How Long Do We Have To Save The Planet?

Can we save the Earth? How Long Do We Have Left? And exactly how much time do we have to stop global warming?

By the team at JustEco

Earth is the only planet that human’s call home, but nowadays both humanity and the Earth as a whole are facing a threat. Today, our beautiful planet is facing a crisis of rapid climate change and biodiversity loss. Therefore, we have just a few couples of years in our hands, not decades.

Still, we have the chance to save human existence and the world itself if we sincerely follow some rules in our regular life. If we all work together, we can try to stop the rapid climate change crisis and the threat to human existence as well.

Every year thousands of articles have been published on the internet on how to save the planet and how to stop biodiversity loss. But very few people keep these matters in mind in their everyday lives. Not only do many people live a personally unhealthy lifestyle, they also make lots of ultimately negative changes in society and the environment at the same time. By living a “civilized” and “advanced” lifestyle, people are rapidly destroying the harmony of the environment. If you want to know how long do we have and how to save the planet, then continue your reading.

But right now, it is high time decide to make the world safe for humanity and for animals. To save our planet from devastation, we need to make some changes in our life along with the environment as well.

How Long Do We Have To Save The Planet? grey skies over the beach and ocean.
How Long Do We Have To Save The Planet?

The biggest threats to Life on Earth

Before knowing the answer to how long do we have and how to save the planet, we first need to identify the biggest threats to life on Earth. Let’s explore them in detail.

Nuclear War

One of the biggest threats to life on Earth is nuclear war. A Nuclear bomb attack on Hiroshima, Japan, killed more than 1.5 Lakh people. And the effect of nuclear war still exists for more than 70 years. In this modern era, in multiple countries, people are involved with the Chemicals and production of Nuclear. Therefore, if again another nuclear war happens in the world, then human existence and other living will become completely finished.

Biological Warfare

According to the sources, biological weapons are the next biggest threat to life on Earth. The poisonous chemical is spreading through the water supplies and increasing the threat to human existence and other living things on the planet. It is misbalancing the ecosystem and killing lots of people and animals.

Global Pandemic

Another one of the biggest threats to life on Earth is the global pandemic. Right now, people at facing the problem of coronavirus throughout the whole world, and it is taking thousands of people’s lives in a span. And if it continues, then it will also take lots of other human life in the future.

Climate Change

Climate change is another one of the biggest threats to life on Earth. Due to a large part of the devastation and deforestation, people are facing the problem of climate change every year. Even the problem of the greenhouse effect and Global warming is also increasing rapidly, and people are facing the problem of extreme climate changes.

Loss Of Biodiversity

Another one of the biggest threats to life on Earth is the loss of biodiversity. People are cutting down the forest and trees rapidly to build houses, factories, and industries. The loss of the forest and a large part of trees also increase the weight of human existence.

Artificial Intelligence

Another threat to life on Earth is artificial intelligence which is distinctly added to the list. According to many scientists, thus Artificial Intelligence can make a big change in the future when people are unable to do anything by themselves without taking the help of artificial intelligence.

Super Volcanoes

And lastly, another one of the biggest threats to life on Earth is super volcanoes. Every year the Earth is facing super volcanoes which are affecting the Earth and land and taking lots of lives at the same time.

How Long Do We Have To Save The Planet? grey skies over the beach and ocean.
How Long Do We Have To Save The Planet?

Why is Climate Change the number one threat?

But recently climate-changing becomes the number one thread for human existence and the Earth equally.

The effect of greenhouse and CO2 levels in the air increases the climate every single day. Even the problem of Global Warming is increasing day by day just to the unconditional destruction of the forest.

The problem of climate change cannot be solved if human existence does not stop deforestation or cutting down forests and trees rapidly. The climate will change eventually as the Earth will face deforestation. Hence, how long do we have? Its natural, very limited years!

Is it too late to prevent climate change?

But still, we can prevent climate change, and it is not too late to save the Earth.

If we pay attention to not cutting down the forest and trees, we can save the Earth and can bring a change in the climate very quickly. By balancing harmony between our lifestyle and the environment, we can save both human existence and the economy itself.

Besides that, by a reserve in power or energy, we can also save the world and can prevent the climate change problem. Therefore, you need to know how to conserve energy to make a balance.

What must governments do?

To save the planet, the government has to make a lot of decisions and needs to make changes in society. To make a change in climate, the government can play an important role for society and for the environment as well.

Here we are mentioning some of the steps that the government should consider and apply to the country to follow them by every individual to make the changes quickly. The government will have to pay attention to the major factors.

In the below paragraph, we are mentioning the major factors that can make a recognized change in the climate:

  • Protect and Restore Key Ecosystems
  • Support Small Agricultural Producers
  • Promote Green Energy
  • Combat Short-Lived Climate Pollutants
  • Bet On Adaptation, Not Just Mitigation

What must individuals do?

You can also play an important role, not just in society but in the environment as well. Therefore, it is also your primary duty to follow some important roles and take the responsibility to stop the crisis of climate change as a citizen.

Here are some of the things that you can do to help:

  • Switch to LEDs
  • Live Energy Wise
  • Eat Sustainable Foods
  • Plant a Tree
  • Give Up Plastics
  • Conserve Water
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Be Car-conscious
  • Give Composting a Try
  • Walk, Bike, or Take Public Transit

All of these simple things and the little changes in your life can make a big change to the environment and can decrease the problem of climate change slowly. All these things are important to maintain.


Hence, here in this article, we have covered all the biggest threats to life on the Earth and what are your responsibility and the government’s responsibility as well. By playing the roles of the individual, we can all try to save the Earth, for a few more years at least, and rather than forever asking how long do we have, you will be able focus on a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

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