Full wooden compost bays in a row
A Gardening Guide: How to Make Compost at Home

The benefits of making compost are many: from becoming a more sustainable household by recycling kitchen and paper scraps, to building soil health by adding essential nutrients.

vegetables and greenery
Who Needs Pesticides When You Can Companion Plant?

Considering the detrimental effects of pesticides on human health and the environment, companion planting may be useful as part of an alternative strategy.

Top 10 Reasons to Grow Your Own Organic Food

Growing your own organic food has many benefits: It’ll bring you pleasure, help you stay healthy, and be a way of introducing sustainability to your family, friends and future generations.

Green balconies
Turn Your Balcony into an Edible Garden

The possibilities for innovative growing are endless. With perseverance, you could soon be reaping the benefits of a healthy, edible balcony garden.