Your Simple Guide to Baabuk Shoes – Everything You Need to Know!

By Christie Johnson

Finding the right pair of sustainable shoes is no easy task. 

You only have to look in your wardrobe and on the shelves of most high-street brands to find shoes tainted with environmentally destructive materials and unfair labor practices. 

So, how do we solve this devastating problem? 

Well, when it comes to sustainable shoe brand Baabuk, where there’s wool, there’s a way. Quite literally. 

Striving to be a force of positive change in the footwear industry, Baabuk creates comfortable and long-lasting shoes made from sustainably-sourced wool. 

Keep reading this Baabuk shoes review to find out if this brand is worth investing in for yourself and the planet. 

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Baabuk: A Brief Overview 

So, what is Baabuk? 

Baabuk is a sustainable footwear brand that prides itself on doing business differently, creating high-quality shoes that are responsible, stylish, and durable. 

The epitome of ancient artisan culture and craftsmanship, Baabuk’s designs were first inspired by Valenkis – a traditional felted shoe worn for centuries by Russian Czars. 

Grown to have employees on 3 continents and customers in over 60 countries, Baabuk is still a family-run business at heart and continually upholds strong values for the good of people and the planet. 

A worn pair of Baabuk Shoes standing on leafy grass

Baabuk Shoes Review: Our Initial Thoughts  

Before we get into the nitty gritty of this Baabuk shoes review, let’s do a quick run-through of what we like about this sustainable shoe brand so far: 

  • Baabuk is a Certified B Corporation 
  • Baabuk shoes are handmade by skilled artisans in Nepal
  • Baabuk is a small family-run business which means the brand has complete control over its supply chain 
  • Baabuk shoes can be worn across the seasons – say goodbye to transient fast fashion trends!
  • Baabuk offers a shoe repair kit that encourages consumers to take care of what they already own, rather than always buying new 

Baabuk Materials and Manufacturing

Wool: “Nature’s Magic Fibre”

Widely referred to as “nature’s magic fibre”, wool is the foundation of Baabuk, with the brand transforming this fuzzy phenomenon into high-quality and long-lasting shoes. 

But why choose wool to make earthly-friendly footwear? 

Utilized by human beings for centuries, wool is a highly sustainable material due to its renewable and biodegradable nature. 

The properties of wool mean it is both insulating and cooling so can be worn throughout summer and winter. Wool is also naturally hydrophobic – in other words, it repels water – so you can feel confident your feet will be protected whatever the weather.

Not to mention wool is antimicrobial and is made from keratin (the stuff our fingernails are made of) so it’s an extremely durable, resilient, and flexible material – the perfect ingredients for sustainable shoes!

Ethical Manufacturing

On the sourcing and manufacturing side of things, ensuring traceability and accountability is a huge priority for Baabuk. 

For sneakers, Baabuk sources wool from the Burel factory in Portugal’s Serra da Estrela region. The Burel factory has a long-standing tradition of wool production and only works with certified mulesing-free sheep which roam in Serra da Estrela Natural Park, the largest protected area in the country.

For slippers and boots, Baabuk sources from wool farmers in New Zealand who recycle water during the wool washing process to prevent environmental harm.

All Baabuk shoes are made in Nepal. Not only does Baabuk draw on the age-old Nepalese tradition of wool manufacturing, but it also strives to make a meaningful impact in the local community by implementing fair working conditions, ensuring a higher salary than the national average, and creating more job opportunities for women in a country that vastly favors male employment. There’s certainly nothing wooly about that!

Our Honest Review Of Baabuk’s Urban Wooler Black Edition

Baabuk Urban Woolers is a great all-rounder and currently a bestseller!  

Blending new styles with old traditions, the Urban Wooler is made from the same enduring natural wool fibre used by shepherds surviving in drastic weather conditions hundreds of years ago – awesome right?! 

So, here’s our honest run down of what we love about the Urban Wooler alongside a couple of things that could be better. 


  • Traditionally handcrafted by local artisans  
  • Feel comfortable and flexible (easy to slip on and off)
  • Supportive uppers made from 100% wool 
  • Timeless style and easily paired with different outfits 
  • Naturally moisture-wicking and water repellent 
  • Easy to care for (machine washable) 
  • Arrived in 100% recyclable packaging 


  • Although the rubber soles feel supportive, the Urban Woolers are possibly not suitable to wear for longer hikes so we recommend sticking to city walking
  • The different shoe elements (glues, threading, accents, rubber soles) mean the Urban Wooler is not 100% biodegradable or compostable. However, the Baabuk team is currently working hard on testing the biodegradability and compostability of all its products which is exciting to hear! 

