7 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips to Help Kill Household Germs

A Quick and Simple list of Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips, by Jacky Xu

A clean house is one of the mundane things everyone would want to achieve. Whether you’re a stay-at-home soul or a career-oriented person, seeing your simple abode neat and in order is something you would like to pull off instantly.

However, the more instant you want the house to be clean, the more toxic it gets to the environment. It is true that cleaning materials are within reach and are accessible for most people, but have you tried checking the label recently? For example, you will be surprised by the number of toxic chemicals present in a single bottle of glass cleaner.

The idea here is to intentionally keep the surroundings clean without imposing harm to your family and yourself.

Luckily there are sustainable yet straightforward house cleaning hacks we have rounded up for you.

Woman cleaning: 7 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips to Help Kill Household Germs
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1. Grab some lemon

Citrus limon, more commonly known as lemon, has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. And the best thing is, most households naturally have it regularly as one of their kitchen staples.

Because of its high acidic content, you could use it to remove the stinky smell of your waste bins, shine chrome bathroom fixtures and even remove a rust stain from fabrics.

You may also freshen your microwave with it. Combine one part lemon juice and two parts salt to scour chinaware and its original luster again, or slice it in half and tub it onto metal surfaces like copper pans to eliminate grime.

There is a long list of lemons household uses, and you could never go wrong with it. So on your next grocery run, make sure to bag a handful of it.

2. Vinegar to kill germs

Apart from lemons, vinegar is another household hack that may or may not be known yet by many.

Did you know that since it has antimicrobial properties, vinegar also treats yeast infections and even nail fungus?

As for your home remedies, vinegar is a natural sanitizer as it reduces and inhibits the growth of some food-borne microorganisms. So next time you want to wipe those kitchen counters, dab a small portion on your kitchen towel and lather it on generously. Pour one cup of vinegar in your electric kettle, let it boil, and it will miraculously remove the grime easily. Lastly, vinegar is tough on bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella, both known to be causing food poisoning, yet gentle and safe when ingested.

Like lemons, vinegar is one of the kitchen’s staples, making it a perfect eco-friendly armor against food-borne diseases.

3. Open the windows

Nothing beats a breath of fresh air. It is free and inexhaustible.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air pollutants are often 2 to 5 times higher than outdoor levels. This finding may be due to various reasons, from pet danders to dust accumulated in the carpet to the burning scented candle. All these contribute to indoor pollutants. And since people are staying indoors more often, it makes them more susceptible to allergic flares or asthma attacks.

The most practical way of dealing with it is by opening your window panes. Suppose you have a French-type window from the kitchen or your dining space that will be even better. Having suitable ventilation is the key to proper air circulation.

4. Use baking soda

Do not be fooled by its name because baking soda has many uses and is not just for baking.

Baking soda can unclog drains, together with vinegar. It deodorizes the stinky smell from the toilet and can even be used to keep your toilet bowl spotlessly clean.

Not only is it cheap, but it is also highly versatile. If you apply baking soda to a sponge, you can wash the walls with it. It neutralizes carpet smells too. Need a boost on your laundry detergent? Add ½ cup of baking soda to your liquid detergent, and it will leave your clothes brighter and smelling fresher.

Indeed, a little box of baking soda could go a long way.

5. Put some houseplants to get rid of some pests

Before you invest in scented candles to get rid of pests, or even those insect sprays that emit pungent smells, get yourself some houseplants first.

Citronella plants are known as mosquito-repellant. It can grow indoors and tolerate anything from full sun to part shade exposure. Culinary herbs such as basil, chamomile, and chives also repel bugs. Make sure to place these herbs in a sunny kitchen window. Catnips are known to be a natural cockroach deterrent. Although it can grow up to 6 inches tall, that’s why remember to trim it and re-pot when needed.

6. Try borax

Borax is a naturally occurring mineral that has been an ingredient in cleaning products for quite some time.

It can be both tough on laundry stains and an effective bug-repellent. Borax can also keep mice from coming into the house when sprinkled around the perimeter.

Dissolve it in water, transfer it into a spray bottle, and you’ve got yourself an all-purpose cleaning spray. It can clean and disinfect your trusty dishwasher. And lastly, it can help kill weeds from your front and back garden.

7. Use multi-purpose products

With the use of multi-purpose products, you also reduce the waste products you produce.

Take Dropps, for example; you can also use its laundry pods for dishwashing. Ecos’ all-purpose cleaner works great on stovetops, ovens, and non-porous surfaces. This way, you do not have to get or buy one cleaning product to do a single purpose. Always be on the lookout for products that can serve you in the more ways possible.

Summary of Our Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips

Maintaining a clean house should never compromise the safety of your family. Although, ditching toxic-based cleaning materials and switching to more eco-friendly products can be challenging initially. Keep in mind that one toxic cleaning product that remains unused equates to a more significant help for the planet.

However, when things get overwhelming for you, remember that eco-friendly cleaning is also offered at your convenience at Maid Sailors – cleaning services Austin TX.

About the Author

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