10 Tips To Start Living Sustainably During This Pandemic

Living Sustainably During This Pandemic: Regardless of what’s happening in the world, these 10 simple tips for sustainable living will help you to figure out how to live sustainably within your own personal space.

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Quick tips for living more sustainably at home.

By Ivelisse Mojica, Featured Image courtesy of Ivelisse Mojica

With all of the stressful scenarios that are happening right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we should take this as an opportunity to change our bad habits and acquire a sustainable lifestyle that will make the environment and ourselves more healthy. Sustainability helps us reduce our use of the earth’s natural resources, and save money, reducing the usage of our personal resources. Here are 10 tips for getting started.

10 Tips to Live More Sustainably During this Pandemic

1. Do not buy food that you are not going to eat. Before you head out to the supermarket, make a shopping list to be sure that you only buy what you really need.

2. To survive the summer without spending too much electricity, put a damp towel in a ziplock bag and put it in your freezer for at least 15 minutes. Then remove the towel and place it around your neck, chest, arms and back before going to bed. This will help you feel refreshed, plus you will save money.

3. Make your own organic fertilizer with your rotten fruits and vegetables, leaves, coffee grounds, tea bags, egg shells and dirt. You just need a deep container with a lid to prevent it from getting water inside.

4. Grow your own fruits, vegetables and herbs at home. If you do not have a lawn, you can make a hanging garden with used plastic soda bottles. Make a vertical cut on the front, cut two small holes, pass a shoe string through the two holes, make a knot at the top, fill it with dirt and some organic fertilizer.

5. Fill some gallons with water for washing hands and dishes, so that way you can have more control over how much water you use, helping to prevent waste.

6. Reuse old clothes as cleaning rags or drop them at the textile recycling bin.

7. Buy garments of better quality that last longer, instead of buying fast fashion items.

8. Support shops that sell ethical and environmentally friendly products.

9. To add fresh air to your home office, use some pot plants to create a more natural atmosphere.

10. Cook food at home more often, instead of buying take out, and you will save money, plus reduce the use of foam and plastic disposable containers.

Final Thought on How To Start Living Sustainably During This Pandemic

Even though more people and businesses have been implementing plans to greatly reduce waste by 2030 in the United States, there is still work to do, but following these sustainable living tips is a great start.

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Growing Your Own Food: A Great Way to Start Living Sustainably During This Pandemic
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