Uneako: An Innovative Approach to Pollution and Poverty

Pollution and poverty—two critical issues that affect people the world over, and which weighed heavily on the mind of young Mechanical Engineer Ankit Tripathi of Delhi, India. In 2018, with the aid of his brother, Atul, he turned these concerns into action.

The Brainchild

This was the origin of Uneako—a brand which now provides quality, earth-friendly products crafted by people from marginalised communities. These products are climate-positive, biodegradable and provide economic opportunities to those in need.

Each Uneako product has three key characteristics: Quality, Innovation and Sustainability. The superior quality of every Uneako product ensures that customers do not have to sacrifice comfort by buying green. In addition to this, Uneako’s constant innovation ensures that the Uneako family always has access to an improved and diverse range of products. Finally, all of Uneako’s products have elements which encourage the user to take easy but conscious steps towards leading a more earth-friendly life. Uneako’s brand mascot (POLU, the polar bear), symbolises the urgency for worldwide change to a sustainable lifestyle, polar bears being among those species that are most threatened by climate change. Marginalised human communities will be hit hard also, leading back to Uneako’s principle of inclusiveness in manufacturing. In a world rapidly going downhill, the Uneako family hopes to share sustainable happiness and create a bright new future—for all life on earth.

Uneako founders
Ankit Tripathi (Right) and his brother Atul.

Dream to Reality

I used to live near a giant heap of garbage. I’d see it every day—this plastic-filled heap—being piled up ever higher. And the more it grew, the more I felt myself sliding into depression. Deep down, this pile felt to me like a tangible warning, an inescapable symbol right before my eyes, about the consequences of the actions of mankind. The burning issue of impending climate change, and the seemingly-insurmountable problem of single-use plastic… everything collectively gave me a push, spurred me on to try to think of a way to help save our environment.

I discussed the problem with my brother, Mr Atul Tripathi, who at the time was working with a consultancy as a design thinker. My brother and I are both quite different in our respective approaches; nevertheless, we share the values of empathy and concern for social good. Together, we envisioned the concept of UNEAKO, a project that would explore unique alternatives to plastic with the goal of safeguarding the sustainability of our environment in the long term.

Ankit Tripathi
Uneako team
The Uneako Family

A Long Journey

Uneako, now in full swing, is a movement to create environmental awareness. Through its range of eco-friendly, plastic-free products it encourages people to move towards a more sustainable lifestyle. All products are manufactured from natural, recycled, or organic materials.

Gradually, with an innate desire to do something good, Ankit and Atul have started extending support to marginalized and neglected corners of society. Uneako has since emerged as a full package of holistic social welfare. Having received support from Atal Incubation Centre, BIMTECH, and NIET- tbi, the company which was envisioned by two brothers is now a proud host to young minds from across the country, working to create an atmosphere that will impact all people in a positive and sustainable manner.

Find out more information at https://uneako.com/

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