Oil Divine Natural Skincare – Luxurious Beauty Essentials

A Product Review: Oil Divine … Luxurious Beauty Essentials

By Ellen Rubin

Sometimes, pampering ourselves can feel overwhelming. What’s supposed to be relaxing self-care becomes a stressor. Which products should I use…will it work… is it wasteful… is it the best product to use? Still, we all deserve to treat ourselves kindly.

I feel that being kind to ourselves shouldn’t cause harm to others – whether that’s to the environment or animals. If you are looking for quality, pure products that are effective and luxurious, cruelty free and sustainable, then Oil Divine might just be what you’re looking for. As the company states: Why compromise on any aspect when you can enjoy it all with Oil Divine?”

So, whether you are treating yourself or purchasing a gift for someone you care about (maybe even for Mother’s Day), Oil Divine is a good place to start.

An Introduction to Oil Divine

Oil Divine Natural Skincare: Bottles lined up

I’m probably one of the hardest customers Oil Divine could ask for: I have issues with fragrance (especially everything artificial!), and I’m allergic to aloe which is in more beauty products than you can imagine. Luckily, Oil Divine relies on their ingredients for fragrance and uses vitamin E rather than aloe.

I’m also allergic to other miscellaneous ingredients such as lemon and lime in all forms. With my allergies, finding products I can use is extremely difficult. There were only a couple Oil Divine products I couldn’t try due to the inclusion of lemon oil. Luckily for most people, this wouldn’t be a problem.

I also want to say that for anyone with a sensitivity to fragrance, I didn’t have a problem with their products — more on this in just a bit.

What You Will and Won’t Get

Oil Divine Natural Skincare Ingredients

I was thrilled that Oil Divine spends as much time focusing on what they don’t use as what they do. They boast of being free of 16 “don’t” items including:

  • No toxins, fillers, or chemicals
  • No animal-sourced ingredients
  • No added hormones or artificial colors
  • No parabens, sulfates, petroleum-based ingredients, or formaldehyde

They only use essential and carrier oils that are sourced from organic farming or wild-grown plants from over 60 countries. Yes, they do have documentation on all of this. They list all possible oil ingredient on their site as well as on each product page, and the box for each product. This is a must for me.

Oil Divine Natural Skincare Products Arrived in Box

The first thing I noticed when I received my box of products from Oil Divine was how luxurious it was. It made me feel like I was opening a present. The inside box is sturdy, glossy white, and has a magnet closure on the flip top. This isn’t something I’m going to dump in the trash but repurpose (that’s my inner container geek jumping up for joy!) The only plastic you’ll find is on the caps to the products. They use sturdy glass bottles. Aside from the luxurious aesthetics, this is purposeful because they value using recyclable materials whenever possible.

What you do get with Oil Divine is transparency. They ensure that their “science-backed products” live up to their claims, list all ingredients using easy to understand names (not Latin or science-speak), and send only fresh product by making sure that nothing stays at their warehouse longer than 2 weeks before being sent to customers.

Going along with their motto of “do good, feel good, look great”, they try to find the perfect balance of sustainability, ethics, safety, and efficacy.

Oil Divine Natural Skincare Products Lined Up in Boxes

Reviewing the Products

Oil Divine sent me a sampling of some of their most popular products. I received Hair Growth Oil, Lip Retreat Oil, Revitalizing Body Oil, and Age Delay Lifting Serum. If you aren’t sure what skin care products are best for you, you can take their Skin Quiz.

I asked a friend to try the Hair Growth Oil. Aside from the inclusion of lemon oil, I had just shaved my hair down to 1/8” and didn’t think I could give the product a fair try since I barely had hair. The friend has medium length, wavy, brunette hair.

She was very happy. After using the product for a couple of weeks she said her “hair feels great, it’s softer, and she noticed fewer split ends and less static. Even her hair stylist said that her hair looks healthier.” She likes the smell of the oil and it’s relatively easy to use. She hasn’t used the product for the recommended 120 days to be able to notice the full benefits mentioned on the site, but for using it for even a relatively short amount of time the results were noticeable.

Don’t let the name and ingredient list of essential oils scare you off. These products aren’t oily. They are readily absorbed into your skin without leaving a residual “oil” or greasy feeling on the surface. The fragrance does linger, yet these are pleasing.

Each product has a different fragrance. I thought the body oil was more floral — it reminded me of the heady fragrance of the first spring flowers and brought out memories of sunshine and rejuvenation in the middle of my very cold, snowy winter. The lifting serum had a more herbal scent. None of the fragrances triggered my allergies of migraines, stuffy nose, or closed throat.

All the products will leave your skin feeling softer. I believe longer-term use would be needed to tell if they reduce wrinkles, etc. Again, this is harder for me to judge than some people since I’m lucky and don’t have a lot of fine lines. Even so, the oils leave my skin feeling softer.

Final Thoughts on Oil Divine Natural Skincare

If you are curious about essential oils, there’s a lot of information available either, online or in books, that explains essential oil uses for either skin care or as aromatherapy. I didn’t do a deep dive but took a quick look at Healthline to see which oils they recommend for skin care. Oil Divine seems to incorporate most of these in their skin products, plus many others not listed.

They’ve done the work of formulating blends that are safe and useful for self-care issues so you don’t have to. I really admire their dedication to sustainable harvesting and am intrigued by many of the oils they’ve chosen.

All of the products I received smell wonderful and I was so happy to find that they didn’t trigger my allergies. The company is customer responsive, committed to providing fresh pure products that are ecologically and ethically sourced and beautifully packaged. This means that you can feel guilt-free while pampering yourself with luxurious essential oils.