons and traditional plastic pads for their monthly flow. 
  • Reusable makeup remover and pads could be a better option than disposable ones that end us as toxic waste. 
  • Guys could go with a zero-waste razor that can be used for years instead of those made from materials that only serve a single shave.  

You will agree that there are several ways to get rid of plastic in the home. You can start by following the tips on this guide to make the switch to a zero waste bathroom.