Baabuk Shoes: What Do Customers Think? 

On, Baabuk has received many positive reviews about the Urban Wooler, with customers giving a 5-star rating in many cases. One customer commends the shoe’s flexibility and durability: 

Baabuk shoes are the best. These are by far my favorite shoes of all time – incredibly comfortable, durable, and so convenient to just slip on. I have abandoned all my other shoes and only wear Baabuk shoes now. Try them. You will absolutely cherish them.

While another customer raves about the quality of the shoes and eco-friendly materials: 

“I really love my Baabuk Urban Woolers. They are very well-made and comfortable. I especially love that they are made with natural latex and wool, and are made in Portugal. I feel like I can trust Baabuk to be making good labor and environmental choices.”

On Trustpilot, Baabuk has an overall rating of 4.3 or “Excellent” with a lot of promising feedback from customers: 

“Great products and philosophy.”

“They last long, are easy to wash, and can be used in any situation, even in cold snow.”

“Super comfy, love them. Work well with jeans. Really good for everyday use and feel nice with just ankle socks / no socks.”

Baabuk Shoes worn by a person standing on pavement by a brick wall

Baabuk Shoes FAQ

To round off this Baabuk shoes review, here is a short FAQ that we hope you find useful when deciding whether to invest in a pair of Baabuk shoes! 

Where Can I Buy Baabuk Shoes?

You can buy Baabuk shoes online at or from selected partner retailers primarily based in Europe. 

Baabuk ships to almost every country so be sure to check out Baabuk’s shipping and returns page for more information! 

What Type of Shoes Does Baabuk Make? 

Cool, casual, and classic are 3 words we’d use to describe Baabuk shoes! From traditional felted slippers to wooly sneakers, all shoes are handcrafted using age-old artisan processes and are available in many trendy colours.

Check out the variety of styles Baabuk has to offer:

Can’t see a style you like? Baabuk offers a customized sneaker service so you can create the look you want while still taking care of the planet! 

Is Wool Cruelty-Free? 

Unfortunately, certain types of wool are not cruelty-free. 

The wool industry has come under fire in recent years with investigations uncovering a deluge of animal rights abuses. Australia is one of the largest exporters of wool and is known for using mulesing, a cruel and barbaric procedure involving cutting skin from a lamb’s breech without any pain relief. 

Shearing can also be problematic because many shearers are paid per sheep, not per hour, so shearing is often rushed and can leave sheep with a manifold of injuries. 

Tip: We recommend choosing brands that buy wool from sustainable sources such as New Zealand (a recognised leader in responsible wool production) and hold certifications so you know it’s coming from a truly ethical place. 

Here are just a few examples of sustainable wool certifications:

What Does B Corp Certified Mean?

According to the nonprofit network B Lab, a Certified B Corporation, or B Corp, is a business that successfully achieves “high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.” B Corps uses “business as a force for good”, not just for profit, and commits to protecting people and the planet through sustainable and ethical practices. 

How Do I Care For Baabuk Shoes? 

If you own a pair of Urban Woolers or Sky Woolers, simply put your dirty pair in the washing machine under the “wool” programme at 30 degrees Celsius on a gentle spin. For slippers, Baabuk recommends washing by hand with a humid cloth. 

What If Baabuk Shoes Get Wet? 

If your Baabuk shoes get wet, avoid putting them in the tumble dryer. Instead, leave them to dry at room temperature. Wool is designed to get wet so you don’t need to worry about water damage!

Baabuk Shoes Review: The Verdict 

Are Baabuk shoes a worthwhile investment? We think so! 

Baabuk shoes are a great all-rounder. Made from sustainably sourced wool, you can wear most styles across the seasons which makes them the ultimate slow fashion staple for any wardrobe. 

Plus, Baabuk has been transparent from the get-go. The brand supplies lots of useful information on its website about materials and manufacturing and has provided quick and honest responses to our specific queries. What more could you ask for in a sustainable brand?!

So, no more pulling the wool over your eyes. Will you give Baabuk shoes a try? Let us know in the comments section below!